23 Perfectly Small Inground Pools (Photo Gallery)

Updated on January 3, 2022

On a hot summer day, there is no better place to be than in your own in-ground pool. If you’ve ever thought about getting an in-ground pool, you’ve probably spend time in your yard thinking about how it will fit in with the overall landscape.

Well, we want to show you over 20 different possibilities for in-ground pools. You will see some possibilities below that take a traditional route, with a rectangle pool and simple surrounding patio. Others you will see are curved and attempt a natural look that blends with the landscape. One think is certain – they are all relaxing.

Take your time and see if anything below might be a design you want for your yard.

Small Inground Pool Ideas

1. Beautiful Square Pool

Beautiful Square Pool

This whole yard is meant for aesthetics, from the beautiful green plant life to the furniture. This pool is the perfect finishing touch and blends well with the landscape.

2. Fits With the Landscape

Fits With the Landscape

Pools that curve with the landscape make a more natural look and this one is surrounded by great plant life.

3. Easy Relaxation

Easy Relaxation

We love how this pool is surrounded by a wonderful brick patio. The pattern used is a complement to this whole area.

4. Combo Fun

Combo Fun

Don’t know whether you want a pool or a hot tub? Get both. This space combines both wonderfully so you will always be able to relax.

5. Perfect and Cozy

Perfect and Cozy

This pool fits wonderfully in this backyard to give you a calm and relaxing place to hang out after a long day.

6. Great Patio Area

Great Patio Area

This pool is surrounded by a beautiful patio and wonderful landscaping. The fountains pour in to give you a relaxing atmosphere.

7. Wonderful Landscape

Wonderful Landscape

This pool is in the middle of an overall entertaining area. You have plenty of space for friends and family to come relax and there is a hot tub included.

8. Perfect Curves

Perfect Curves

This in-ground pool takes on a design that makes it look like a natural spit, giving you a beautiful fit for this backyard.

9. Luxurious Comfort

Luxurious Comfort

Surrounded by wonderful furniture and a great pool patio, this space is a calming environment meant to keep you relaxed in its elegant setting.

10. Simply Functional

Simply Functional

With a beautiful brick pattern surrounding it, this smaller in-ground pool is ready for you any time you need to relax.

11. Great Backyard Fun

Great Backyard Fun

Come in and relax in the cool water on a warm day. This simple backyard pool is surrounded with great plant life.

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12. Fountain In

Fountain In

Have a seat on this patios and listen to the fountains pour into the pool. When you are ready, splash on in for a relaxing dip.

13. Summer Spot

Summer Spot

This pool sits in an area with a wide open view, giving you plenty of space to relax. You will enjoy this pool all summer long.

14. Easy Backyard

Easy Backyard

Surrounded by a privacy fence and great landscaping, this blue pool is just the right size for you, family, and friends to relax.

15. Great Brick Pattern

Great Brick Pattern

You can enhance the look of your in-ground pool by planning a great pattern for the patio. Here, you have plenty of room to relax in between swims.

16. Natural Look

This curved in-ground pool is surrounded by a natural looking landscape to give you a completely relaxing environment.

17. Relax in Peace

Relax in Peace

Come out to this hot tub and enjoy the near by fire pit. This will surely be your place to relax at the end of a long day.

18. Simply Cool

Simply Cool

This blue pool sits right on a waterway so you can relax and cool down while you enjoy the view. The patio is just right for this design.

19. Curves Around

Curves Around

Make you pool the talk of the neighborhood with this amazing design. Surrounded by a luxurious patio and great landscape, this is a beautiful area.

20. Garden Space

Garden Space

If you love having great plant life, surround your pool with green. This is the perfect space to come and relax while you are working outside.

21. Blue and Elegant

Blue and Elegant

With wonderful waterfall fountains, this pool is meant for you to enjoy the luxurious surroundings.

22. Summer Fun

Summer Fun

This is a simple pool that will go a long way in keeping you cool all year around. Sit on the patio and relax before you wade back in.

23. Stone Landscaping

Stone Landscaping

Surrounded by a natural stone design, this pool curves to create a wonderful natural look. The landscaping around this space is simply amazing.

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