49 Entryways With Style

Let’s face it, the entrance areas to your house matter. You are always coming and going. Having an active family means you may need a place to get to put everyone’s items. Your entryways are important style statements. It is the first place people see when they come into your house. We know you want to do it right.


There are so many different styles to entryways. You have so many choices when it comes to plants, colors, and floors, not to mention figuring out what kind of styles will work for the space you have available to you. Let us help you gather some ideas. We have organized 49 design ideas below for you to look at. Take some time and look through. Find out what works for you.

1. Bright and Relaxing

This welcoming space has a bench where you can sit at to get yourself ready before you go out. With compartments for everyone, all will be organized.

2. Wooden Backdrop

The wooden backdrop to this mud room gives it character. With compartments for every need, you can be sure that your family will stay organized coming and going.

3. Geometric Tiles

Never underestimate what a floor can do for a room. Look at how these geometric tiles add some texture to this space.

4. Take a Seat

Take a seat on this great bench space as you get ready to go out or come in. We haven’t even mentioned how great these chevron brick patterns are.

5. A Design Win

You can work miracles with a simple white backdrop. Add some plant life, a simple bench, and a great rug and you have a welcoming space for everyone.

6. Rustic Farm Style

Weathered style wooden furniture, great light designs, and some fantastic artwork all combine to make a rustic feeling here.

7. Double Welcome

This house welcomes you into this space with great wooden and windowed double doors. The natural light shows off this elegant style.

8. Chevron Style

Hardwood floors don’t have to all look the same. Using chevron patterns can bring character to any space. Blended with the classic mid-century design makes for a welcoming area.

9. Nicely Styled

With the right colors, you can bring an area to life. The natural light shines in on this entrance with a baby blue door and a fantastic rug.

10. Open Floor

When you enter this house you come into an open area. You have access to this contemporary house right from the start.

11. Contemporary Warmth

With contemporary art and designs at work here, this entrance is just the start for this house. It welcomes you and your guests to luxury.

12. Relaxing Comfort

Coming into this entrance you walk the classic brick and into the welcoming double doors. It doesn’t get better than this.

13. Brick Layout

With some creativity to how you lay out your brick floor, you can bring great character to any space. This room balances great lighting for a warm welcome.

14. Gray Takeover

With a great stone floor to start this room off, you can see how well balanced it is finished with a hardwood door and bench and beautiful gray for the rest.

15. Yellow Welcome

For an entrance already sporting a unique design of stone and great new-age decor, this yellow door add a great flair.

16. Into Class

Walking down the stairs, you have no idea you are about to walk into such a classy space. With a great stone floor and minimal furniture interference, this is a wonderful area.

17. Color it Blue

This mud room balances this black tiled floor with great blue country style shelves and cabinets. Everyone has a space to keep their things organized.

18. Traditional Decor

Make the first part of your house light and bright when you use lighter colors for a rug to match the great hardwood floor.

19. Unload Here

Coming in from a mess outside? Don’t worry, you can kick everything off here before you go in the house. This space has trays to keep your dirty shoes.

20. Bold Choices

Look at how well this bold hardwood door fits with the stone design of the house. This entrance is sure to wow your guests.

21. Tile Style

Checkered tile can work to bring some pattern to your rooms. This tile matches the light brown color scheme of the room.

22. Bright and Natural

The circular mirrors reflect all the natural light pouring into this area. With a great stone wall for the back drop, this is the perfect way to enter your house.

23. Timeless Designs

Styled to give a weathered feel to the room, this entrance space give you all the shelves and places you need to keep everyone’s stuff oraganized.

24. High Entrance

Walking in under this beautiful arched doorway is only the beginning. You have a high ceiling to make this place grand in design.

25. Warm Welcome

Keep this fireplace going on cold days so it will give everyone coming into the house a warm welcome.

26. Country Wooden Design

These traditional wooden walls are met with great decor and a dark stone floor to bring the space to life.

27. Plant Life Symmetry

Sometimes it is a simple thing to complete an area. Here we have two little owls beside the two plants for a great summetry.

28. Lighting Statement

This unique lighting style is sure to draw attention when you walk into the house. With great tile designs, this area is new and bold.

29. Sliding Door

This great entrance area gives off a beach feeling with its decor and blue sliding door. Everything works together for a great vibe.

30. Room for Everything

With multiple cabinets and space to store things, this entrance will keep everything you need ready for you. The white cabinets are matched by a calmly colored bench

31. Archway Welcome

The entrance to this house comes to life underneath the archway. With simple plant life on either side of the door, you are welcomed inside.

32. Color and Decor

With a great country charm from this room, from the sink to the decor, this room is warm and comfortable. With splashes of yellow to brighten the mood, you will always feel welcome here.

33. Charming Door

This entrance is build around the trees in the yard and uses simple plant life to lead the way to this great hardwood door.

34. Everyone Organized

For an active household, things can get busy quickly. Keep everything organized with a cork board and separate places for everyone’s items.

35. Shine Inside

The white walls are matched with a great rug and classy decor to make a great welcome for those coming in the house.

36. Highlights of Gold

There is no way to overstate how well you can use gold highlights can work with matching them with white. The natural light shines in on this elegance.

37. Classic Home Style

The windows in the door allow the light to shine in on this beautiful hardwood floor. You can use a few plants to spruce up an area.

38. Plenty of Life

Coming into this house means you are walking into a grand space. With great rugs that match the coloring and decor, this entrance is spectacular.

39. Antique Style

The beautiful wooden designs used on the stair railings is matched by great antique style furniture.

40. Character Stones

The stones used for the steps and bottom of this house bring style to this entrance. With fantastic plant life decor, this is truly a warm welcome.

41. Complete Readiness

The great colorful stone floor makes use of earth tones that are matched by the country style of the room. Put a mirror in so you can check yourself over before you head out.

42. White and Bright

With great unique hanging lights to go with this bright space, all you need to do is add a little life to complete the scene.

43. All on Standby

With plenty of space for everyone to keep their items, you will have everything ready. This room blends muted colors well.

44. Cozy and Convenient

Even though this is a smaller space, it has everything you need to ensure coming and going are made easier. With great decor to match, this area has character.

45. Organize First

With a great stone floor to start, this room will ensure that your on-the-go family has plenty of space to keep everyone’s stuff organized and ready to go.

46. Contemporary Welcome

With a great stone walkway to welcome you this entrance is modern and peaceful. With great plant life to go with this darker door, you have a great opening act.

47. The Door Makes It

With a classic hardwood door to welcome you home, you can put plants and warm light around it to complete the calming effect.

48. Never Lose Anything

Make a great use of unique drawers you might have and turn them into organizers for your family. This space give you room to sit while you unwind.

49. Red Brick

With a great base of red brick designs to work from, this classic room is perfect for any mess coming in that you might enter with.

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