38 Delectable Outdoor Kitchen Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Updated on June 6, 2022

Summer is the favorite time for grilling, but why limit outdoor cooking to just one season? Outdoor kitchens can be placed on a patio, under a pergola, or in an enclosed porch, and can be used year round for preparing delicious meals.

Depending on the climate, choose an outdoor kitchen area that will allow you to maximize use of the grill and appliances. Doing a roof addition off the back porch or adding a cabana near the pool is a fool-proof way to keep covered outdoors, no matter what Mother Nature brings.

Outdoor cooking is all about cooking in a way that isn’t traditionally done in an indoor kitchen. Designing your outdoor kitchen with space specifically for your smoker or a wood-fired pizza oven is a must-have for adventurous cooks.

No matter how simple or complex your kitchen must be, it’s all about gathering with friends and enjoying the food of the season. Putting plenty of seating adjacent to your outdoor kitchen area will ensure it’s a winning design!

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Outdoor Kitchen Design Ideas

1. Variety of Lighting

Photo by: Hanomoco Designs

A hanging chandelier and tall wall behind the kitchen make this design feel like an indoor room. Notice the variety of lighting, from wall-mounted sconces to string lights, that bring brightness to every level of the design.

2. Stainless Steel Stunner

Photo by: 9th Avenue Designs

Stunning stainless steel appliances are grouped together, giving easy access to all the outdoor cooking methods.

3. Island Breeze

Photo by: Pu’uwai Design & Construction

A swim-up bar accompanies this breezy outdoor kitchen. Obviously island-inspired, the thatched roof feels appropriate without being silly.

4. Natural Stone

Photo by: Roberta Wilson

Stone and wood in muted tones connect this gorgeous outdoor kitchen to the landscape that surrounds it. The comfy seating and fireplace make it a mix of kitchen and outdoor living room.

5. Golfer’s Paradise

Photo by: Burkett Architecture

Include a TV and putting green to make your outdoor kitchen the ultimate hangout.

6. Garden Spot

Photo by: Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet

A unique awning accentuates this outdoor cooking space, bringing nature all around the design. Fresh herbs adorn the ledge, ready for picking.

7. Small Yard, Large Gathering

Photo by: Brandon architects, Inc.

A large roll-up door connects outdoor and indoor eating areas, perfect for large gatherings.

8. Double Duty

Photo by: Allen Edwards Builders Inc.

Create a focal point with an exceptional custom range hood. This massive hood covers double grills, and anchors the simple yet strong design.

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9. Waterfall Counters

Photo by: California Smartscape

Trendy waterfall countertops can be used outside. These striking marble counters are an impactful choice that blend well with the other geometric elements.

10. Ocean Blue Tile

Photo by: Freestyle Interiors

Enclosed under a solid ceiling, this outdoor kitchen feels just like the indoors, complete with white cabinets and a dishwasher. Sea blue scale-like tiles cover the delightful pizza oven.

11. Spiced Up Kitchen

Photo by: Dan Francis Photography

Bold red cabinets spice up this indoor/outdoor kitchen. An industrial awning window makes for a cool way to serve food and drinks to all your guests.

12. Cypress Patio

Photo by: Remodelers of Houston

Adding a detached covered patio is like adding more living space to your home. This pleasant area includes a barbecue, fireplace, and swing.

13. Classic Mediterranean

Photo by: Navarro Construction

Mediterranean architectural influence makes this backyard kitchen feel like a European vacation. Concrete is used throughout, both on the floor and countertops.

14. Seating for Six

The central island accommodates barstools on both sides, perfect for conversation during meals. Plenty of prep space is created using an L-shaped counter.

15. Brick House

Photo by: Paul N. Brow, Architect, LLC

This eye-catching patio features muted hues in the furniture to allow the gorgeous exterior brick of this home to shine. Dark metal industrial details are laced throughout.

16. Navy & White

Photo by: Teale Architecture

This bright white outdoor kitchen makes it feel like you’re right at the water’s edge. Navy blue accessories top off the quintessential nautical look.

17. Desert Vibes

Photo by: Joel Reis Architecture and Real Estate Photography

A down-to-earth design feels just right in this Southern Californian landscape, where rustic wooden textures coexist with modern appliances.

