55 Brilliant Ideas for Updating Your Master Bathroom (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

If you’re looking for ways to update your master bathroom, this is the article for you.  Here we set out 55 colorful pictures of master bathroom with excellent inspirational elements.  While we’ve pointed out elements that we find especially exciting, you’ll find that there are many other ideas for you to discover in them, as well.

There are a wide variety of ideas in these pictures.  They vary widely, and you find everything from pedestal sinks to gold-toned faucets and fixtures, tranquil colors to stylish minimalism, lovely light fixtures to dark-wood cabinets and floors, modern elements such as contemporary wash basins to the elegance of earlier eras, stylish minimalism to the soft and feminine, and fluorescent lighting to walls of art.

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Master Bathroom Ideas

1. Very pale blue-gray is restful to the eye

Very pale blue-gray cabinets and walls will help you relax and rejuvenate.

2. Stylish minimalism

A minimalistic design approach can help you clear the clutter.

3. Rugs can offer a welcome splash of color

This rug’s colorful pattern adds a bit of extra flair to the bathroom.

4. A soft and feminine look

Soft pastel colors and vintage design touches make any bathroom more comforting and inviting.

5. Don’t forget the flowers

A large vase of flowers in your favorite color will immediately liven up your master bathroom.

6. Expansive drawers

Large drawers and cabinets will not only make your bathroom look more up-to-date but also give you more storage space.

7. Up the glossiness factor

It’s hard to beat glossy surfaces for making your bathroom look brand new.

8. A large shower stall

Investing in a larger shower stall will improve the look and function of your master bathroom.

9. Classically beautiful bathtub

A lovely new bathtub will add sophistication to any bathroom.

10. Unique placement

The unique placement of this stylish bathtub gives this kitchen an unmistakably contemporary feel.

11. Shower in another world

This shower arrangement gives you scenery to admire.

12. Add some Victorian elegance

Just one look at this gorgeous room with soft patterned wallpaper, an ornate chandelier, and a cushioned vanity chair and you’ll be eager to bring a bit of the nineteenth-century into your bathroom design.

13. Window in the shower

A window in the shower can bring in the sunshine needed for a cheerful start to the day.

14. Angled shower stall

This lovely shower stall with an angled shape goes nicely with the plush carpet runner in front of it.

15. Double sinks

Double sinks are a convenient addition to many master bathrooms.

16. Sophisticated floor pattern

This gorgeous floor has an upmarket look and would be a wonderful addition to many master bathrooms.

17. Double mirrors and light fixtures

Hanging crystal light fixtures go nicely with matching mirrors.

18. Tall closet

This tall closet not only adds useful storage and organization space but also makes the bathroom look even more elegant.

19. Dark-wood cabinets and drawers

This dark-wood cabinet and drawer unit compliments this upmarket bathroom nicely.  It sets off the glossy white of the nearby bathtub.

20. Patterned window coverings

This bathroom’s window coverings help to complement the other neutral colors in the room.

21. Patterned taupe wallpaper

Soft taupe patterned wallpaper goes nicely with the cabinet and drawer unit’s slightly greenish gray color.  A potted plant and vases of flowers help to complete the look.

22. Wall of art

One of the walls of this shower stall has a wonderfully artistic design.

23. Gold-toned faucets and fixtures

Gold-toned faucets and fixtures will add a unique touch to your master bathroom.

24. Glossy walnut hardwood floor

This stunning walnut hardwood floor will transform your master bathroom.

25. Sit back and relax

This bathroom with rustic touches is the perfect place to relax and luxuriate.  The vintage-style bath faucet adds extra unique flair.

26. Modern wash basins

These modern wash basins always give bathrooms a contemporary look.  The sleek light fixtures and

27. Black-framed window and geometric pedestal

These windows with black-painted wooden frames offer a modern touch, as does the small geometric pedestal with a vase of flowers beside the bath.

28. Fluorescent lighting

The large fluorescent lighting fixture in the ceiling ensures that this master bathroom is remarkably bright.  This is a lovely complement to the white floors and decor.

29. Pedestal sink and pretty flowers

A gorgeous pedestal sink is always an elegant addition.  The small floral vase on top is a charming touch.

30. White window frames and purple walls

This master bathroom’s white window frames pair nicely with fashionable purple walls.

31. Multi-faceted tile wall

This feature wall boasts brick-like tile with a variety of coordinating colors.

32. Ivory brick and marble surfaces

The extensive ivory brick around the bathtub looks beautiful paired with white marble surfaces.

33. Glass door

This uniquely beautiful bathroom has a glass door leading to the garden.

34. Large shower enclosure with seat

A large shower stall has room for a seat for your convenience.  This attractive rug is a fashionable addition.

35. Bright white master bathroom

This bright white master bathroom is large and cheerful.

36. Subtle design touches

Sometimes even the subtlest design touches can make a space.  Maybe the small decorative stool by the window or unique mirror over the toilet would complement your master bathroom.

37. Sleek white cabinet and drawer space and hanging light fixtures

This bathroom boasts an enviably sleek and modern cabinet and drawer unit, as well as a floor of large white marble tiles.

38. Ivory-tiled walls and country teal cabinets

Country teal cabinet units pair well with white-tiled walls and an antiqued hardwood floor.

39. Black-framed shower window

This shower window’s black frame supports the bathroom’s overall contemporary design.

40. Sky blue

Sky blue is always a fresh and appropriate color for the bathroom.  Think about adding splashes of sky blue to your master bathroom.

41. Tints of green and cream counters

Tints of green evoke ideas of the outdoors, and cream-colored counters add to the atmosphere.

42. Unique layout allows for the best of both worlds

This bathroom’s tub is positioned uniquely, allowing it to co-exist with a large shower stall and extensive drawers and cabinets.

43. Dark gray glossy tiles

Glossy tiles of dark gray add a bit of extra dimension in this master bathroom.

44. Cappuccino and cream

A cappuccino and cream color scheme works nicely with mid-tone hardwood floors.

45. Hint of lavender

A hint of lavender in the walls of this master bathroom gives the room a soft and tranquil look.

46. Tiles resembling driftwood

This shower stall has tiles that resemble driftwood, a trendy bathroom element.

47. Old-fashioned bath with legs

Old-fashioned bathtubs with legs are increasingly popular.

48. Impressive and decorative storage space

This master bathroom’s drawer and cabinet unit is a stylish smoky color that adds extra sophistication to the room.  It also provides an impressive amount of storage space.

49. Angular bathtub

An angular bathtub adds a bit of modern edge to this otherwise soft and romantic bathroom.

50. Home spa

There is a distinct hint of the “spa” look in this master bathroom.  This is assured by the color and textured look of the shower stall walls and various decorative touches.

51. Beautifully patterned green and ivory floors

This patterned floor will add a look of classic beauty to any bathroom.

52. Large square mirror and window blinds

A large square mirror helps add a more expansive look to the room, while the window blinds allow for better privacy.

53. Wall light fixtures

Wall light fixtures near the mirror are useful and fashionable.

54. Framed art prints and simple color scheme

The framed art prints do especially well in this bathroom with a simple color scheme of creamy white and light gray.

55. Victorian charm

There are more than a few touches of Victorian charm in this beautifully designed bathroom.  The elegant, curved mirrors, delicate light fixtures, and powder blue cabinet and drawer unit are included among these.
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