Are Plantation Shutters Out of Style?

Updated on February 7, 2023

Are plantation shutters out of style? It is a fair question, and it may be one you are asking if you are renovating your home. The short answer to his question is no. Plantation shutters are not out of style.

With that being said, there are several factors to consider when choosing to use plantation shutters in your home. Read on to learn about plantation shutters and their use in modern homes.

What Are Plantation Shutters?

are plantation shutters out of style

As the name suggests, plantation shutters originated in the 18th century and were used frequently in plantation mansions. Though the plantation shutter became popular during this time, they were built based on classical architectural styles.

Plantation shutters are made from tilted wooden louvers. This design is similar to regular blinds in that they include slats, but plantation shutters are different in that they are fitted to the window frame and can be opened like doors; they do not need a pull-string to open and close.

The reason that plantation shutters became very popular in the southern states was because of their aesthetic appeal and insulating qualities. The shutters can keep the room warm during the winter and cool during the summer, all while looking attractive.

Although plantation shutters were popular during the 18th century does not mean that they are popular today, though. In fact, many people assume that the age of these shutters makes them out of date and unattractive in a modern home.

Though many assume their dated design, plantation shutters are not out of style. In fact, plantation shutters are just as popular as ever in an American homes.

The reason for this is that plantation shutters are viewed as a long-term investment because of their flexibility and aesthetic qualities. These shutters allow you to easily control light, insulate your room, and decorate the windows.

You can use Google trends to see that interest in plantation shutters has increased over the last year. You can see the results yourself using Google Trends.

Google Trends

This data suggests that plantation shutters are just about as popular as ever and that they are not out of style. In fact, you can get plantation shutters in several colors and materials, such as MDF and vinyl.

Pros and Cons of Plantation Shutters

are plantation shutters out of style


The biggest benefit of plantation shutters is that they are easily customizable. Plantation shutters are designed so that they perfectly fit any window. This will allow the homeowner to get a shutter that matches every aspect of their window, making their shutters look more original and unique.

You will probably have to work with another person or company to get your windows fitted. The reason for this is that there are several dimensions to consider when picking out a plantation shutter. This process ensures that your plantation shutters are originally crafted for your windows specifically.

If you do not want to hire another person to install your shutters, though, these shutters are easy to install yourself. They come pre-hinged and have magnetic plates, which will make the installation process very easy and straightforward, even for someone who is relatively unskilled at shutter installation.

Another great benefit of plantation shutters is that they do a great job of shading your home. Because of the design and materials used, plantation shutters are one of the best shutter options for keeping sunlight out. This fact will keep your home cool and protect the interior from sun damage.

More so, plantation shutters will allow your home to be insulated in the winter too. The shutters will keep the warmth from the heater inside as opposed to leaving through the windows. This will save you money during the wintertime.

Plantation shutters are also great because they are incredibly durable and built to last. Unlike traditional blinds and shutters, plantation shutters will not get tangled or fray. Instead, plantation shutters will not fade, break, or get tangled.

Since plantation shutters are built to last, they are also easy to maintain. All you will need to do is dust and generally clean the shutters. You will not need to do any excessive maintenance.

Additionally, plantation shutters improve the worth of your home. Since plantation shutters are designed for specific windows, they are normally left when a homeowner sells the house and moves. As a result, they increased the value of your home.


The main downside of plantation shutters is that they are much more expensive than other shutter options. The reason for this is that the shutters are custom built and are made from much sturdier materials. As a result, plantation shutters come with a much larger price tag.

Additionally, you cannot make plantation shutters hidden from view like most shutter and blind options. Since the plantation shutters are attached to the window, they will always be there. This may be a negative if you enjoy completely open windows from time to time.

Because plantation shutters are attached to the window and are built to last, they do not come in as many options as other blinds and shutters. Most plantation shutters are either made from MDF or vinyl only, minimizing your options.

You will also need to adjust your shutter from time to time. The reason for this is that the weather or your usage can affect how it sits in the window. So, you will need to adjust it. This task is not very difficult, but it can be frustrating if you are not familiar with the shutters.

Finally, you will need to clean your plantation shutters. Since the shutters are much clunkier than other options, dust builds up very quickly. As a result, you will need to clean them more frequently. Luckily, this maintenance is not difficult, just annoying at times.

Plantation Shutter Style Ideas

Here are some plantation shutter style ideas:

are plantation shutters out of style

These are some very simple plantation shutters. They are vinyl and painted white. This white color matches the wall and chairs. These shutter options are great in this room because they are non-distracting in allow the rug and decorative blankets to shine.

are plantation shutters out of style

Here is a beautiful example of what plantation shutters look like when they are open. These shutters are white and match the comforter, walls, and door. The slats of the shutter also add texture to this modern bedroom, while the opened shutters bring in light that reflects beautifully off the white interior.

are plantation shutters out of style

Though many plantation shutters are white in color, some can be dark. Take these plantation shutters. They are a dark brown and add a lot of warmth to the interior. This coloration would look great in rooms that you want to look comfy and cozy.

are plantation shutters out of style

Here is a beautiful kitchen with white plantation shutters. These shutters match the walls, cabinets, and countertops. This matching look makes the room look very clean, while making the flowers, chairs, and appliances stand out.

Alternatives to Plantation Shutters

If you have decided that plantation shutters are not for you, there are plenty of alternatives to choose from. Check out these alternatives to plantation shutters:

1. Wooden Blinds

are plantation shutters out of style

One great alternative to plantation shutters is wooden blinds. Wooden blinds can either be made from real wood or faux wood to look like real wood. Either way, wooden blinds are a great alternative to plantation shutters for their light control, aesthetic purposes, and easy installation and maintenance.

