38 Stylish Shed and Garage Designs (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

If you have an active family or you do a good bit of work outdoors, you have probably thought about having a shed or storage area to help out with everything you need. Let’s face it, you just might not have enough room inside your house to keep everything you use. Sometimes you need a shed in the yard that is closer to where you do most of your work.

First you need to consider how much storage space you need. Maybe you only do a bit of gardening as a hobby. Maybe you have some horses that need a space to live. Depending on your needs, your options will be vastly different.

We want to help you come up with something that works for you. We have gathered 38 shed and storage design ideas that range widely depending on different requirements. Take a look and see if any of these styles could work for you.

Shed and Garage Design Ideas

1. Natural Blends

The wooden boards used for this shed area make the whole structure look more natural and part of the environment.

2. Complete Organization

Keep your shed or garage area completely organized with a storage setup like this one. This is perfect for active families.

3. Greenhouse Style

Sure, you can call this a greenhouse, but it sure does look great! This is an elegant greenhouse that you will love working in.

4. Two Levels

You can keep plenty of stuff stored away in this space. With a ladder giving you access to a whole separate level, don’t worry about running out of space.

5. Garage Underneath

This two-car garage underneath the housing space looks great with wooden doors and a wonderful entrance.

6. Asian Style

This Zen-ful storage area sits right on top of the water. You will always find peace in a space like this.

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7. Barn House

Keep everything stored away here. With plenty of space for horse lovers to keep their supplies, you will love being in this area.

8. Great Architecture

This storage space is built into the corner of this yard. This is the perfect space for you to get some work done or store some items away.

9. Country Blue

This quaint little storage area has a fantastic exterior. Like a country house, the light blue and white work together for a great effect.

10. Stone Bottom

Sometimes it is the little things that make a building go from good to fantastic. In this shed’s case, it is the bottom being finished with stone.

11. Classic Hut

Even if you only need a simple storage area, that doesn’t mean it can’t look great. This blue hut is well designed.

12. Wooden Design

Whether you are keeping your vehicle or other items in this space, the whole setting is relaxing. This well build wooden structure blends with its environment.

13. Barn Exterior

This great garage will provide plenty of space for your vehicles and any other items you need to keep stored away. With a great wooden exterior, it looks like a modern barn.

14. Wooden Siding

This wooden structure will be a great area to store some items or complete your hobbies. The wooden siding really gives the building character.

15. Hobby Space

Make a storage area functional like this and you will never want to leave. This space will let you work on all your hobbies and keep everything organized.

16. Two Car Garage

Sure, it is a two-car garage, but it can keep all of your items stored as well. The wooden exterior blends well with the surrounding environment.

17. Metal Roof

This wonderful-looking outdoor structure has a metal roof that is sure to keep up for a long time.

18. Natural Roof

We all want to go “green” and this building helps. The roof is filled with grass. The exterior is a place where you can come and relax anytime.

19. Beautiful and Purposeful

Take a break from outdoor gardening and come in here to get everything else ready. Prep the plants you’ve cut and get some new ones ready to go in the ground.

20. The Red Barn

This is a beautiful take on the classic red barn design. This architecture will never go out of style.

21. Comfortable Storage

Of course you can have a comfortable area that is also used for storage. This space proves that. Relax here with some friends before you head back out for adventure.

22. Part of the Yard

This storage space is allowed to blend with the yard by letting the yard grow along its side. Keep your items stored in this beautiful shed.

23. Side of House

When you don’t have a larger space to put a shed, don’t worry. You can have a smaller storage area like this attached to the side of the house to keep everything neat and organized.

24. Great Plant Life

Surround your shed with beautiful plant life like you see here. It brings the whole area to life.

25. Plenty of Space

Maximize your storage space by having a setup like this. With storage above and hooks below to hand things, this is an extremely functional addition.

26. Open Space

This upscale barn storage area has plenty of space around it. You can accomplish all of your outdoor needs with a place like this on your property.

27. Large Barn Space

This barn style storage area is painted white and we love it. It is a country design that will never go out of style.

28. Contemporary Garage

On the side of this house is a contemporary looking two-car garage. With well-designed doors and calm lighting, this space really looks great.

29. Country Style

If you live out in the open and have plenty of outdoor work to do, why not have a barn like this? It is a classic design and very functional.

30. Great Design

This smaller wooden structure will give you plenty of space for storage and it looks great. A little landscaping around the outside will really make this space shine.

31. Plenty of Storage

Slide these doors to the side to open up this large barn area. With plenty of space for your animals and other outdoor items, this structure will always be enough for you.

32. Quaint Area

By having a well designed and beautiful storage area like this, you can landscape around it to make the whole yard look great.

33. Modern Design

Don’t underestimate how well a little design planning can work. With this wooden design blending with the black, we have a good looking storage shed.

34. Wonderful Garage

This great looking white garage is separate from the house and we know it will meet all of your storage needs. The exterior is well landscaped and blends with the surroundings.

35. Stone Path

This storage area is only half of what makes this scene great. All of the landscaping here works together beautifully to lead to the shed.

36. Great Hardwood Design

This little hardwood barn is perfect for those of you who don’t have a bunch of animals, but still want the ones you have to live in a great space.

37. Clear Greenhouse

This greenhouse space will ensure that you can keep your gardening going for the whole year, no matter the weather.

38. Open Garage

If you don’t need a complete garage, something as simple as this could be a great alternative. It keeps the vehicles shielded from most of the elements and looks great.
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