16 Hot Tub Gazebo Designs That’ll Impress Anyone (Photo Gallery)

Updated on January 3, 2022

We love gazebos. We love hot tubs. Combine the two and we are really happy!

Being able to relax in a hot tub after a long day is a great luxury. It is always a great idea to build a gazebo over your hot tub. Not only will it shield you from the elements, but it can greatly enhance the whole look of your outdoor area.

Below, you will see more than 15 hot tub and gazebo combinations. They range widely in styles, and we know you will find one that suits your needs. You will see some made from hardwood and others made from metal. Many create a seamless transition from the swimming pool area to the hot tub.

Hot Tub Gazebo Design Ideas

1. Great Stone Surroundings

Great Stone Surroundings

This hot tub has a simple yet beautiful covering and a great stone retaining wall. The whole space breathes beauty and elegance, giving you a great place to relax.

2. Wonderful Shady Space

Wonderful Shady Space

This hot tub has a simple covering that lets you love a screen if needed. We love how ell this works for this area, as well as the great tropical scene in the background (even if this is in a suburb).

3. Little Cabin Area

Little Cabin Area

Like a little cabin covering, this hot tub is surrounded by a fun gazebo that will let you enjoy the warmth any time of year.

4. Easy Lighting

Easy Lighting

This hot tub area has perfect and simple lighting that adorns the gazebo, giving you a peaceful space to relax at night.

5. Right Next to the Pool

Right Next to the Pool

Of course, no hot tub would be complete without a pool near by. We love how this hot tub space is highlighted perfectly with beautiful construction.

6. Beautiful Luxurious Space

Beautiful Luxurious Space

This hot tub space takes a dreamy approach, with a wonderfully designed gazebo and beautiful lighting. We love how well this blends into the overall pool area.

7. Built-In Cover

Built-In Cover

No need to build an expensive structure around your hot tub – just buy one with a covering built in. When you are finished, press a button and cover it right back up.

8. Great Hardwood Gazebo

Great Hardwood Gazebo

With a brilliant structure, this hardwood gazebo has the perfect shade for when you are ready to sit and relax. We love the ability to use this area as a bar as well.

9. Mountain Stone Style

Mountain Stone Style

This whole area is private and we love it. The beautiful stacked stone construction and wonderful hardwood gazebo covering give this space an inviting style.

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10. Natural Landscaping

Natural Landscaping

This whole outdoor area works so well. Connected by a natural style of landscaping and stone, the hot tub space has a wonderful covering, giving you a space to relax.

11. A Pool Side Gazebo

A Pool Side Gazebo

Draped with luxury, this hot tub space sits poolside, ready for you to enjoy a relaxing evening. We love the Roman style of seating that is incorporated.

12. Simple Covered Design

Simple Covered Design

With a great column approach, this hot tub area has a contemporary design that blends perfectly with the overall landscape of this yard.

13. Covered and Luxurious

Covered and Luxurious

Wonderfully covered, this hot tub is a luxurious one, with a fountain pouring in to relax you. We love the stacked stone design and how well it blends with the hardwood gazebo structure.

14. Awning from the House

Awning from the House

This wonderful hot tub area makes the most of its space, using the overhang from the home as its cover. We love how well the hardwood and stone styles work together here.

15. Stone Columns

Stone Columns

These stacked stone columns really set the tone here, matching the hot tub and stone floor here perfectly. This whole space has a rustic luxury.

16. Easy Landscaping

Easy Landscaping

We love this darker gazebo covering over the hot tub. It creates a great contrast against this home and looks amazing.

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