9 Different Gate Latch Types and Materials (What to Look For)

gate latch types

There are many different types of gate latches to choose from, so knowing which one to choose can be a difficult task. For that reason, we’ve created this guide to help you purchase the perfect latch(es) for your project. Gate latches can be broken up into two classes: gate latch categories and actual types. Gate … Read more

9 Creative Alternatives to Fencing

fencing alternatives

Fences are a great way to protect your home, but you may want to consider alternatives to fencing. Alternative fencing will allow you to maximize space, beautify your yard, and create yard boundaries on a budget. Let’s take a look at the 9 best alternatives to fencing. Alternatives to Fencing If you are looking for … Read more

21 Beautiful Rustic Fence Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

rustic fence design ideas

Take a minute and picture a farm. Imagine that classic barn, maybe some horses. Did you see the rustic fence? Of course you did, because rustic fences are a part of traditional culture. When you are looking for a natural sense of style, something that’s not too orderly or fabricated, a rustic style fence is … Read more

27 Wrought Iron Fence Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

wrought iron fence ideas

What is it about wrought iron fences that have become so iconic in culture? Not just American culture, but globally. They are stately, strong, and secure. They have an appearance that both welcomes you, but reminds you not to cross the boundary unless you’re supposed to. Many people think of wrought iron fences as only … Read more

22 Stylish Pool Fence Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

pool fence design ideas

We love pools and we love everything that goes with them. Pool fences are important, whether you want them for pure decorative reasons or for safety reasons. After all, you don’t want children and pets wandering close to a pool when nobody is around. There are many different types of pool fences you can choose … Read more

21 White Picket Fence Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

white picket fence ideas

Who doesn’t like a classic white picket fence? It is as American as apple pie. Well, we love them, too. Picket fences, both white and non-white ones, are a statement of American suburban life, but they work in all kinds of housing environments. Whether you are going to decorative styles or more private ones, there … Read more