17 Unique Basement Designs (Photo Gallery)

Updated on January 3, 2022

Don’t let one of the largest rooms in your house go unused, especially if you need another area for entertainment and relaxation. What are you using your basement for? If it is simply a storage or laundry space, you could be shorting yourself.

Have you thought about having an area with a bar or maybe setting up a big screen television for movie nights? Maybe you need somewhere to keep the kids entertained for hours on end. Turning your basement into a functional space is always an option.

Below, we’ve gathered 17 basement design ideas for you to browse through. See if any of these styles could work for your basement.

Home Basement Design Ideas

1. Sports Fanatic

This basement creates a space for people to work out and play games. It also has a spectating area for those who just want to watch.

2. Hardwood Backdrop

The hardwood used behind this television takes on a weathed look and brings the basement character. Enjoy the contemporary style of the rest of the room and play some games or watch a movie.

3. Exposed Archways

The exposed brick has built in archways that look fantastic. The hardwood beams overhead give this an unfinished yet complete look.

4. Great Office Space

When you need a space away from the rest of the household to get work done, turn your basement into a large office like this.

5. Classic Hardwood

This classic design has a warm feeling ot it. With great hardwood complemented by cream colored walls, this basement creates a welcoming environment.

6. Warm Gameplay

Finished with a beautiful hardwood, this basement is awash with natural light and give you space to play pool. Keep warm by the fire and stay as long as you want.

7. Kids’ Delight

What a great educational space. With the toys all organized, a black board for writing, and a television to put on the educational shows, your kids will stay busy for hours.

8. Kitchen Space

This smaller but functional kitchen can serve as a secondary cooking area for your household. If has everything you need.

9. Minimal Functionalism

With easy access to the outdoors, this space is uncluttered and functional. You can get work done here where it is nice and quiet.

10. Exposed Beam Style

With a wonderful spiral staircase leading to the comfortable sanctuary, you can come to this space for some time to relax.

11. Bar Style

You can have a fully stocked bar in this basement. With a great hardwood design and comfortable bar chairs, you will be hosting many nights here.

12. Contemporary Decor

This space is comfortable and contemporary. You can sit in this chair and open a book. Surrounded by the calm decor, you may end up taking a nap.

13. Connected to Outside

Even a basement needs a little greenery. This one comes with a large window that opens to a little garden, creating a great atmosphere.

14. Stocked Bar Entertainment

You can create a fun atmosphere in your basement with a lively decor and a fully stocked  and functional bar. The brick used around the room really brings the space character.

15. Open and Relaxing

Have an open floor plan like this will prevent you from feeling closed in. You have a table to eat your meal at and a nice space to relax.

16. Light Entertainment

Thanks to the windows, this basement area has great natural light. With a large sofa that will let you and friends kick back, catch up on the latest movies.

17. Nice Playground

Turn your basement into a child’s dream space. This room comes to life with a tree, a landscape, and an area for all of the toys.
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