As said previously, wooden blinds can be made from real wood or faux wood. Real wood is obviously going to be much more expensive than the faux wood. Since faux wood is less expensive and still looks beautiful, you might want to opt for a faux wood option.

The appearance of wood will make the blinds look very interesting in any room. They will add warmth and texture, which are both great qualities to have inside a room.

One reason that wooden blinds are a great alternative to plantation shutters is that you can really control how much light enters or exits your room. Since blinds can be pulled all the way up, you can choose to let in the  maximum amount of light with the blind’s string-pull system.

If you do not want your entire window exposed, though, you can tilt the slats up or down, allowing in a controlled amount of light. This control of the light makes wooden blinds extremely useful and flexible.

The ability for wooden blinds to be pulled all the way up means that they do not need to be custom made for your window. Instead, did design Is made so that they could fit into most any window. This will save you a lot of money.

More so, wooden blinds might be a better option than plantation shutters if you have large windows. The reason for this is that the plantation shutters will be extremely expensive and block out a lot of natural lighting. So, if you have large windows, you may want wooden blinds over plantation shutters.

The main downside of wooden blinds is that they are heavier than other plantation shutter alternatives. This means that you will need to ensure that your window can handle their weight. If your windows cannot, we recommend looking at the other plantation shutter alternatives instead.


  • Add texture, dimension, and warmth
  • Can be raised and lowered to the window’s height
  • Control over light
  • More affordable than plantation shutters


  • Heavier than other plantation shutter alternatives
  • More expensive than other plantation shutter alternatives

2. Honeycomb or Cellular Shades

are plantation shutters out of style

Another great alternative to plantation shutters is honeycomb or cellular shades. These shades are made from fabric that runs from the top to the bottom. The fabric is then laid in a grooved or triangular fashion.

One great benefit of honeycomb shades is that they increase privacy because there are no openings in between slots. Instead, the entire fabric when closed prevents any potential openings for someone to see through the blinds.

Of course, the privacy level depends greatly on the material you choose. There are some honeycomb shades that come with sheer materials, which will make privacy more difficult to obtain. But these materials are optional, and so you can easily find models that ensure full privacy.

Another great aspect of honeycomb shades is that they insulate your home very effectively. Since there are no openings in between the slats, the air from the home will be trapped inside the home while the air from the outside will be trapped outside.

This fact will allow your home’s temperature to be more regulated. It will save you money in the electricity bill too.

Honeycomb shades are also amazing because they come in many shade-blocking options and degrees. You can choose between different materials, which will allow in certain amounts of light. You can choose filtered light options or completely darkened room options.

More so, you can choose between blinds that open from the top or blinds open from the bottom. This choice will allow you to catch the sun, depending on how it is positioned. This fact will allow you to maximize or minimize the amount of sunlight that enters the room.

Additionally, honeycomb shades are extremely easy to hide. You can get them to stack on top of itself at the top of your window. Unlike traditional blinds, the stack will be extremely neat, orderly, and small, which will make the honeycomb shades seem to disappear.

One downside of honeycomb shades, though, is that some options can be very cheap looking. The reason for this is that thinner material will resemble paper. If you choose this plantation shutter alternative, just make sure that you invest in an upscale looking honeycomb shade.

Another downside of honeycomb shade is that you have minimal control over lighting. You will be able to open the shades up or down, but you will not be able to slant the slacks in a way to control the minimal amount of light.


  • Increase privacy
  • Insulate home
  • Various shade-blocking options and degrees
  • Different opening styles
  • Easy to hide


  • Some options are cheap looking
  • Minimal control over light

3. Roman Shades

are plantation shutters out of style

Roman shades are another great alternative to plantation shutters. These shades will go in any room because they are timeless and come in many options. Let us check out the specifics of Roman shades.

The main benefit of Roman shades is that they come in many style options. You can choose between many different styles, colors, and materials, which is ideal if you want your blinds to match your room. Picking Roman shades ensures that you have the style you want.

Another benefit of Roman shades is that they are timeless. You can pair them with contemporary homes or rustic homes. No matter what, your Roman shades will look beautiful regardless of the style of the room they are in.

More so, Roman shades soften the room. The reason for this is that they are made from fabric, which is a much softer material than vinyl or wood. This softening feature will allow the blinds to make the room look more comfortable and inviting.

Additionally, Roman shades add texture. Whenever they are pulled up, the fabric stacks on top of itself. This results in a stack of fabric that adds a lot of texture. Even when the shades are not open, though, the fabric itself adds texture to the room.

The main downside of Roman shades is that they can look very chunky when they are pulled up. This may not be a problem if you have a room designed for this style, but the shades can look very overwhelming in rooms that are already overly decorated.

Additionally, Roman shades can be potentially dangerous to children and pets. Because of the many loops and strings, the blinds can be a choking or hanging hazard for your children and pets. There are child-safe options available, so check those out if this is a concern for you.

Finally, Roman shades also offer minimal control over light. Roman shades can only be opened or closed, which means you will not be able to filter in light in between the two options.


  • Many style options
  • Timeless
  • Soften the room
  • Add texture


  • Chunky look when pulled up
  • Can be dangerous for children and pets
  • Minimal control over light


Even though plantation shutters date back to the 18th century, they are very much in style. They are great because they perfectly match your home and increase its value, but they are also expensive and come in few options.

If you decide that plantation shutters are not for you, however, we listed wooden blinds, honeycomb shades, and Roman shades as the best alternatives. These alternatives will offer you light control, insulation, and aesthetically pleasing shades.