23 Welcoming Patio Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

Make the outside spaces of your home into areas that you will love to have guest over at. A patio can go a long way to making your home into your dream home. Think about it. Why spend all your time inside when you can have such a great outdoor space? You have probably seen patios you loved, so now design one for yourself.

We want to make the design phase a bit easier on you. There are so many options to choose from. You want to find something that works with your house and with the surrounding area. Below, you will find 23 patio design ideas that range from modern to more traditional designs. You pick what works best for you.

Patio Ideas That Are Warm and Welcoming

1. Early Century Classic

This great patio has a design that is a throwback to early 1900s style. This space has a traditional elegance that goes a long way.

2. Hardwood Delight

The tiki torches give a great party vibe to this patio. With great modern decor and plant life all around, you can enjoy some warmth by the fire.

3. Brick Fireplace

This brick fireplace is such a classic design that it gives this whole patio great character.

4. All the Charm

Relax under the overhang if the elements don’t let you sit out in the sunshine. Grill and eat your meals out here.

5. Backyard Warmth

This rough bricked in fire put gives you plenty of space to invite your family and friends over for a good time.

6. Center Joy

Accessible from many areas of the house, this center patio lets the light shine down. Come out here to relax after a long day.

7. Great Bench

The simple wood bench design with a concrete backing is stylish and attractive. The landscaping really completes this patio.

8. Fantastic Furniture

The red brick floor to this patio is covered with great furniture. It is like a quaint country charming setting.

9. Cooking Time

This patio comes with a great cooking area and is filled contemporary designs. You can enjoy this weather no matter the time of year.

10. Lift Up

Ready to grill a great meal for your guests? Just lift up this door and fire up the grill.

11. Entertainment Space

With a television above this cooking area, you won’t have to miss a moment of the game as you cook a great meal for everyone.

12. Center Walkway

Whether you are just out for a walk or heading to the pool, this great walkway will lead the way.

13. Stone Setting

Enjoy the beautiful stone design all around this patio. When you are ready for a swim, just walk down the steps and jump in.

14. Pool Included

This patio is connected easily to the inside of the house. All around contemporary designs, you can head into the hot tub or the pool.

15. Floral Arrangement

With a red brick patio, you can really liven up the space with some brilliant colorful floral arrangements.

16. Country Charm

Like a visit to a European country villa, this space is inviting and ready for you to cook and dine.

17. Inside Out

Connect the outside patio to the inside with a great window like this. Open up and hand out the food or drinks.

18. Vineyard Style

Like a modern rustic vinyard, this space makes great use of stainless steel appliances and marble counter tops.

19. Outdoor Shower

Whether the kids are dirty from a day outside or you just want to relax outside, this outdoor shower is sure to be used all the time.

20. Luxury Glow

Make the whole backyard part of the action. This pool is surrounded by a great patio with a fire pit and a beautiful yard.

21. Great Cooking

This patio gives you complete control over what you are cooking. Fire up the stove or throw a pizza in this great oven.

22. Circle Garden

This circular patio is calming with all the great plant life all around. The concrete mixed with bricks make a great design.

23. Natural Rustic

The stone used for the floor, steps, and fire pit all work together to make this space into a natural setting.
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