39 Bright and Colorful Basement Design Concepts (Photo Gallery)

Updated on October 11, 2022

To convert your basement into an entertainment center, first, you must know exactly what you want and what to expect from your given space, especially with the acoustics. There are a lot of options and ideas to consider when it comes to buying an excellent sound system before embarking on this exciting and fruitful journey.

To begin with, you need to identify the essential elements for creating a great audio-visual center, from designing and planning to buying and installing. This will set you a roadmap and a shopping list to guide you and reach your goal with fewer distractions.

An entertainment center can take any form, shape, and sizes. It doesn’t always have to be an enclosed, rectangular room. Although shape influences how sound waves bounce around the room, a proper audio layout can help direct the sound to avoid a “muddy” sound patterns. Ask your trusted audio tech sales guy to check out your place and recommend a layout that suits your needs.

Also, you’ll probably want a curtain on your window, or upholstered walls and a carpeted floor. Soft and textured surfaces help to diminish the disruptive and excess sound waves that produce the echo.

With that in mind, take a look at these colorful and bright basement design concepts that some will show you great ideas in turning your basement into an effective entertainment center.

Colorful Basement Design Ideas

1. Draw ‘Em Up

A stair’s under space is fitted with different size of drawers with minimalist button hardware. The left railing is noticeably missing.

2. Minibar

An L-shaped bar with its wooden countertop is accompanied by various stool design. The black and white back wall color permeates throughout the rest of the home.

3. Through The Fire

Floating shelves and cabinets took advantage of the protruding fireplace. The brown wood finishes of the whole fireplace complement the cream carpet and black armchair.

4. Wall Light

A small window opening provides ample lights to a small seating area composed of a grey sectional sofa, wooden coffee table, and round grey ottomans.

5. Washing TV

A flat-screen TV hangs behind a sink’s back wall fitted with reclaimed wood.

6. Low TV

A refreshing apartment’s TV lives inside a grey low cabinet and hides when not in use.

7. Project Comfort

Invite the whole family and watch a movie coming from the ceiling mounted projector in this humble oasis. Washed hardwood floors and minimal flat wall sets an earth tone color palettes.

8. Bar Of Light

Grey sectional sofa and other leathered furniture offer a comfortable seating in this nest fitted with an all wooden bar and foosball table.

9. Rustic Scene

The stone backsplash of this all wooden cupboard created a sharp contrast of texture. Various alcoholic beverages and other refreshments fill the display shelves and twin chiller.

10. Behind The Line

Come home in this living room that features a bar tucked in between two columns, overlooking the leather sectional sofa towards the big flat screen projector.

11. Ceiling Height

An all-wooden bar area furnished with upholstered bar stools stands tall near a dining area and media center.

12. Take Out Bar

A minibar in stained wood finish with a passage window greets anyone who comes down the carpeted stairs.

13. Pool And Cool

The stone finish of the fireplace creates a dramatic statement to the all wooden bar nearby.

14. Checkered And Chesterfield

The lounging area of this apartment composed of leather Chesterfield sofa, round tufted ottoman, and checkered armchair provides a quick rest after a game of pong.

15. Demand And Alcohol Supply

Stone textured back wall sandwiched the wooden shelves of a circular bar with a stone countertop. Suspended light fixture added a functional visual interest.

16. Grey Anatomy

A masculine apartment filled with black leather sectional sofa and a pool table displays an array of photo galleries by the hallway.

17. Sea Of Blue

A single lane bowling alley with a polished hardwood floor creates a sharp contrast of color against the all-blue color of the interior.

18. Bar Channel

Deep brown wood and stone countertop lead an intimate kitchenette and minimal bar area. A well-placed TV at the back wall provides a focal point.

19. Shades of Grey

A relaxing seating area emphasized by the grey sectional sofa provides a nice spot to watch the TV nearby in an all-white entertainment center

20. Ghost Table

Clear glass coffee table on top of a stripe blue carpet creates a floating illusion in an all-white interior with minimal detailing.

21. Border Line

Tile flooring borders a small bar that is finished with rough stone texture and wooden accents. Barstools with skinny metal legs create a contrasting feature.

22. Niche Frame

Large flat screen TV sits inside a niche in the wall bordered by protruding columns. Wooden accents and shelvings extend into the truss and beams of a nearby doorway.

23. To The Outdoor

An inviting garden is viewed from the inside of this minimalist household with glass railing for the stairs and efficiently brightens up by a skylight.

24. White Wash

Carpeted stairs with no handrail make a subtle modern statement in a well-lit, all-white interior.

25. Symmetry Is In Order

A symmetrical seating area with leather sofas and wooden beams in the ceiling creates a welcoming place for guests.

26. Wood And Good

Dressed in reclaimed wood, a contemporary domicile with leather tufted sofas and Union Jack armchair exudes an English country feel.

27. Empty Dumpty

Tile backsplash adorns the back wall of an empty bar area with hardwood floors and suspended filament-type light fixture.

28. Office Processing

A stairs’ under space is converted into a productive office that offers cabinet drawers and a desk.

29. Silly Ceiling

An irregular shaped ceiling with cove lighting hovers down a grey sectional sofa, leather ottoman, and a wide flat screen TV.

30. Wheel Of Fortune

Palette coffee table fitted with wheels reinforced the industrial theme of this room. Leather sofa, reclaimed wood, and barn style doors completes the look.

31. Sunny Day

To introduce a bit of sparkle, a reflective sunburst is hanged in the paneled wall of this all-white interior. Comfortable black sofas filled with pillows and stripe yellow armchair makes a relaxing seating area.

32. Plain And Grey

Plain grey walls envelopes a minimal apartment with pong table. A utilitarian wooden bookshelf offers a place for the table lamp to shine the light.

33. Slide It In

A metal tube lets the inhabitants of this game room slides when entering. Different hues paint a stripe pattern in the walls and ceiling and help set a playful tone.

34. Peter Pattern

A seating area is graced with different patterns in varying scale that helps uplifts the mood of the interior together with some well-placed lighting fixture.

35. Shelving Saves The Day

Built-in shelving makes the most out of the otherwise dead space under the stairs. It offers a place for some personal goods to be displayed near a homey seating area.

36. Brown Mirror

A rough stone texture in the back wall lends a contrasting feature to the rest of the smooth walls, including the reflective mirror that hangs in front of the billiard table.

37. Rehearsal Studio

Filled with different musical instruments, the all beige floor, walls, and ceiling combo sets the stage for some harmonious jamming session.

38. Toilet Glamour

Undermount cabinetry below the wash basin offers an accessible storage space for towels. A bordered mirror gives a stylish utilitarian flair.

39. Panel No 5

White wood paneling covers the wall of an entryway all the way up. Dark wood stained newel post offers support.

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