21 Fantastic Looking Basement Styles (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

You’ve been thinking about it for a while, so maybe it’s time to pull the trigger. Make your basement into a space everyone can enjoy going to. Don’t let such a large space sit unused or be simply the area you store some old items in. Make it functional and fun.

No matter what you want extra space for, whether to make a game room, have a home theater area, or some extra cooking space, you can make your basement that space. Converting your basement can be exciting and fun, and we want to help.

Below, we’ve gathered 21 basement design ideas. They range in style and complexity, but each match a certain personality. Take some time and check them out.

Basement Style Ideas

1. Warm Sink Space

Creating extra sink space in your basement doesn’t have to be basic. This area shines with life thanks to the warm design style. The hardwood works well with the fall colors.

2. Complete Laundry Area

Sometimes you just want to have a wonderful laundry area, and the basement is the perfect space to make it. You will always have enough space with a laundry room of this size.

3. Personality Displays

If you are going to convert your basement, why not have it match your personality. This basement shows off the love of movies and music.

4. Beautiful Design and Decor

This space gives you an extra area for minor meals as well as somewhere to serve your drinks. With dark hardwood and a darker counter top, the design blends work well.

5. Extra Functionality

With a basement space like this, you will never have to worry about where your guests are going to sleep and when they aren’t there, this bed folds up to give you plenty of space.

6. Creative Space

Make a creative space in your basement. This black board will let you write reminders or cute notes. You can relax in the little alcove, curled up with a book.

7. All Inclusive

In this converted basement, everyone has a space to enjoy. There is a dining area, a living room space, and beds for your guests to sleep in.

8. Hardwood Blend Win

The hardwood styles used in this basement blend perfectly together. With a wonderful space for wine storage and display, come down here with your guests to relax.

9. Warm Fireplace Area

The rustic look of this room really works well. The stacked stone look blends perfectly with the unfinished hardwood style.

10. Sports Zone

This basement has been turned into a sports collectors dream. With display areas for memorabilia and the a baseball diamond carpet, this is complete fun.

11. Simple Bar Space

You don’t need an elaborate bar area to have everything you need to be ready to serve beverages. This space shows you just how good a minimal area can be.

12. Bright Joy

The light colors and furniture used for this basement re-design brings a cheerful sense of style. The floor is open and spacious.

13. Themed Design

The brick style and dark hardwood work well with this London style room. A red phone booth is the perfect addition to this classic space.

14. Open Floor Space

This open floor space looks wonderful thanks to the light hardwood. With a great and slightly rustic design style, this basement is ready for your family and friends.

15. Extra Kitchen Space

This additional cooking space has a wonderful black tile backdrop. With the island to prepare food and plenty of storage for extra cookware, this is a perfect space for you.

16. Great Fireplace

The stone style around this fireplace is the perfect addition to add warmth to this room. From the simple decor to the beautiful furniture, this room looks great.

17. Unfinished Look

With the unfinished look from the wood beams and the metal, this space take a rugged industrial look and makes it work. There are many design options with this room.

18. Complete Living Area

Make yourself comfortable on this warm and inviting furniture. The whole room is functional, with places to eat and relax.

19. Ultimate Game Room

Take a seat at the arcade games or have some fun at the game table. This wonderfully designed room is ready to entertain all of your guests.

20. Entertainment Area

This space has so many options. From the theater area, to the bar and pool table, you will never run out of things to do. Entertaining friends and family here will be fun.

21. Colorful Decor

The colorful carpet and furniture in this converted basement match the stone design around the room perfectly.
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