4 Alternatives to Screen Doors – A Complete Guide

screen door alternatives

If your house or apartment only has a solid front door, check out these alternatives to screen doors for keeping bugs out of your home if you want to breathe in the fresh air in your home. There’s nothing better than that first weekend of the year with weather that’s warm enough to keep your … Read more

52 Gorgeous Foyer Designs to Dream About (Photo Gallery)

gorgeous foyer designs

When you are designing your home, or have made the decision to remodel, don’t forget about how important the foyer can be. It is the area that welcomes you and your family home each day. Your guests will pass right through it every time they come over. Foyers are first impressions. You’ve probably seen many … Read more

40 Stylish Entryways That Will Wow You (Photo Gallery)

stylish entryway ideas

Let’s face it, the entrance areas to your house matter. You are always coming and going. Having an active family means you may need a place to get to put everyone’s items. Your entryways are important style statements. It is the first place people see when they come into your house. We know you want … Read more