16 Glamorous Basement Decorating Ideas (Photo Gallery)

basement decorating ideas

While neutral or monochromatic color schemes are undoubtedly timeless and considered a classic, sometimes they can start to feel a bit traditional and downright boring. A playful dash of color outside the basic palette, such as autumn red, bright yellow, or deep blue and letting it appear in pillow covers, accent chairs, and curtains can … Read more

39 Bright and Colorful Basement Design Concepts (Photo Gallery)

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To convert your basement into an entertainment center, first, you must know exactly what you want and what to expect from your given space, especially with the acoustics. There are a lot of options and ideas to consider when it comes to buying an excellent sound system before embarking on this exciting and fruitful journey. … Read more

30 Stunning Basement Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

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An instant way to turn your boring and unappealing basement into a place of comfort and relaxation is to bring in unexpected elements like a sectional sofa or lounge chair. You can also install a fireplace to provide you that cozy and warm feeling offered only by sitting next to the fireplace. Fireplaces come in … Read more

27 Delightful Basement Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

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Basements don’t have to be downright scary or look as if it’s a lunatic’s lair like in the movies. Take charge, be a little adventurous and turn your basement from a cold and stark storage place into a comfortable and cozy hangout area for the whole family. Just bring in surprising elements like a fireplace … Read more

27 Perfectly Captivating Basement Designs (Photo Gallery)

basement design photo gallery

In redesigning your basement, you probably have seen a lot of inspiring designs that features spacious and well-lit rooms. This might not be your case. In a basement with limited space, you might want to consider using a dark -or mostly black- color scheme. To make small basements look and feel spacious, the use of … Read more