27 Swanky Basement Designs (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

Non-working fireplaces don’t have to be a waste of space. It can actually spark major design opportunity, without the need of gas. For a serene all-white chic interior or cozy country setting, choose and place a variety of candles in different shapes, sizes, and candle holders inside the fireplace.

Drape a luxurious blanket or a feather-covered stool, throw a shag carpet and you got yourself a sensual spot. Or perhaps, display some of your beloved vintage collections inside the fireplace and on top of the mantel, some books and antique goods for a well-traveled look. Ever thought of putting a mirror inside the fireplace? You should.

For a classic, homey appeal, fill the fireplace with logs neatly arranged to add texture to your place. Or, be a little bit creative and add colors on the end of the logs to paint a playful personality. If you prefer contrast, you can also paint your non-working fireplace a deep matte black paint and place a wicker basket inside with some same colored trinkets. For a less conventional approach, make stellar mini wine cellar and display your favorite alcohol of choice for an easy to reach access.

Read on to see dreamy and swanky basement designs that some offers fireplace ideas that you can fit into your space.

Clever Basement Designs

1. Brick Wall

Wall-covered bricks greet you in this basement. The smooth underside of the stairs creates a contrast of texture.

2. Half Door

A sanctuary for kids. With door half the regular height, the storage behind the stained wood cupboard let kids have their own space.

3. Open Balcony

Glass door and windows let the air and light in while relaxing in the rattan chair reading your book or while lougning in the orange sofa.

4. Murphy Bed

Maximize your basement by the use of a tuck away bed. Take a quick nap after finishing some work in the nearby office.

5. Blank Space

An empty basement waits for some decoration in this domicile. Wall-to-wall carpeting boost the appeal of the all-white walls and ceiling

6. Game Of Pool

A suspended lighting puts the spotlight on the billiard table. Well-lighted bookshelves sandwich the stone textured fireplace.

7. Seat For The Trio

Three black leather armchairs serve as the huddle area in the basement’s mini amusement center.

8. The Office

The minimal coffered ceiling and hardwood floors set the tone for some office works in this interior.

9. Bar Level

The metal coffee table with exposed rivets adds flair and draws attention to itself in a contemporary seating area with an open bar.

10. Sliding Drawers

Nesting inside the multifunctional low sideboard are some groovy vinyl recordings.

11. Cozy With Fireplace

Furnished with leather sofas and square tufted coffee table, this homestead with a fireplace is an audiophile’s dream.

12. Narrow Coffee Table

Geometrical gray carpet graces the floor and injects personality together with the identical artworks of a homely abode.

13. Stoned Fireplace

Textured stone finish emphasizes the fireplace in the room, complementing the leather sectional sofa and sideboard in the raw wood finish.

14. Zig Zag Carpet

Aided by the chevron pattern of the carpet, the patterned pillow covers bring life to the sectional sofa and armchairs of a contemporary interior.

15. Time Table

Hourglass-shaped steel side tables with matching suspended lighting foster a modern vibe in contrast to the wavy upholstered benches.

16. Sound Check

Open air garage with color-coded music equipment and furniture offers the perfect spot for a funky band rehearsal.

17. Modern Fireplace

Deep brown stained wood display cabinet frames the fireplace covered with irregular stone tiles.

18. Bar And Dining

A fully-equipped kitchen service the bar and dining area of a rustic basement.

19. Warm With Amenities

Yellow lighting envelopes every corner of a basement with a low ceiling and tiled flooring.

20. Island Bar

The thick wooden bar stands as the focal point of a well-furnished interior with gray walls, gray tile flooring, and brown brick back wall.

21. Exposed Ceiling

Black paint covered the entire open ceiling and created a playful atmosphere that highlights the different areas of this domicile.

22. Plywood Partitions

Practical use of plywood and black painted exposed ceiling created a trendy industrial vibe in this room.

23. Shower Time

An open style shower area draped with double curtains and a ceramic washbasin offers a quick and invigorating refreshment.

24. Leather And Rustic

Leather furniture and stained wood finishes go well together with the brown marble flooring and imbue a rustic appeal to a contemporary basement.

25. Hidden Passage

A secret door in the form of an inconspicuous bookcase dressed in stained wood hides a storage area.

26. Plastered Cement

Rough, plastered cement wall in white paint serves as a backdrop for an elegant pied-à-terre that employs a stylish Barcelona Chair and Ottoman.

27. Stark White Tiles

An all-white shower area accentuated by a wood stool while emphasizing cleanliness and practicality.

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