38 Delectable Outdoor Kitchen Ideas (Photo Gallery)

outdoor kitchen design ideas

Summer is the favorite time for grilling, but why limit outdoor cooking to just one season? Outdoor kitchens can be placed on a patio, under a pergola, or in an enclosed porch, and can be used year round for preparing delicious meals. Depending on the climate, choose an outdoor kitchen area that will allow you … Read more

How to Paint a Concrete Patio

how to paint a concrete patio

Concrete patios are made to last. Unfortunately, they become discolored and dingy after years of exposure to the elements and regular use. There is no need to fret or consider replacement, however. There is a simple way to revive your concrete patio: paint it! Related: 20 Concrete Alternatives Around the House You Will Need: A … Read more

How to Clean a Brick Patio

how to clean a brick patio

Brick patios are beautiful additions to any home outdoor entertainment space, but they can become unsightly when mold and dirt settle into the bricks and mortar. Use these simple steps and these common household items to revive your brick patio for a homey, pleasing place to host yard gatherings or just sit and relax with … Read more

22 Screened Gazebo Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

screened gazebo design ideas

Being able to have a place to relax outside is so important for many people. We know how comforting the fresh and and nice breeze can be after a long day. You may have though of adding a gazebo to your outdoor space. If you have, we want to help you come up with some … Read more

18 Inspirational Patio Ideas (Photo Gallery)

patio design ideas

The outside of your house doesn’t have to just be an area that has to be kept up to look good. You want to make it into a space that you can use. Whether you are thinking about designing a patio or upgrading an existing one, you are faced with a ton of options. What … Read more

20 Eye Catching Patios (Photo Gallery)

patio design ideas

It is time to spruce up the area outside your house. Whether you are designing a brand new patio or fixing up an older one, we know that there are so many ideas running through your mind. You’ve probably seen so many things that you would like to add to your patio space, but you … Read more

23 Welcoming Patio Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

welcoming patio ideas

Make the outside spaces of your home into areas that you will love to have guest over at. A patio can go a long way to making your home into your dream home. Think about it. Why spend all your time inside when you can have such a great outdoor space? You have probably seen … Read more