35 Awe-Inspiring Basement Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

If you’ve been looking around your house and thinking you need some extra space, don’t despair. You can turn your basement into the perfect additional space.

Many people let their basements sit unused, or they simply relegate them to storage and laundry. With a little creative planning, you can make a space that everyone can enjoy. Maybe you want somewhere to watch movies, or perhaps you’ve always wanted a bar in the house.

Let us help you figure out how to convert your basement into a functional, beautiful space. Below, we’ve gathered 35 basement design ideas for you to browse through. Take your time and see if any of these styles could work for your basement.

Awe-Inspiring Basement Designs

1. Complete and Ready

You can get everything done in this room. You have a space to relax and watch television, a space to eat, and a game area. This is a complete room.

2. Beautiful Bar

This bar space will meet all of your needs when you need to entertain. With beautiful hardwood and a wonderful wall color, this is a stylish area.

3. Stylish Office Space

Create an office space that is all your own. This area has plenty of desk space and it wonderfully decorated to match personality.

4. Complete Hardwood Luxury

The dark hardwood used in this basement brings a bold style that is complemented by the elegant decor.

5. Calm and Elegant Theater

This basement provides a theater style area and a bar. No matter what you come here for, you’ll find it. With a beautiful hardwood and stone design, this space is great.

6. Sports Zone

This area is elegant and shows you how you can creatively incorporate your favorite sports themes. With two televisions, you won’t miss any action.

7. Work and Play

Make your choice – exercise in the gym or sit back and relax. Or do both! This basement is multi-purpose and beautifully designed.

8. Well Lit Space

Thanks to the abundance of natural light allowed in, this extra room shines and shows off its wonderful design choices.

9. Gym Time

Slide open the hardwood doors for access to your gym. Always stay in shape by putting a gym area in the basement.

10. Office Corner

Sometimes you just need a space to get your work done. The corner of this daylight basement has been converted into a well lit office space.

11. Everyone has a Space

With this converted basement, everyone has a space for them to relax and play. The kids and adults all have an area to keep them entertained.

12. Personalized Decor

When you turn your basement into an extra room, you can personalize it to match your personality. Use decor choices that you will love.

13. Extra Living Room

Coming down the stairs, you will find yourself in this extra living room space. With a wonderful hardwood floor, you will find this space relaxing.

14. Functional Basement

This is such a functional basement space. Get your laundry done and sorted and use this space as the mud room, too.

15. Warm Fireplace

This converted basement makes use of luxurious contemporary styles. The fireplace creates a warm and elegant environment.

16. Eat and Relax

With a clean and simple color scheme, you will find many uses for the space in this daylight basement. You can eat a meal and catch up on the latest TV shows.

17. Bold Bar Style

The bold hardwood walls of this room match the chevron style floor perfectly. Sit at the bar and catch a game on the television.

18. Bar With Character

With a weathered hardwood style and rough stone design, this bar has great character. This is the perfect space to guarantee great entertainment.

19. Decor Display

With a beautiful hardwood floor and a complementing cream color used through the room, this basement is a wonderful place to relax. With plenty of shelf space, this is a secondary living room.

20. Game Room

Between the bar, the living area, and the game space, everyone has something to keep them busy here. With a wonderful light hardwood used and complementing furniture, this is a great conversion.

21. Wine Storage

Come down here for a game of pool and relax for a bit. This is also the perfect place to keep your wine stored. It’s ready for any occasion.

22. Gathering Spot

With a warm and welcoming space to some to, you have many options here. With an area to prepare drinks and space to eat your meal, this is your place to relax.

23. Personal Relaxation

This basement renovation is easy to accomplish. With easy shelving, a space for a television, and some furniture to relax in, this can be your space for time to yourself.

24. Great Design Blends

The hardwood used in this room for the bar area and the chairs blends well with the stone floor. This extra space has room for everyone.

25. Stacked Stone Brilliance

The stacked stone design style used behind the bar brings this space a great character. With space for friends to sit and relax, you can show off your master drink mixing skills.

26. Food and Beverage Center

Keep the beverages fully stocked so you can entertain family and friends whenever the mood strikes. This is a beautiful bar, and you even have a space to cook up some food.

27. Perfect Displays

You can easily convert a basement with some simple changes. This one just added in some fantastic shelving

28. Elegant Warmth

The stone designs used around this converted basement create an amazingly elegant look. It is sleek and warm, thanks to the fireplace ready at your convenience.

29. Make a Style

This colorful basement is like two spaces in one. With an area to kick back and relax and a space to play games, the entire area is personalized.

30. Great Brick Wall

With a great use of space, this basement brings a fantastic look. With a wonderful brick wall and stylish furniture, you can come here with friends and family to relax.

31. Light Styles

This room makes use of light colors, from the decor to the furniture. It creates a cheerful environment that will welcome you every time.

32. Multi-Colored Tile

The tile used behind the sink area brings a wonderful and lively look to this room. You have a space to cook up a quick meal for family and friends.

33. Brighter Warmth

With a cozy setup for this space, the entire area is warmed by the fireplace. Turn on the television and catch up on your favorite shows.

34. Sports Lounge

This entire space is personalized and has a perfect hardwood blend. It is an elegant area, featuring a television space, a bar, and a place to play pool.

35. Contemporary Styles

This is a bright space thanks to the natural light pouring in. With a mix of furniture styles, there is something for everyone here.
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