23 Different Types of Silverware (and Their Purposes)

types of silverware

There are all types of silverware, from the simple dinner fork to the oddly shaped grapefruit spoon. Here we will look at how to pick the perfect silverware set for your dinner needs. When it comes to dinner presentations, you want to make sure you have got the right utensils in the right place. Let’s … Read more

8 Laundry Detergent Alternatives

laundry detergent alternatives

If you are becoming more aware of the ingredients that go onto and into your body, you may be looking for laundry detergent alternatives. Commercial laundry detergent contains many chemicals that can be toxic to our health and wellbeing. Laundry detergent alternatives, however, are more natural and contain fewer additives and chemicals. Read on to … Read more

What is a Half Bathroom?

what is a half bathroom

Are you wondering what a half bathroom is? To put it simply, a half bathroom, sometimes referred to as a guest bathroom or a powder room, is a bathroom that has only a toilet and sink. Unless you have more than a couple people in the home, you may actually not really need to have … Read more

How Much Do Kitchen Cabinets Cost?

kitchen cabinets cost

So you have decided that your kitchen needs a new look. One of the biggest updates you can make is to replace your cabinetry. New kitchen cabinets can entirely change the feel and functionality of your kitchen, making it more aesthetically attractive and adding tons of useful storage space. A recent study even shows that … Read more

33 Effortlessly Stylish Scandinavian Bedroom Designs (Photo Gallery)

Scandinavian bedroom design ideas

Clean. Simple. Uncluttered. If that describes a place you’d like to take a sleep in, you’ve come to the right place for Scandinavian designed bedrooms. Originating around the 1950s, Scandinavian design is simple yet functional, and doesn’t sacrifice comfort for minimalism. Tones tend to be light, but can also include muted, dark colors that are … Read more

32 Delightfully Adorable Kids’ Bathroom Ideas (Photo Gallery)

kids bathroom design ideas

Sharing a bathroom with your kids has never been anyone’s ideal situation. From a toddler’s pile of bath toys to a teenager’s much-too-long morning routine, it’s important that kids have their own space to get ready each day. And, of course, it should never look boring! A children’s bathroom is a place where design can … Read more

55 Brilliant Ideas for Updating Your Master Bathroom (Photo Gallery)

bathroom ideas

If you’re looking for ways to update your master bathroom, this is the article for you.  Here we set out 55 colorful pictures of master bathroom with excellent inspirational elements.  While we’ve pointed out elements that we find especially exciting, you’ll find that there are many other ideas for you to discover in them, as … Read more