27 Perfectly Captivating Basement Designs (Photo Gallery)

Updated on October 2, 2022

In redesigning your basement, you probably have seen a lot of inspiring designs that features spacious and well-lit rooms. This might not be your case. In a basement with limited space, you might want to consider using a dark -or mostly black- color scheme. To make small basements look and feel spacious, the use of black on your wall or open ceiling can create an illusion of space in an otherwise cramped room. This is especially true in basements with low ceiling heights. Not only it helps tricks the mind, black is also effortlessly chic.

Selecting the materials and finishes also plays a major factor in a basement makeover. Using different materials on your walls and ceiling that are soft to touch like a fabric covered wall makes an interesting contrast to the other hard surfaces like stone or cement. Same thing goes with matte and glossy finishes such as tiles and wood. The smart and creative use of these materials and finishes will result in a visual and tactile experience which offers an unexpected surprise and also pleases the senses.

So get ready and take a look these perfectly captivating basement design ideas that some will show you what black paint and different finishes can offer to your basement.

Captivating Basement Designs

1. Sophisticated Hues

A dramatic seating area in dark monochromatic color scheme is accentuated by a round white coffee table that matches the facade of the fireplace.

2. Spacious Interior

A cozy entertainment area with an off-white wall finish and cathedral ceiling create an illusion of a spacious domicile.

3. Light Blues

Blue and green color scheme brightens up an all-white interior. The sliding door hides the sleeping area for privacy.

4. Twisted Tones

The all-black bar area lends its color to the grey sofa and coffee table to create a harmonious chic vibe all throughout the interior of this flat.

5. Block And White

The black and white color scheme of the seating and bar area creates an interplay of colors with the hardwood flooring. The TV hanging on the wall is accentuated by glossy grey brick tile.

6. Harmony In Contrast

This pad is filled with contemporary furniture pieces and highlighted by the chocolate stained wood wall. The artwork gallery energizes the room through an unexpected addition of color.

7. Tiger Woods

A staircase of this household features a minimalist handrail while different wood finishes grace the sideboard, trusses, and hardwood flooring which created a warm ambiance.

8. The Dark Side

A secret door cleverly hides through a collection of wood that forge a rustic yet cozy ambiance with the rest of the interior.

9. Haven Knows

Different colors and textures that appear in the carpet flooring, sheet metal covered wall, and ceiling creates a welcoming appeal for this lovely abode.

10. Intimacy Of Colors

Grey carpet flooring complements the plain white wall and wooden table top behind the grey sofa.

11. Subtle tones

A protruding fireplace holds the TV of an exciting interior. The glossy finish of the coffee table brings the attention to itself surrounded by the leather sofa and cream armchairs on this habitat.

12. Inner Piece

Grey colored sliding door offers a peek of the bedroom on the other side of the room. Cherry blossom paintings reinforce the feminine vibe of this pied-à-terre.

13. Hide Out

A monochromatic neutral palette works flawlessly in this game room interior. The brick finishes create a visual divide between the seating area and the billiard table.

14. Grey Is In

Sensual grey paint matches the velvety fabric of the sectional sofa. Flames on the fireplace add to the allure.

15. Function Is Beauty

A set of Murphy beds opens up and adds a cushioned flexibility to the function of this media center.

16. Factory Ambience

Well-appointed wood finishes add a hint of rustic appeal to this contemporary interior. The grey walls and carpet flooring serves as a backdrop for an understated modern vibe.

17. Staircase Secret

The space-saving storage under the staircase will make all the clutter gone in a minute with an aid of sliding drawers and spacious cabinets.

18. Dressed Like A Book

Create a hidden passage to a storage room by masking a door to look like built-in bookshelves. This is perfect for dead spot areas like the side of the stairs.

19. Other Functions

Utilize a mirror or an artwork in a swinging frame to hide unsightly electrical panel or embarrassing guilty pleasures as seen here.

20. Lighter Side

A kitchenette with wooden cabinetry is accentuated with a grey armchair and round green ottoman. White paneled wall exudes a feeling of purity and cleanliness.

21. Crate And Barrel

A wooden post is fitted with a barrel and a wood top and made an interesting statement in the interior of this rustic household while a black craving stair bends in the background

22. Brick By Rick

Terra-cotta stone texture decorates the back wall of the kitchenette which paves the way for the use of the wood facade of the bar. Filament-type lighting provides an energizing glow and completes the industrial appeal.

23. Open And Out

Brownstone finish in the back wall brings the outdoors inside this trendy apartment. The glass sliding door provides privacy for the both rooms.

24. Secret Of The Staircase

Drawers fitted under the staircase serves as additional storage. Painted in crisp white color, it provides functional aesthetic to the inhabitants.

25. Orange Camouflage

A glass bay window allows light to pass through into this daylight basement and create a cozy ambiance to the seating area with orange accents fitted with a white sectional sofa, tall table, and barstools facing a flat-screen TV.

26. Teal Accent

The pale blue wall accent of the dining area lift up the room’s ambiance of a well-lighted interior. Painted brick walls and round ottoman elevates the feminine appeal.

27. Treasure Chest

The bricks on the wall interplay a contrast of texture with the rest of the white paneled walls and appoints the beige sectional sofa and luggage coffee table as a functional accent.

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