18. Traditional Elegance

Photo by: Legacy Custom Homes

Elegant white-colored furnishings and traditional cabinets add luxury to an outdoor kitchen. A pair of gorgeous black chandeliers hang from the central beam.

19. Old World Charm

Photo by: Greey Pickett

Tuscan-inspired textures and moldings are used throughout this masterful design.

20. Layered Grays

Photo by: Benning Construction Inc.

This mid-century makeover used vertical and horizontal lines in the siding and fence. A variety of gray elements in a range of tones, from sleek cabinets to woven chairs, adds dimension.

21. Pretty Patterns

Photo by: Clear Images Home

Add personality to your outdoor cooking place with lively patterned tiles.

22. Board, Not Boring

Photo by: Heavenly Outdoor

Barstools don’t need to be traditional when the outdoors come into play. Here, hanging wood boards suspended on ropes serve as bar seating.

23. Southern Patio

Photo by: CDP Architecture, LLC

Keeping with Southern tradition, the ceiling of this lovely patio is painted light blue. The smoker is given its own special space next to the grill, keeping the space purposeful and tidy.

24. Contrasting Brick

Photo by: Chandos Interiors

Stainless steel cabinetry flanks a handsome pizza oven with a dark brick arch. The surrounding brick walls are painted white.

25. Unique Teak Outdoor Kitchen

Photo by: SJS Studios Inc.

A large teak wood banquette surrounds an inviting gas firepit. The teak is continued in the kitchen area, underneath a concrete waterfall countertop.

26. Texture & Pattern

Photo by: Christiano Homes, Inc.

An abundance of textures and patterns creates a quaint and inviting spot to cook and relax. Laid in a herringbone pattern, the vintage brick adds extra charm.

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27. Waterfront Dining

Photo by: Bruce Palmer Design Studio

If you have an amazing view from your patio, capitalize on it by facing your bar seating towards the landscape. This deck has an outdoor kitchen and several eating areas, allowing guests to sit around a table, or sit back and enjoy the ocean view.

28. Modern Patio

Photo by: Dumican Mosey Architects

Strong shapes abound in this striking pool and patio space. The stainless steel grill and appliances create a visual connection with the modern patio table and matching benches.

29. Traditional Kitchen Elements

Photo by: Farinelli Construction, Inc.

A symmetrical outdoor kitchen with an arched pergola is both traditional and elegant. At the far end, a gorgeous range hood creates a stunning focal point.

30. Simple Paradise

Photo by: Point 2 Design

Bright colors and beachy details are reminiscent of an island paradise without being over the top. Separating the space, a cool blue wood wall creates privacy.

31. Sideyard Save

Photo by: Durden Architecture

Not a lot of space? Create an outdoor kitchen in the often unused side yard of your home. This galley-like kitchen has all the necessities, and is beautiful, too.

32. Master Chef

Photo by: Concrete Commander

U-shaped concrete counters house all the outdoor cooking gear as well as bar seating, making it easy for the chef to grill and talk to guests.

33. Set in Stone

Photo by: Noble Johnson Architects

Glass-doored refrigerators are a stylish way to house your beverages. This kitchen has rustic natural stone surrounding the appliances, rather than cabinetry.

34. One with the Landscape

Photo by: Pacific Outdoor Living

This outdoor kitchen is nestled into the hillside, creating a lovely foliage backdrop to the scene. A freestanding pergola creates the illusion of a roof, and frames out the natural hillside behind.

35. Camouflaged Kitchen

Photo by: Core Development Group, Inc.

Almost blending into the house itself, the cabinetry of this outdoor kitchen matches the siding of the home. Black gooseneck patio lights are ready to illuminate the area for late-night cooking.

36. Southern Charm

Whitewashed wood and antique brick add authenticity to this endearing design. Traditional textures and design accents make it feel like this patio and kitchen have been there a lifetime.

37. Built-in Beauty

Photo by: McCutcheon Construction Inc.

This freestanding outdoor kitchen has impeccable appliances and a built-in smoker. Black metal finishes, from the furniture to the pergola, keep it sleek and sophisticated.

38. Passing Through

Photo by: Ko’olau Builders

Farmhouse inspiration is sprinkled throughout, from the sage green walls to the white dining table. The true genius lies in the placement of the countertops beneath the window, allowing food to be effortlessly passed from the indoor kitchen to the outdoor one in a matter of seconds.

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