16 Attractive Yet Functional Family Rooms (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

In design, there are a certain set of standards, list of guidelines, and complex principles that one can either strictly follow or most of the time, opt to break to create an out of the box experience for its intended users. From creating artworks design where you can be whimsical, to furniture catalog design offering modern furniture, intricate rugs, and home accessories, rules serves an important element to deliver a final output that should appeal to its audience.

While to a lot of designers, matching furniture might be considered as a pet peeve, the same thing goes to a lot of designers where asymmetrical design feels a little off. No matter where each affiliation lies, no one can make you feel comfortable regardless of how beautiful the chosen the design is. Search carefully to find the chemistry among the items you have chosen to put into your home and create a personal distinct set of rules and guidelines to create a beautiful, livable home.

Read on to discover how and what designs ideas to implement to have an attractive and functional family rooms that could soon be the envy of everyone.

Attractive and Functional Family Room Design Ideas

1. Pattern Galore

Fill a space with different patterns in the same hue to provide interest and a strong color appeal in a mostly white and gray space like this one that features a sectional sofa with wooden legs and a wrought iron table with a raw wooden top.

2. Leather Dream

No one can never go wrong for matching furnitures like a U-shaped sectional sofa covered in leather and fabric upholstered coffee table and exposed raw wooden ceiling and cream plastered walls.

3. Revolving Idea

Make the most of a limited space and LED TV by placing it on a rotating shelf that will allow anyone to watch their favorite shows and movies while sitting on the sofa or being anywhere in the room.

4. Pet Is Allowed Here

For a pet-friendly space, always be conscious for sharp-edged furniture. In here, the coffee table is noticeably upholstered, perfect for wandering pets and kids alike.

5. Flower Power

This adorable reading nook is super-sized with style as evident by the large round tufted ottoman that doubles up as a coffee table, covered in beautiful flowers and birds fabric that extends to the round pleated pillows.

6. Full Display

Maximize the seating area by using a long sectional sofa and an oversized upholstered coffee table with wooden legs. Add some memorabilia in a slim shelving behind the sofa and get an instant conversation piece.

7. Cream Of The Crop

The secret to a non-boring color scheme is diversity. By introducing non-matching furniture like a sectional sofa and a side chair, as well as the round puffs and Persian carpet, the cream color scheme tied everything together and acted as a bow for a very nice present.

8. Books R’ Us

Anyone who loves books understands that it is not only a physical manifestation of literature, it can also be used as a symbolic meaning of anyones’ personality. Stack a lot of beloved books out in the open library to instantly add personality to any space.

9. British Invasion

Add British Pop Culture to an existing cabin-type interior with the Union Jack flag pillow covers. Borrow the color scheme and put it in a modular fabric upholstered sofa to complete the look.

10. Layered Lighting

For a bit of customized appeal in the sea of a store-bought furniture, why not gear up over the weekend and create this layered suspended lighting? Match it with a DIY Roman Shade and its half way near Chic Village.

11. Lacquered Finish

One way to emphasize glamour in any space is to add reflective surfaces like glass, metallic furniture and in this case, lacquered paint finish built-in cabinets. Throw in an exquisite artisan carpet and this living room is ready for its closeup.

12. Wooden Hot Spot

The coffered wooden ceiling is nothing new. In fact, having one is already considered a classic, and with a little patience visiting flea markets, an awesome chandelier to match is just waiting to be found.

13. Natural Lighting

Nothing is more relaxing than being in a serene room filled with natural lighting. To get the look, just match white painted walls with gray and cream furniture, white sheer curtains and lots and lots of tall windows.

14. Diptych Message

A pair of artwork doesn’t have to placed side by side to create a statement. It can also be used to add drama and provide an anchor to a focal point of an already symmetrical space.

15. Stairs to Heaven

The obligatory stairs take center stage in the excellent example of interior engineering. The mellowed interior is pumped up by the stylish green sofa and various accent chairs.

16. Basement Makeover

Man-caving doesn’t have to be exclusively his. It can also extend to the rest of the hive by using family-friendly accents like filling leather covered sectional sofa with colorful pillows, some books, and a cozy fireplace.

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