21 Fantastic Looking Basement Styles (Photo Gallery)

fantastic basement styles

You’ve been thinking about it for a while, so maybe it’s time to pull the trigger. Make your basement into a space everyone can enjoy going to. Don’t let such a large space sit unused or be simply the area you store some old items in. Make it functional and fun. No matter what you … Read more

35 Awe-Inspiring Basement Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

basement design ideas

If you’ve been looking around your house and thinking you need some extra space, don’t despair. You can turn your basement into the perfect additional space. Many people let their basements sit unused, or they simply relegate them to storage and laundry. With a little creative planning, you can make a space that everyone can … Read more

17 Unique Basement Designs (Photo Gallery)

unique basement design ideas

Don’t let one of the largest rooms in your house go unused, especially if you need another area for entertainment and relaxation. What are you using your basement for? If it is simply a storage or laundry space, you could be shorting yourself. Have you thought about having an area with a bar or maybe … Read more

31 Incredible Basement Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

incredible basement designs

Have you ever looked around your house and known you needed more space for entertainment and relaxation? Maybe you like to host parties for family and friends and you just need more room to do it. If you have a basement that is sitting unused, save for storing some old boxes, then you already have … Read more

38 Brilliantly Furnished Basements (Photo Gallery)

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Gathering all of your friends and family for a big blowout is difficult enough. Putting them all in one basket of clutter that is your basement is another story. To help make entertaining in your newly renovated basement easier than ever, a well-planned event list that utilizes the layout of your basement is a big … Read more

18 Inspirational Ideas For Your Basement (Photo Gallery)

inspirational ideas for basement

In creating a thoughtful space with an inherent sense of style, you can go ahead and convert your basement into a multi-use space. Depending on how spacious your basement is, you can assign and make different areas into a beautiful and functional spot that each member of the household can enjoy. Be it a movie … Read more

27 Swanky Basement Designs (Photo Gallery)

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Non-working fireplaces don’t have to be a waste of space. It can actually spark major design opportunity, without the need of gas. For a serene all-white chic interior or cozy country setting, choose and place a variety of candles in different shapes, sizes, and candle holders inside the fireplace. Drape a luxurious blanket or a … Read more

24 Stylishly Luxurious Basements (Photo Gallery)

luxurious basement ideas

The right curtain or window shade can help turn any windows of your basement or any part of the house, big and small, into a stunning focal point. For example, an interior that mostly sports teal colored walls and geometrical carpeting can benefit in using a blue and white stripe curtain inspired from a navy … Read more

16 Magnificent Basement Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

magnificent basement designs

Even if your basement has an existing exotic hardwood floor, consider adding an accent rug to help keep the decor from feeling a little too stark, especially on an all-white interior. This will allows you to inject colors and patterns with less hassle than repainting your walls or adding a wallpaper. Persian rugs can help complement … Read more

15 Charming Design Ideas For a Basement (Photo Gallery)

charming basement design ideas

Whether the interior is rustic, minimalist, modern or contemporary, even for a basement, a great interior always incorporates art. In displaying your sentimental photograph or priceless works of art, maximize exposure by taking advantage of the space over a large piece of furniture like a sectional sofa or above the fireplace mantel. Elements like these … Read more