28 Head-Turning Exposed Beam Ceiling Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Updated on January 3, 2022

Exposed beams on the ceiling of a home can be wonderful. In their most natural form, they are part of the home, structural pieces that support the roof. Traditionally, they are hardwood and give a room a rustic sense of style, but tdon’t think you are limited. Exposed beams are used for homes that run from classic to contemporary designs.

Exposed beams are often a darker color than the rest of the room, creating stark contrasts that catch the eye. Others are painted the same color as the room, giving a calm accent to the entire area. Often, they rise with a cathedral ceiling, giving a wonderful look.

Below, we’ve gathered over 25 different rooms with exposed beams along the ceiling. You will see just how great they can make a room look.

Ideas for Rooms With Exposed Beams in the Ceiling

1. Bold Dark Beams

Bold Dark Beams
Photo by CMI Construction

The bold dark exposed beams along this ceiling create a wonderful contrast with the room. They work perfectly with this patterned carpet and the modern artwork.

2. Charming Country White

Charming Country White
Photo by Sarah Barnard Design

By having these beams and A-frame beams in white to match the whole room, a light and open sense of style is created in this living room.

3. Rectangle Order

Rectangle Order
Photo by Ink Architecture + Interiors

We love how durable and weathered these hardwood beams are. They create a wonderful rectangular, ordered style in this dining and kitchen space.

4. Beautiful Durability

Beautiful Durability
Photo by Sellars Lathrop Architects, llc

Exposed and hanging lower than the ceiling, these hardwood beams are shown off wonderfully by the natural light that shines in from the skylights above.

5. Hardwood Blends

Hardwood Blends
Photo by Ponciano Design

These beams are slightly darker than the hardwood ceiling, which works really well. This space takes on a slightly retro, slightly modern feel, combining hardwood with great furniture.

6. Complete Cathedral Style

Complete Cathedral Style

Photo by Candelaria Design Associates

In the upper portion of this home, this cathedral ceiling rises us and you get to see the bones of the structure. It gives a wonderful industrial loft vibe that is unmatched.

7. Contemporary Beam Blend

Contemporary Beam Blend
Photo by G.T. ISSA Construction LLC

This ceiling rises high above this area, giving the whole space an open style. The white beams that run across the plain hardwood in the ceiling create an amazing look.

8. Darker Beam Contrast

Darker Beam Contrast
Photo by HKW Designs, Inc.

These simple hardwood beams give this space a slightly rustic and fully romantic vibe. We love how they work to create a sense of calm in their contrast.

9. Light Hardwood Beam Match

Light Hardwood Beam Match
Photo by Bespoke Fine Interiors

These light hardwood beams run across this kitchen ceiling to contrast with the white walls. They are a wonderful match for the hardwood floor below.

10. Great Hardwood Trim Match

Great Hardwood Trim Match
Photo by Aleck Wilson Architects

We love it when all parts of a room work together. This space has wonderful hardwood trim that matches the overhead beams so well.

11. A Rustic Setting

A Rustic Setting
Photo by Hartert-Russell

This living room has a great rustic sense of style thanks to the stacked stone fireplace that rises to the wonderful darker hardwood beams overhead.

12. Sophisticated Design Style

Sophisticated Design Style
Photo by Square Construction

This room proves that exposed beams work well in a modern setting. Here, we have a contemporary design and modern furniture that is enhanced by the great hardwood beams overhead.

13. Lights In Between

Lights In Between
Photo by Denise Morrison Interiors & House of Morrison

These smaller hardwood beams are just the right size to give this space an accented look. The lights spaced in between work well to create a modern elegant style.

14. Mountain Spa Style

Mountain Spa Style
Photo by JK Architecture Engineering

This whole bathroom area is meant to give you a durable, rustic sense. With a wonderful hardwood style, from the ceiling and beams to the cabinets, this space has a rugged charm.

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15. Complete Cabin Design

Complete Cabin Design
Photo by Laura Fedro Interiors, Inc.

We love how this cabin style room makes use of a minimal style. The hardwood furniture is perfect for this space and the round exposed beams overhead add character.

16. Easy and Durable

Easy and Durable
Photo by TruexCullins Architecture + Interior Design

These hardwood beams run the length of the kitchen and create a wonderful contrast to the white ceiling and walls. They give you the ability to use great fixtures that match.

17. Wonderful White Design

Wonderful White Design
Photo by Ink Architecture + Interiors

Beams overhead don’t have to be different colors than the ceiling to make a statement. Here, we see how well these white beams work to blend seamlessly into the environment.

18. Dark and Light Perfection

Dark and Light Perfection
Photo by Sharif & Munir Custom Homes, Inc.

These bold and darker hardwood beams create an eye-catching contrast. Inside of this modern living room space, we love the materials and style of this room.

19. A European Style

A European Style
Photo by Buchmann Design

This European style entrance area has a charming and rustic appeal. The beams overhead match the rough and durable style of this space.

20. Weathered Durability

Weathered Durability
Photo by Charleston Home + Design Mag

The hardwood ceiling and beams overhead work so well with the industrial style of this connected space. With the exposed air vents and open floor plan, we live the overall look.

21. Calm and Handsome

Calm and Handsome
Photo by Falcone Hybner Design, Inc.

There is no understating how well this room works thanks to the hardwood beams overhead. They calmly become part of the environment, with wonderful lighting in between.

22. Contemporary Rustic Senses

Contemporary Rustic Senses
Photo by Legacy Construction Northeast LLC

The blend of curved hardwood beams overhead and durable stone style flooring is amazing. It gives this space a rugged look to go with a modern decorative sense.

23. White and Gray Contrasts

White and Gray Contrasts
Photo by TRG Architects

The white beams that run through this kitchen work to accent the traditional style of the space. We love the contrasts created by the hardwood floor and island against the rest of the space.

24. Straight Wooden Beams

Straight Wooden Beams
Photo by kimberly peck architect

The beams here run along the walls and the ceiling to give that bare exposure that looks so great in this loft space.

25. Cathedral Crossing

Cathedral Crossing
Photo by Ellis Construction, Inc.

We love how this ceiling and the A-frame beams overhead are natural hardwood to create a beautiful contrast with the rest of this living room area.

26. A Traditional Design

A Traditional Design
Photo by Sendero Homes

Solid hardwood beams run overhead in this kitchen to give a fantastic bit of character to this traditional space. We love how the beams and hardwood floor pair up to make a great look.

27. Rough Natural Look

Rough Natural Look
Photo by DeLeers Construction, Inc.

It is hard to beat exposed beams that take on a rugged and durable look like these do. They really work inside this cottage style bedroom, giving the whole room a rustic style.

28. A  Classic Feel

A  Classic Feel
Photo by Sellars Lathrop Architects, llc

These hardwood beams run calmly along the ceiling, not drawing too much attention but still giving off the perfect amount of character for this calm dining space.

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