22 Stylish Pool Fence Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Updated on January 3, 2022

We love pools and we love everything that goes with them. Pool fences are important, whether you want them for pure decorative reasons or for safety reasons. After all, you don’t want children and pets wandering close to a pool when nobody is around.

There are many different types of pool fences you can choose from. Some of them are basic and inexpensive, covering just the perimeter for safety reasons. Others are elaborate and stylish, enhancing the curb appeal of your whole area. Ultimately, the final choice is yours and you need to figure out what suits your needs best.

Below, we have over 20 pool fence ideas for you to browse through. With a wide range of materials and styles, we know you’ll find something you love.

Pool Fence Design Ideas

1. Modern and Minimal

Modern and Minimal
Photo by Domiteaux Architecture

This simple metal fence doesn’t obstruct your view and accomplishes the goal of keeping the pool area secluded. We love the modern look of the fence and how well it blends with the house architecture.

2. Darker and Stylish

Darker and Stylish
Photo by Guardian Pool Fence Systems

This simple fence does the job when you need to keep the pool space closed off for safety reasons. We like how it doesn’t close off the view but will still keep children out of harm’s way.

3. Part of the Patio

Part of the Patio
Photo by Guardian Pool Fence Systems

This fence is great because it just wraps around the pool deck space as if that is where it is supposed to be. It keeps your view intact and keeps the kids safe.

4. A Private Area

A Private Area
Photo by Neptune Swimming Pools

With a combination of wall choices here, you can be sure you will have privacy in this pool area. We love the seclusion you get with these options.

5. Traditional Enclosure

Traditional Enclosure
Photo by Guardian Pool Fence Systems

This traditional fence works well to separate the pool area from the rest of the yard. This is a simple fix if you have safety concerns for children.

6. Perfect Landscape Match

Perfect Landscape Match
Photo by John Harrison Jones, AIA Architect

This black metal fence keeps the aesthetics of the home and landscape intact. We love how it curves and blends as part of the landscape.

7. Great Hardwood Match

Great Hardwood Match
Photo by Nicholas Bray Landscapes

The hardwood fence on one side and the spaced black fence on the other give this pool space a calm and luxurious feeling that blends well with the deck space.

8. Wonderful Metal Style

Wonderful Metal Style
Photo by The LaurelRock Company

This black metal fence gives an unobstructed view of the pool and blends right into the surrounding landscape. It does its job of keeping the areas separated while looking great.

9. A Luxury Match

A Luxury Match
Photo by Siemasko + Verbridge

This fence steps down with the landscape to keep this pool area closed off from the rest of the yard. It doesn’t wrap all the way around because it doesn’t have to, as the far side drops into a tall retaining wall.

10. Minimal View Obstruction

Minimal View Obstruction
Photo by AquaView FencingServing North America

This type of pool fence is a great option that keeps the view intact and keeps everyone’s safety in mind. It is clear and minimal, perfect for this space.

11. Easy and Traditional

Easy and Traditional
Photo by McKinney Custom Pools

When you need to keep the pool area secluded for safety reasons, this type of fence is simple and doesn’t obstruct the view from either side.

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12. See Right Through

See Right Through
Photo by AquaView FencingServing North America

Clear fences are the way to go if you really want to keep the amazing view of your landscape intact. Here, you see that it is actually hard to find the fence around the pool.

13. Always With a View

Always With a View
Photo by AquaView FencingServing North America

This is a great safety measure if you have kids. You have a clear fence that keeps them away from the pool and leaves your wonderful view unobstructed.

14. Smaller Grid Style

Smaller Grid Style
Photo by McKinney Custom Pools

This simple small grid mesh fence is relatively easy to install and doesn’t affect the aesthetics of the pool area much. We love it for its simplicity and functionality.

15. Double Fence Style

Double Fence Style
Photo by New Outlooks Construction

On one side of this pool we have a simple iron bar style fence and on the other a see through style. The combined look blends perfectly with the modern architecture of this space.

16. Picket Fence Design

Picket Fence Design
Photo by Klopper and Davis Architects

This iron bar fence takes on a classic picket fence style to give it a great charming look. It works well with this modern style home and yard.

17. Always a View

Always a View
Photo by OliveTree Construction

A fence you can see through is always great to leave your amazing views intact. This space has a beautiful landscape that remains unobstructed.

18. Almost Invisible

See Through the Glass
Photo by

In a pool area that is smaller in size, you want to make sure you don’t make it seem smaller by blocking the view. This fence option keeps everyone safe and leaves the aesthetics alone.

19. Black Fence Match

Black Fence Match

Photo by Paramount Fencing

This black iron bar fence is a perfect fit for this yard. It matches the overall furniture style and doesn’t mess with the view.

20. Built-In View

Built-In View

Photo by DSD Decorative Screens Direct

This style of fence lets your have a bit of privacy while also adding in some style. It is a perfect match for the darker stone style around the pool.

21. Match the Deck

Match the Deck
Photo by Swell Homes

We love how this simple iron bar fence uses hardwood posts to match the hardwood deck above the pool space. It ensures that this fence becomes part of the landscape.

22. Great Hardwood Build

Great Hardwood Build
Photo by Dakota Unlimited

A wonderful hardwood fence like this is a classic and timeless style that works well with the landscape surrounding this pool.

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