20 Stunning Cactus Garden Ideas (Photo Gallery)

cactus garden ideas

If you live in a hot climate where your plants struggle to survive due to the heat and lack of moisture then a cacti garden may be the perfect solution for you. Planting a cactus garden instead of a traditional garden doesn’t mean that you can’t still incorporate beautiful flowers. Many cacti are flowering and … Read more

10 Cute Bicycle Planters You Can Make Yourself

bicycle planter ideas

If you love the idea of adding bright flowers to an outdoor space but want a creative way to display them, a bicycle planter is a fun alternative to the usual hanging planters you see around town and in yards. Antique and vintage bicycles are a great find at the flea market, but what can … Read more

7 Best Mulch Alternatives for Your Home Garden

mulch alternatives

Mulch is a traditional material for decorating flower beds, retaining moisture, and reducing soil erosion, but because it’s so common, you may be looking for something a bit different. Fortunately, there are a good number of other materials you can choose from if you simply don’t want standard mulch. Check out these seven alternatives to … Read more

17 Beautiful Arbor Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

arbor design ideas

Arbor designs are a great way to elevate the appearance of your yard or patio. A backyard arbor is an outdoor vertical structure that provides shade, shelter, or privacy. They also tend to have a tunnel-like passageway that makes them look picturesque and lovely. The great thing about arbors is that they can be rustic, … Read more

32 Backyard Pavilion Ideas (Photo Gallery)

backyard pavilion ideas

Welcome to our gallery of 30+ backyard pavilion ideas! Here you can find inspiration for wooden pavilions, metal pavilions, stone pavilions, and portable pavilions for your backyard. What is a Pavilion? A pavilion is a beautiful outdoor covering that is common for summer houses, by pools, and in gardens. It provides shelter, seating, and sometimes … Read more

5 Easy Alternatives to Underground Sprinkler Systems

alternatives to underground sprinkler

When it comes to keeping your garden hydrated it may seem like there aren’t many affordable alternatives to underground sprinkler systems, but that isn’t necessarily the case! There are several ways you can cut down on the cost of watering your lawn and your garden! An underground sprinkler system is definitely convenient but it can … Read more

24 Alternatives to Flowers (as a Gift or in the Garden)

alternatives to flowers

Traditionally, flowers are given as gifts or as additions to a garden. However, there are going to be instances when something other than flowers would make a better choice. For example, you will want to find alternatives to flowers if your significant other is allergic to them or if you want something a bit different … Read more

34 Wonderful Landscaping Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

landscape design ideas

Designing the landscaping around your home is a huge undertaking. You want to ensure that everything is just right because it is an area that you and others will see often. You want the style to be something that matches the design of your house as well as something that reflects your personality. There are … Read more

38 Eye Catching Landscaping Ideas (Photo Gallery)

backyard fire pit

The landscaping around your house shouldn’t be just an after thought. The exterior of your home is the first thing people see when they come to your house. Let it be one of the best areas of your house. Take some time and figure out exactly what you want. Choose a landscape design that you … Read more