38 Brilliantly Furnished Basements (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

Gathering all of your friends and family for a big blowout is difficult enough. Putting them all in one basket of clutter that is your basement is another story. To help make entertaining in your newly renovated basement easier than ever, a well-planned event list that utilizes the layout of your basement is a big help to ease the traffic flow and sets the event in motion.

Guests can gather by the modular sectional sofa in front of the fireplace to orient themselves with an unfamiliar territory. An open bar is also a tried and tested favorite destination for imbibing newcomers. Treat your non-alcoholic guests to a convenience of having a cup of coffee ready whenever they please, like a cappuccino machine that is almost always perfect for parties. Chilled soft drinks like Coca-Cola are also recommended for a casual refreshment.

To help keep their minds off of things, amusement games like a foosball or pinball table can make a great way to pass time. If you live in the basement of a manse, it won’t hurt to install a few lines of a bowling game. If the budget is rather a little tight, you might want to opt to have an old-fashioned photo booth. Set it up with some smartphone apps which they can share on their social networks. Your guests will surely enjoy the novelty.

Without further adieu, below is a collection of brilliantly furnished basements that’s brimming with flavor and personality.

Brilliant Basement Furnishings

1. Game Night

This billiard table is the center of attention of this home’s game room. The surrounding white paneled walls and brown paint is reflected in the ceiling.

2. Orangely Modern

A splash of orange color brightens and adds a playful character to a contemporary house. A modern fireplace provides warmth and scale reference.

3. Arched Nemesis

Wide arched doorway separates the living room and the game section of this interior. Lined with wall-to-wall carpeting, olive green wall paint adds a classic appeal.

4. Holy Rail

Stained wood sidings and stair threads created a contrast of color against the riser of this stairs. The under space below is maximized by converting it into a storage.

5. Wall Galleria

Bring some character into your space by lining up your favorite vinyl sleeves and affix it to your blank wall. Here, the colorful montage contributes to a friendly atmosphere of this home.

6. Lego Master

Thick wooden countertop crowns a long desk overlooking a garden through the wide glass windows. The setting is perfect for long hours of toy building.

7. Cave Lighting

A contemporary interior is enveloped in soft warm light through the use of effective accent lighting. Furnished with black sectional sofa, brown armchair, and colorful rug, the space offers a comfortable viewing experience.

8. Skeleton Bar

Black metal frames fitted with clear glass houses different glassware and alcohol paraphernalia of an open bar. Brick wall and wood cabinets completed the industrial look.

9. Empty Handed

A well-lit, empty apartment with white oak wood flooring and ivory walls highlights a welcoming space just waiting to be decorated.

10. Relaxation Studio

The all-white walls and ceiling of an apartment benefits dearly from the polished wooden floor and created an all-neutral interior.

11. Stoned Temple

Textured stone finish wraps every nook and cranny of this dwelling. The cold, hard effect is then contrasted by the use of a comfortable sectional sofa and the warmth coming from the fireplace.

12. Drift Good

Break the fourth wall and use reclaimed wood as an accent finish, as seen here. It brings in the drama and warmth to the space accompanied by the wooden coffee table and linen basket.

13. Rustic As In

Rusty sheet of metal bordered by brick stones housed the TV of a cowboys domicile. Leather armchair with footstool and upholstered white ottoman impart comfort and an accommodating spirit.

14. Tone And Country

Feel truly at home in this warm and cozy rustic apartment. The use of leather, raw wood finishes, and bricks complements the brown polished flooring.

15. Men Are From Cars

Hundreds of diecast cars filled the shelves of an enthusiast car collector’s room. Stainless metal frames and glass shelves with wood accent houses the wide array of toy car models.

16. Car Showcase

Valuable toy car models are on full display in a customized glass shelving. Lighting installed inside the built-in highlights the car detailing as viewed from the nearby tufted brown divan.

17. Wine Seller

Black metal tubes are utilized as the frame of this tall wine rack in a minimal and contemporary basement that features a light hardwood flooring and dropped ceiling.

18. Circling The Bar

The semi-circular orientation of this bar maximized the space and created a welcoming atmosphere by using wood finishes, tile backsplash, and hardwood floors in different shades of brown

19. Game Of Pong

The unobstructed light coming from the clear glass windows fills this basement equipped with a table tennis table, wooden stools, and an open bar.

20. Highlight City

A masculine hangout area calls for leather-covered seating furniture, black bulky tables with a wooden top, and the cuddling warmth of an open fire.

21. Ball Room

For a fun and exciting game room atmosphere, try a mixture of reclaimed wood and stone texture finishes applied to walls, then set everything in an interior with hardwood flooring. For the final touch, add a variety of games and you’re all set.

22. Down The Rabbit Hole

Wrought iron railing with minimal gold detailing tops both sides of the wall of an outside entryway leading to the basement.

23. Tray Ceiling

A dropped ceiling with cove lighting echoes the niche in the wall that cleverly frames the big flat screen TV. The brown sectional sofa offers a comfortable place to sit in.

24. Galileo Gallery

Create an interesting wall and a guaranteed conversation starter by putting on display your favorite photos and artworks on a flat wall lined with moldings.

25. White And Bright

A spacious and airy apartment filled with comfortable furniture, like a sectional sofa and armchair, is accentuated by a dash of yellow colors.

26. Bae Hive

Mismatched modular hexagonal stool forms a coffee table which underscores the contemporary setting of this welcoming habitat.

27. Tight Yet Might

Make the most out of your tiny apartment by utilizing minimal built-ins, like this entertainment center. Even though the space is quite limited, it offers basic use with a complimentary comfort.

28. Shelf Life

Smart and organized shelving using plastic sliding trays offers a practical way to store hundreds and thousands of plastic toys and lego blocks. Alcohols are also present by the bar.

29. Coffee Bar

A coffee-shop inspired bar brews up an accommodating interior that features exposed brick walls, warm wood finishes, and gray wall paneling.

30. Fine Line

Contemporary fireplace and exotic wood finishes liven up the wall while oak hardwood flooring echoes the minimal aesthetic of the ceiling in this homestead.

31. Smooth Dungeon

Heavily textured stone bordered the wall of this residents’ basement. Polished beige flooring and raw wood columns offer a clue.

32. Red Sprinkles

Sprinkled with red accents, the game room of this habitat sports stained wood beams and tin metal ceiling tiles. The retro flooring complements the vintage stools and lighting.

33. Yellow And Mellow

The minimal architecture of this domicile steps up with the color of the wall and hardwood floor to create a contemporary aesthetic that brightens up by an unexpected splash of yellow color.

34. SoMo

Is Southern Modern in? A fairly updated rustic interior embellished by exotic wood finishes, minimal stone texture, slim profiles, and lots of ample lighting provides an answer.

35. Bubble Spirit

Bright, lively hues on the same color quadrant and modern classic furniture make a playful and eye-catching statement in the interior of this house.

36. Layered Dream

Multi-level ceiling created a visual divide between the seating area and a nearby open bar.

37. Catching Fire

A modern fireplace draped with stone tile texture energizes the whole area of a homey basement filled with comfortable furniture and different shades of brown color and finishes.

38. In The Corner

A fireplace set in the corner of the room makes use of dead space and cleverly becomes the focal point of a welcoming sea of pillows and sofas.

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