31 Inspiring Garage Styles and Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

No matter who you are, man or woman, you’ve thought about having a great garage. Whether you need somewhere to keep your vehicles out of the elements or want some more storage space, garages can come in handy. They can make great work spaces and sometimes you can make space for an extra room above the garage.

There are so many different garage styles. They can range from small and convenient to large work spaces. You’ve seen all types and maybe you still don’t have a clue what you want. Maybe you have some starter ideas.

Either way, we want to help you design the garage of your dreams. Below we have gathered 31 styles for you to browse through. Take a look and gather some ideas.

Inspiring Garage Styles and Ideas

1. Three Car Dream

Three cars can fit into this garage. Featuring great wooden doors and columns in between, this garage can handle all your needs.

2. Great Storage

The red hardwood style used here contrasts perfectly with the grays of this garage. With plenty of storage space, this garage will stay organized.

3. Perfect Grays

This great work station features grays that blend with classic stainless steel in this garage. There is great shelving space for all your supplies.

4. Country Classic

Quaint and country are often a sought after image. This garage captures both in its simplistic beauty. Thanks to wonders plant usage, you’ll feel welcome every drive in.

5. Offset and Complete

Two spaces, offset and perfectly designed to match the stone surroundings. No space is wasted by having the garage under the house.

6. Room for Everything

Keep everything right where you want it with wall racks that can be rearranged to meet your needs.

7. Sports Storage

Got a bunch of sportsmen in your family? Keep everyone’s items neatly put away and ready for use with a space like this.

8. Sliding Door

Not every door has to open outward. Same some space by having a door that slides back and forth so you don’t have to ding your car door.

9. Color Splash

These great white country doors are perfectly accented with a little bit of purple. Enjoy what a little color can do for your garage.

10. Bold Choices

A powerful garage for some powerful cars. Red and black make a bold statement of character when used appropriately.

11. Neat and Away

Keep your trash cans in a neat area tucked away and ready for use whenever you need them. This way you don’t have to look at them all day.

12. Classically Smart

These garage doors are classic and blend well with the overall design. With a traditional design and a metal roof, this space will last.

13. One, Two, Three

Like dominoes in a row, ,this garage features three offset doors capable of handling all of your vehicles. These darker brown colors work well with this design.

14. Barn Doors

These doors are a classic barn style on a modern garage and house. Highlighted perfectly with a glow, this garage will welcome you home each day.

15. Set Apart

Simple and set apart from the house, this garage blends into the cobblestone driveway to give the whole space an old-style charm.

16. Mid-Century Classic

Almost retro but still new, this garage looks back to a flat architecture style and dresses it up with fantastic hardwood siding.

17. Wooden Slats

The doors of this garage have a handsome design with the small wooden slat style. Blending right into the surroundings, this garage is sturdy and classic.

18. Dark Hardwood Doors

You can create a great color blend by changing to a different color for the doors and windows. Look at how this garage pops with style.

19. Rustic Trio

These three doors area designed to give this garage a rustic sense of style. They standout against the lighter colors used.

20. Antique Stop

This garage takes an antique theme and makes the garage work around it. Adding in the old-style designs brings character to this space.

21. Rugged Style

Stainless steel rolling storage carts are rugged and durable. They can move to where you need them and get stored away neatly when you are finished.

22. Lift Up

For those who need to get some serious car work done in the garage, installing a lift like this one might be the best option.

23. Underneath the House

Keep the house blended with the natural environment and save space by designing the garage under the house.

24. Plenty of Space

Having the garage be completely separate from the rest of the house gives you more room and enhances what you can do with space.

25. A Space Apart

If you don’t have much to store you can have a smaller separate garage that blends nicely with its surroundings.

26. Stacked Stone

Keep the garage in the same style as the driveway and the two will blend perfectly. Here we see the multi-colored brick and stacked stone design work well.

27. Office Space

Sometimes your garage is more than a garage. Make the garage into your work space by creating an indoor outdoor office.

28. Across the Hall

Walk right across the walkway to get to the three car garage. Not only do you have the regular garage, but you have the upstairs connected to the house as well.

29. Matching Green

When you are looking for an earthy design, rely on colors to make it work. This dark forest green blends well with its surroundings.

30. White and Green

Two colors can work so well when done right. This green and white combination spruces up the place.

31. European Blend

Maybe you’ve always loved Europe and wanted to emulate the style. This garage looks like it belongs on an Italian vista.
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