40 Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Updated on May 30, 2024

When you begin the process of designing your kitchen, we know the options can be overwhelming. Deciding on what kind of style to go with is the hardest part.

If you decide to go with a contemporary style, you are in luck. We have gathered 40 contemporary kitchen design ideas for you to go through. Don’t worry, deciding on a certain style certainly doesn’t limit your options. You will see just how many different contemporary ideas there are.

Take your time and browse through these styles. Find something that will look great in your home an match your personality.

Contemporary Style Kitchen Ideas

1. Perfect Storage Area

This area is great for storing your pots and pans. With plenty of racks and shelves, you will never run out of places to keep everything organized.

2. All Combined

The beautiful and bold dark hardwood styles use here tie everything together. With the kitchen and dining areas combined, you have everything you need in one spot.

3. A Coffee Space

No need to make a mess in the kitchen when all you want is coffee. Fire up the coffee maker and get creative with this convenient area.

4. Organized and Spacious

From the wine cooler to the amazing shelf space, this walk-in pantry area takes the day. You can keep everything organized and ready with a space like this.

5. Colorful Combinations

This kitchen makes great use of the exposed beams along the ceiling. Designing a wonderful space around them, this colorful kitchen uses great decor.

6. Perfect Hardwood Highlights

To go with the bright white design of this kitchen, this space uses great hardwood designs sparingly for a great effect. The open floor plan lets you move from place to place easily.

7. Cleaning Organization

Instead of sticking all of your cleaning supplies behind a door or under the sink, keep them all in one place and ready for use.

8. An Asian Sense

This kitchen space gives off an Asian design vibe. The minimal approach with decor and the hardwood blended with white works really well.

9. Minimal Modern

The decor used in this space is simple, not overwhelming, which works well withe the sleek white designs blended with the hardwood.

10. Functional Center

The center island takes the day here, combining cooking functionality with an extension so everyone can enjoy their meal.

11. Natural Light Shine

The natural light comes in from the windows and the skylights, shining in on a well designed kitchen. The white balanced against the hardwood works great.

12. Great Connections

This whole area, from the kitchen to the living and dining rooms, is all combined. With a contemporary design style keeping everything together, this space is highly functional.

13. Modern Natural Look

The real victory with this kitchen is how well it blends with the other spaces nearby. The whole area takes on a natural look thanks to the hardwood used all around and the decor.

14. Great Decor

This kitchen shows its style in the natural light, with great counter tops really leading the way. The decor used is contemporary and works well with this space.

15. Geometric Style

The darker shelves and cabinets look great, especially when combined with the geometric tiles used for the wall.

16. Amazing Storage Ideas

This is not your ordinary storage space. Keep all of your gourmet items neat and organized in this beautiful space. The drawers roll out, so you don’t have to dig around for what you need.

17. Earth Tones

This sleek kitchen makes wonderful use of earth tones. The whole are has great modern decor, and the dining space is right next to the kitchen.

18. Bright and Contemporary

This glossy floor brings a fantastic look to this kitchen and is perfectly contrasted with the white cabinets and counter tops.

19. Complete Organization

If you are tired of searching the cabinets for your spices and your utensils, check this design out. Everything is kept completely organized and ready for you.

20. Darker Highlights

To balance with the light hardwood, this kitchen has a darker center island and cabinets. With the designed tile as the backdrop, every part of this kitchen works together.

21. Bar Style Seating

This kitchen features a great open floor plan, with a center island and great bar style seating. The hardwood blended with the lighter floor looks great.

22. Hidden Convenience

This great pantry space features spice racks and roll out drawers that will make it easy for you to find anything you need.

23. Great Contrasts

To blend with the hardwood, this kitchen uses white cabinets and a wonderful stone design for the island counter top.

24. Wonderful Lighting

This kitchen makes a statement with the unique lighting used, showing off the great floor. The two tones of blue used in this kitchen really work well together.

25. Wine Wonder

If you regularly entertain family and friends with a wine night, you need a space like this nearby. You can keep all of your bottles organized, chilled, and ready to be served.

26. Corner Space

Don’t let corner space be wasted space. Get drawers designed for just that purpose so you can have even more storage space.

27. Comfotably Designed

Hardwood, gray, and white all work together here to creat a comfortable space that really stands out well in the natural light that shines in.

28. Spacious Design

This large center island gives you plenty of room to prepare your meals in this kitchen. THe light cream colro used for the walls and cabinets blends well with the hardwood.

29. Cozy and Bright

You don’t need a large space to have a kitchen that looks great. This space shows you just how you can have everything you need, center island included, in a smaller area.

30. Light Hardwood

The light hardwood floor is combined with wonderfully unique cabinets and drawers for a modern style. Here, you have plenty of room to meet your needs.

31. Problem Solved

How many times have you had to break your back while looking for what you need beneath the sink? Don’t do that anymore. Get a roll out drawer to make things easier.

32. Light and Complete

This space is wonderfully open and connected to the rest of the house. The light designs, blended with darker spaces, really make a great contrast.

33. Color Lighting

The subdued blue color used for the cabinets and drawers looks fantastic, especially when the wonderful blue lights are on.

34. Sleek and Modern

This modern space makes great use of lighting to highlight the hardwood combinations. The whole kitchen is spacious, giving you plenty of room to prepare your meals.

35. Dreamy Designs

Whether you are looking at the hardwood wonder that makes up this center island or the great light fixtures, this sleek kitchen is dreamy and modern.

36. Opened Up

Thanks to the the windows used in this kitchen, this whole space feels opened up. The bright designs and the small geometric tiles really look great here.

37. Great Dining Area

The hardwood used for this kitchen, from the floor to the cabinets, really works wonders. The bar-style dining area that is attached looks great.

38. A Blank Canvass

The architecture and design of this kitchen is the kind that allows you to use many types of decor. With the darker floor and the white cabinets and drawers, this is a blank canvass for creativity.

39. Contemporary Wooden Styles

To complement the hardwood styles used, a wonderful tile pattern and style makes up the area behind the stove and around the kitchen.


Sleek and modern, this kitchen looks great in the natural light. With plenty of room to prepare your meals and an extension for your to eat at, you can enjoy this open space.
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