7 Garden Hose Storage Ideas

If you own or rent a home, a garden hose (or two) is likely a necessity. If you’re like most people, you either keep your garden hose in a pile and deal with untangling it the next time you use it or you carefully lay it down in a large oval shape somewhere on the … Read more

The Optimal Garage Setup For the Home Mechanic

garage setup for home mechanic

When garages were originally created, they were actually meant to store just vehicles. But these days, homeowners will use their garage to store their old trash, Christmas decorations, enough sports gear to field a professional team or they may even place their at home working area inside their garage, namely a spot for a home … Read more

32 Garage Door Designs and Ideas (Photo Gallery)

garage door ideas

Garage doors are so much more than doors. They are part of the exterior of you home, becoming a part of the overall design. You don’t want to have a beautifully designed home be ruined because you didn’t take the time to ensure your garage doors would look great as well. There are many different … Read more

27 Wonderful Shed Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

shed design ideas

Everyone needs a little extra space. Whether it is in the form of a garage or a little outdoor shed, it can always come in handy. Maybe you could even use a little greenhouse or gardening area. No matter what, you’ve got some planning to do. You want something that works for the area you … Read more

31 Cool Shed and Garage Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

shed design ideas

We know that sometimes you just need more storage for one reason or another. Maybe you are an avid gardener. Perhaps you need an office space away from the house. Maybe you just want an extra area where you can go to relax. Regardless of your needs, you can find a storage idea that works … Read more

38 Stylish Shed and Garage Designs (Photo Gallery)

shed designs

If you have an active family or you do a good bit of work outdoors, you have probably thought about having a shed or storage area to help out with everything you need. Let’s face it, you just might not have enough room inside your house to keep everything you use. Sometimes you need a … Read more

31 Inspiring Garage Styles and Ideas (Photo Gallery)

garage styles

No matter who you are, man or woman, you’ve thought about having a great garage. Whether you need somewhere to keep your vehicles out of the elements or want some more storage space, garages can come in handy. They can make great work spaces and sometimes you can make space for an extra room above … Read more

33 Unique Home Garages (Photo Gallery)

unique garage design ideas

You may have had a garage before. Maybe you’ve always wanted one. Perhaps you just want to improve the one you currently have. No matter why you are here, we know you have many options to consider. What kind of space do you have to work with? What will you be using the garage for? … Read more

24 Great Garage Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

garage design styles

So you have your house designed, but there is one thing left to figure out. What will your garage look like? Whether you are building a new one or trying to make an existing one better, we know the process can be overwhelming. There are so many choices to make. How much space do you … Read more