31 Cool Shed and Garage Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

We know that sometimes you just need more storage for one reason or another. Maybe you are an avid gardener. Perhaps you need an office space away from the house. Maybe you just want an extra area where you can go to relax. Regardless of your needs, you can find a storage idea that works for you.

You’ve probably seen some ideas that you like. Maybe you have a space that you just need to renovate. Whether you are building new or remodeling, we want to help you. We’ve gathered 31 storage and garage design ideas for you to browse through. They range in size and design, so take your time and find something that fits your needs.

Shed and Garage Design Ideas

1. Country Path

This wonderful storage shed is up the stone path and in an easily accessible space. It blends with the surroundings and will meet all your needs.

2. Wooden Frame Greenhouse

This great greenhouse has a wooden frame and is filled in with glass. It is more upscale than your regular green house and you can keep your plants healthy all year around.

3. Stone Greenhouse

This great stone greenhouse, which will work wonders all year around, is surrounded by wonderful landscaping. The eclectic mix of plants really works well.

4. Country Shed

You can make simple and good looking shelves from wood and finish them off with a hardwood counter for a great effect.

5. Relaxing Greenhouse Space

6. Green Roof

Why not do something different with every space you can. This roof looks great and helps the environment. Putting plants or grass on a roof really makes the whole space look good.

7. Contemporary Design

This modern design can work as a garage for a single car or you can make it an office space. Your options for a space that looks this great are limitless.

8. Completely Organized

When you have an active family or a lot of items to store, you want to make sure you keep it all organized. This area shows how you can use a combination of shelves and cabinets.

9. Separate Office Space

Who says your office space has to be inside of the house. This great looking area can be used as an area away from the noise of the household to get work done.

10. Nice Little Shed

When you need somewhere to keep some items but you know you don’t need a ton of extra space, think about something like this. It does not take up a lot of room and still looks good.

11. Blue Toned

Surround your shed area with great designs and landscaping like you see here. Your storage shed becomes a part of the environment and does not look out of place.

12. Great Color Scheme

This contemporary building has a wonderful color scheme that catches the eye. With plenty of windows to let the natural light inside, you can use this area to get some work done.

13. Open Space

This open area can be used as a two car garage and you will still have room for other work. The outside looks great and easy to maneuver around.

14. Rustic Style

Whether you need an additional office area or just somewhere to get some outdoor work done, this wooden structure looks great and will get the job done.

15. Themed Design

Open up these great wooden doors to get inside. The paddles really make this into a wonderful themed area. Sometimes, it is the little things that spruce up an area.

16. Wonderful Hardwood Design

This classic brick and hardwood design really looks good. You will love having this area to park your vehicle every night.

17. Everyone Has a Space

Coming home after a long day at work or at other activities, you will love having somewhere like this for everyone to keep their items organized. It is a mud room/garage combination.

18. Hillside Place

If you have a unique area like this hillside space, put your shed area on it. Take advantage of the landscape that you have.

19. Modern Door

This garage has a unique door that features some windows. If you are doing work inside or just need to see out, now you have the option.

20. Great Landscaping

This charming little storage area will keep all of your items organized. Surrounded by great landscaping, this space looks great and serves a purpose.

21. Lookout Space

It is like a lighthouse lookout. When you have this type of surrounding landscape, build a storage space that suits your needs.

22. Great Contrasts

This wonderful hardwood storage and garage area comes to life thanks to the use of black for the doors and windows.

23. Quaint Two Car

This charming two car garage looks great because the ivy has been allowed to climb up the sides. It is well maintained and serves a garage ans storage purpose.

24. Gravel Drive

Leading to this great storage area is a wonderful gravel walkway. You can use this as your relaxation space away from the house. A quiet space all to yourself.

25. Great Overhang

Often, you don’t need anything complicated to complete your storage needs. This great little space is a beautiful overhand that keeps all your outdoor stuff organized.

26. Stone Walkway

This superb white storage area is surrounded by wonderful landscaping. This beautiful stone walkway leads to the wooden overhang that welcomes you.

27. Indoor Garden

We know you want to have a garden all year around. You can do that with a little greenhouse space like this. It is wooden framed and will fit all your needs.

28. Great Little Hut

This little space has outdoor and indoor storage space. Keep some plants and firewood on the outside and your tools on the inside away from the elements.

29. Wooden Siding

There is just something that looks so great about wooden siding, especially when it blends with the surrounding environment. This space even has a porch for you to relax on.

30. Great Workspace

Not every outdoor storage place has to be a mess. This area can be used for hobbies or even a quiet office space.

31. Glassed In

This area is glassed in to let in the natural light and is the perfect space to go relax for a quiet time after a long day.
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