Are Plantation Shutters Out of Style?

plantation shutters

Are plantation shutters out of style? It is a fair question, and it may be one you are asking if you are renovating your home. The short answer to his question is no. Plantation shutters are not out of style. With that being said, there are several factors to consider when choosing to use plantation … Read more

8 Alternatives to Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are an option that many people call on to use space in their homes effectively without having to modify the floor plan on the whole. With a simple sliding motion, they can tuck away into the wall as though they never existed in the first place! However, increasingly people seek new ways to … Read more

9 Drywall Alternatives for Your Next Home Remodel

drywall alternatives

While drywall (also referred to as sheetrock) may be the affordable go-to option that many people navigate towards, there are several durable and easy to install drywall alternatives available that can improve the quality of your home. Not only is drywall cheap in price, but it is also cheap in quality. Do yourself and your … Read more

How to Decorate a Tall Wall in a Family Room

tall wall in family room

Do you have a tall wall in your family room that needs decorating? There are countless decorating ideas available to suit your needs. If you’re adept with a paintbrush or camera, then consider painting a mural or creating a gallery wall. For those of you not wanting to put in so much effort, consider a … Read more

10 Best Colors That Go With Purple Interiors

colors that go with purple

Purple is the color of royalty, but you need to know what colors go with purple to really make your room pop. Depending on your stylistic preferences, you can choose neutral colors or bright colors to pair with purple. Read on to learn about the 10 best colors that go with purple interiors. Neutral Colors … Read more

14 Different Types of Ceilings for Your Home Explained

different types of ceilings

We know, the last thing you probably think about when you consider designing or remodeling a home is the ceiling. To most people, ceilings are just there. We know they are important, but never consider them beyond being happy we have one. Well, do not underestimate how much a ceiling can do. Sure, there are … Read more

33 Types of Curtains for Your Home (A Complete Buyer’s Guide)

types of curtains

Nothing can do more to accent your room than curtains. Really, we mean it. You may not think about curtains, but they do so much to enhance the overall design of your room. There are so many different types of curtain styles that we really wanted to create a complete buying guide for you. We’ve … Read more

28 Head-Turning Exposed Beam Ceiling Ideas (Photo Gallery)

exposed beam ceiling ideas

Exposed beams on the ceiling of a home can be wonderful. In their most natural form, they are part of the home, structural pieces that support the roof. Traditionally, they are hardwood and give a room a rustic sense of style, but tdon’t think you are limited. Exposed beams are used for homes that run … Read more