36 Beautiful Living Rooms You’ll Want for Yourself (Photo Gallery)

Updated on January 3, 2022

Beautiful living rooms abound everywhere, serving as a wonderful inspiration for your own home. Take a look at the paint colors and color schemes that are selected for these impressive living spaces to pick up your own ideas. Furniture and decorations are always good to notice, as well. You never know when you might find something you can use and adapt for your very own spaces.

From rooms with huge windows and more natural light than you can shake a stick at, to living rooms with elegant furniture and indoor lighting, there’s a room for you on this list. Take a closer look and be inspired!

Beautiful Living Room Designs

1. Sunny Yellow Accents

In a room this amazing, with so much natural light flowing through the windows, you need minimal color and just a couple touches of yellow make this space pop.

2. Black Art Niche

Display your art pieces in this beautiful fireside shelf that is designed to show off light colored pieces perfectly.

3. Gray and Blue Rug

The calming gray and blue striped rug in this room separates the living room from the kitchen and throughway.

4. Animal Print Pillows

A simple, elegant room feels more homey and fun with a few tiger print pillows added to the decor.

5. Elegant Glass Bauble Light

Nestled among gleaming glass baubles, the few light bulbs illuminate the space and look good doing it.

6. Vases of Flowers

This soft, summery room is further enhanced by the addition of little milk bottles filled with flowers.

7. Blue Window Seat

A bay window is the perfect spot to create a comfy seat for reading. Just add some pillows and a blanket.

8. Triangle Chair

The funky triangle chair in this room will have everyone wanting to try it and it fits with the quirky decor here.

9. Greenery Everywhere

Add life and fresh air to your living space with plenty of beautiful, green houseplants scattered around.

10. L-Shaped Sofa

This huge sofa offers plenty of space for friends and family to sit during a big gathering and it looks amazing.

11. Industrial Beams

Leaving metal beams exposed is a great way to enhance a space and make it look a little more industrial, clashing with the homey atmosphere below.

12. Floating Shelves

Two floating shelves, placed high up on the wall, provide a spot for plants, books and other fun items.

13. A Touch of Blue

While this living room is mostly gray and brown, the blue glass accents really help pull the space together and make it feel more inviting.

14. Pull Out Desk

In small spaces, making use of what you have is essential. This tiny desk slides right out of the countertop to create a workspace.

15. Blocky Wood Coffee Table

Add a block of wood to your living room for a coffee table and it will look great, while providing a nice, flat surface.

16. Blue Seats

The fun polka dot blue seats shown here are perfectly matched to the blue in the painting across the room from them.

17. Odd Image Out

mix things up a bit by adding a couple of vertical images to your horizontal images on the art wall.

18. High Library

Easily keep all your books on hand by building shelves that run around the upper edges of the living room and leaving space below for furniture.

19. Round Living Room

The roundness of this living room makes it a challenge to decorate, but the lead paned windows do most of the work.

20. Floor Art

When you don’t have a lot of wall space, don’t worry about hanging large pieces of art, just lean them against the wall.

21. Green and Blue

The colors in this living room will remind you of childhood and nature, with shades of blue and green.

22. Ornate Snowflake

When it comes to fireplace decorations, you can’t go wrong with a filigree metal snowflake hung on the chimney.

23. Aqua Accents

Aqua pillows make this room really look great and add a breath of color to the otherwise dull space.

24. Recessed Lights

Simple recessed lights make illuminating this living room a simple job and keep it well lit when the sun goes down.

25. Leather Ottoman

A beautiful round leather ottoman is the centerpiece of this tiny living room, serving as a coffee table or as extra seating.

26. Table of Art

A long, low table can be used to prop up art and create a little display of your favorite pieces very simply.

27. Tone on Tone Art

Offsetting the brilliant colors of the sofa, the black fabric art above the sofa is certainly notable and stands out for its lack of color.

28. Pink Wreath

Above the mantel hangs a stunning, pink wreath that pulls your attention from anywhere in the room.

29. Symmetrical Art Display

These 12 images are stunning on their own, but when they’re placed together, they create a larger piece of art that looks great.

30. City View

The large panes of glass on this wall sized window make it easier to enjoy the view of the cityscape from your living room.

31. Crooked Shelves

Funky angles in the bookshelf make it a far more interesting place to store items than a regular bookshelf.

32. Cream and Turquoise

In a cream colored living room, textured turquoise panels by the fireplace make the room feel brighter and more alive.

33. Quote Pillows

Let your visitors know what you really want to be doing with a fun throw pillow that contains a quote.

34. Wooden Bench Sofa

Cushioned with pillows, this beautiful church-pew style bench adds another layer of seating to the living room.

35. White String Lights

Delicate fairy or string lights run along behind the curtains of this room to add a magical feel to the space.

36. Soft and Furry

You won’t be able to resist sinking your feet into this soft, fuzzy carpet that delineates where the living room starts and ends.
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