How to Divide a Living Room Into a Bedroom

divide living room into bedroom

How do you divide a living room into a bedroom? Dividing your living room into a bedroom can be as simple as putting up a curtain or as complicated as a remodel. Depending on your available space and needs, there are several designs at your disposal. The options to divide your living room into a … Read more

How to Decorate a Long Narrow Living Room Dining Room Combo

Have you ever wondered what was the best way to decorate your dining room/living room? Depending on your budget and constraints, you have several options. If you prefer to be sparse, keep things simple. For those of you with a flair for adventure, explore the cultures of the world via decorating your living room in … Read more

How to Arrange Living Room Furniture With TV

arrange living room furniture

For many, finding the balance between optimal tv viewing, living room traffic flow and aesthetics seems all but unobtainable. This can force them to ask, how do you arrange living room furniture with your television? You can simply mount your television on a wall and push the couch a little or you can create a … Read more

How to Arrange Furniture in Living Room Dining Room Combo

arrange furniture in living room

Have you considered how best to arrange your furniture for your living room dining room combo? Utilizing the full potential of your available space and providing a convenient, ideal layout should be the priority for you. If you have a small living room/dining room the best way to arrange it can be to use an … Read more

7 Useful Ways to Repurpose Formal Living Rooms

repurpose formal living room

If your home has a formal living room and you rarely use, it, take a look at this guide for some inspiration on how to repurpose your formal living room! Most smaller homes have a living room, kitchen, dining area, and bedrooms but some of the more modestly sized spaces have a formal living room, … Read more

23 Incredible Ideas for Living Rooms with Sectionals (Photo Gallery)

living room with sectional ideas

Some people look at their living room and know something is missing. Often, it is the availability and style of seating that is throwing them off. One thing we’ve learned is that sectional sofas can transform a living room. Sectionals make living rooms functional while also keeping them stylish. Many people don’t consider them because … Read more

26 Stunning Luxury Living Room Designs (Photo Gallery)

luxury living room design ideas

Your living room will be a central place in your home, an area where you will entertain friends and family as well as spend some quality private time. We know how important it is to have the living room you want, one that matches your design ideas and personality. That’s why we’ve gathered more than … Read more

27 Head-Turning Orange Living Room Designs (Photo Gallery)

orange living room ideas

When it comes to colors for your living room, what comes to mind. Maybe earth tones, possibly some blues and lavender. That’s the norm. We’re here to show you how versatile orange is. We know, orange isn’t the first color people jump to when planning a living room, but we’ll show you why it should … Read more