26 Incredible Pool Waterfall Ideas and Designs (Photo Gallery)

Updated on January 3, 2022

So you have a pool, but you want to make it a spectacular area. There is an easy way to do that. Add a waterfall to the landscape!

By having a waterfall flowing into your pool, you can create a wonderful, relaxing ambiance that will be enjoyed by you and any guests you have over. You have so many options for pool waterfalls, as you will see in our examples below. We have over 25 pool waterfall examples that show you a wide range of possibilities. You will see many that take a natural stone look, from using smaller stones to large boulders. Some of the falls are calm, giving you a spa-like experience.

Having a pool water feature is a great way to boost the curb appeal of your pool area.

Pool Waterfall Ideas

1. Outdoor Spa Fall

Outdoor Spa Fall

We love this amazing double fall. It creates a spa-like luxurious feel for this area, adding to the wonderful materials and grand columns.

2. A Natural Style

A Natural Style
Photo by Rosewood Custom Builders

We love how this fall formation takes on a natural look and how well it incorporates the water slide. This will be a fun time for all.

3. A Taste of Grandeur

A Taste of Grandeur

This fall sets up an infinity pool style, with the water calmly falling down at the end onto the lower patio area.

4. Natural Island Style

Natural Island Style
Photo by SURROUNDS Landscape Architecture + Construction

The overall look of this pool area gives off a great tropical vibe, and the small waterfalls all over blend right in. Falling from a natural looking space, this pool space it wonderful.

5. Multiple Natural Falls

Multiple Natural Falls
Photo by Atlantis Pools & Spas Inc.

The natural looking falls around this pool all take on varying heights, adding to the natural look and style.

6. Falls In Waves

Falls In Waves
Photo by Steven Paul Whitsitt Photography

Inside of a natural fall alcove, we see a single smaller fall turn into a larger one before it splashes into the pool.

7. Tropical Adventure Style

Tropical Adventure Style
Photo by Distinguished Pools

Two types of falls here keep this space looking amazing. You have the three falls from the upper hot tub area as well as the one disguising the wonderful slide.

8. Lit With Elegance

Lit With Elegance
Photo by London Bay Homes

This wonderful fall spills over from the hot tub space and into the pool. Illuminated by elegant lighting, this whole space is luxurious.

9. Calm Rock Flow

Calm Rock Flow
Photo by Gary Keith Jackson Design Inc

Around this curvy pool, made to look more like a natural pond, these falls pour in from some natural looking rock formations.

10. Rocky Mountain Falls

Rocky Mountain Falls
Photo by Michael Prokopchak, ASLA

We love how these falls pour down from rock formations that are meant to look like a natural mountain scene.

11. Stacked Stone Design

Stacked Stone Design
Photo by Arrington Landscape Architecture

With two great stacked stone walls around this pool, the waster pours calmly from the upper area to the lower.

12. Wonderful Large Boulders

Wonderful Large Boulders
Photo by Elevation Architectural Studios

Like a scene from a Western oasis, this pool has falls that let the water glide down from the natural looking rocks.

13. Calming Cascade

Calming Cascade
Photo by Andrea Calo

These double falls let the water pour down from the heights and into the pool. The whole area takes on a natural rock look that blends right in with the landscape.

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14. Simple Rock Falls

Simple Rock Falls
Photo by Michael Prokopchak, ASLA

This great waterfall area, with rocks that are stacked to give a natural look, lets the water pour into this asymmetrical pool.

15. Waterfalls and Slide

Waterfalls and Slide
Photo by DeMaria Landtech, Inc.

This gorgeous pool has a water slide and a waterfall, both side by side to give you a great look. The water pours in as you slide down.

16. Landscape Blend

Landscape Blend
Photo by Cipriano Landscape Design & Custom Swimming Pools

This curvy pool area has a great water fall pouring into the upper level. You also have an infinity pool style, letting the water pour over the side.

17. Into the Cave

Into the Cave
Photo by Teds Pools

This waterfall, flanked by two wonderful gas-lit torches, pours over the mouth of this artificial cave. This is a pool made for the explorer in you.

18. Calm and Relaxing

Calm and Relaxing
Photo by The Matheson Team RE/MAX Fine Properties

With three calm streams of water pouring into this small and luxurious space, you have an area to relax and be calm all day long.

19. Rock Water Flows

Rock Water Flows
Photo by Selective Designs by Shane LeBlanc

The water falls from a rock formation made to look completely natural, gushing down into the pool for a wonderful effect. The water also flows over from the hot tub, giving a great look.

20. Water Gushed Over

Water Gushed Over
Photo by Cipriano Landscape Design & Custom Swimming Pools

These rocks are large stone all stacked at different angles to let the water pour over naturally. We love how well the stones fit in the overall design of this pool.

21. Simple Mountain Falls

Simple Mountain Falls
Photo by Atlantis Pools & Spas, LLC

This smaller waterfall takes on a calm mountain stream appearance, letting the water pour into this pool. Surrounded by wonderful landscape, this area is a peaceful space.

22. Triple Elegance

Triple Elegance
Photo by Downes Swimming Pool Company

These three simple fountains pour in from the elevated hot tub area and give a sense of elegance to this pool area. We love how calm and peaceful this space is.

23. Natural Landscape Falls

Natural Landscape Falls
Photo by King Landscaping

The different sized stacked stones that make up this pool wall are matched by a wonderful natural in the stones that make up this waterfall. We love how this whole are matches with a rugged luxury.

24. Personal Luxury Space

Personal Luxury Space
Photo by Pebble Tec Superior Quality Pool Finishes

The fountains let the water pour into this pool from a raised garden wall. We love that the wall is a darker color, contrasting with the whole space perfectly.

25. Big Boulder Splash

Big Boulder Splash
Photo by Waterfalls Fountains & Gardens

The water gushes over these natural looking boulders and into the pool below, giving off a natural mountain fall vibe.

26. Beautiful Landscape Design

Beautiful Landscape Design
Photo by Cipriano Landscape Design & Custom Swimming Pools

The falls here are made to take on a natural look and that is what they do. The lighting around this pool area really enhances the overall elegance of this space.

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