8 Laundry Detergent Alternatives

laundry detergent alternatives

If you are becoming more aware of the ingredients that go onto and into your body, you may be looking for laundry detergent alternatives. Commercial laundry detergent contains many chemicals that can be toxic to our health and wellbeing. Laundry detergent alternatives, however, are more natural and contain fewer additives and chemicals. Read on to … Read more

10 Alternatives to a Clothes Wringer

clothes wringer alternatives

If you are going off the grid or simply need a change of pace, you may be interested in alternatives to clothes wringers. A clothes wringer is a mechanical laundry machine that squeezes out excess water from wet clothes, and there are many alternatives that serve the same function. Let’s look at the 10 best … Read more

16 Creative Laundry Room Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

creative laundry room ideas

Laundry can be, and usually is, a dirty word. It doesn’t have to be. You can create a laundry room that is functional and that looks great. If you’ve ever looked at someone else’s laundry room and said to yourself, “This looks so much better than mine,” then it’s time to do something about it. … Read more

36 Truly Great Laundry Room Ideas (Photo Gallery)

great laundry room ideas

Let’s face it, laundry is not everyone favorite thing to do. That’s okay. You can make it easier by having a great space to do your laundry in. Why would you spend so much time designing the rest of your house and then just leave the laundry room bland? You don’t have to. Make sure … Read more

30 Stylish Yet Functional Laundry Rooms (Photo Gallery)

functional laundry room ideas

Unfortunately, unless you have someone do you laundry for you, you will be spending a decent amount of time in your laundry room. While doing laundry isn’t necessarily fun, you can make sure the room you do it in matches your personality. When deciding on your design for your laundry room, consider your needs and … Read more