20 Awe-Inspiring Home Exterior Designs (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

Whether you are designing a new house or coming up with ways to improve and change the exterior of an existing one, there are many design choices to be made. There are so many architecture styles. No longer do you have to settle for having a house that looks the same as every other one around it.

No matter what you are trying to accomplish with the exterior of your house, you run the possibility of getting overwhelmed. We want to help you make sure that doesn’t happen. Below, we have gathered 20 great design ideas for you to look through. See what may work for the space you have. Borrow some ideas that you love.

Home Exterior Design Ideas

1. Designed Relaxation

These mini-columns add some flair to this exterior that already has a relaxing vibe all around it.

2. Colonial Style

This house has great symmetry that brings a grandeur to the exterior. With Four simple columns to welcome you in, this house shines out.

3. Calming Brick

An extension of a Victorian design style, this brick house presents a warm face coupled with great landscaping.

4. Window Designs

Not only do large and multiple windows means more natural light on the inside of the house, but they look great from the outside.

5. Simply Easy

Almost borrowing from a Queen Anne style, this house is amazing. It accomplishes so much without frills.

6. Villa Style

With some credit to European villa architecture, this house presents a wonderful exterior. Walk right through the middle to the other side.

7. Contemporary Luxury

This contemporary design uses a great stacked stone style for its face and makes great choices with lighting.

8. Flat Designs

Sometimes houses just look better without a peaked roof. This design will remind you of a mid-century retro style, just updated.

9. Complete Package

When it is time for a grand design, just look at this house for inspiration. Modernizing a classic Victorian style and making it bigger, this exterior fits the grounds it sits on.

10. Dark Siding

This house has a great design that makes use of a darker exterior highlighted with white all around. The contrast really works.

11. Step Up

This exterior sees a yard that steps up to the Western US exterior. With a unique but stylish roof, this house welcomes you with the brick sides.

12. Mountain Side

Make your house fit where you want it to. Blending with the side of the mountain, from here you are sure to always have a great view.

13. Traditionally Great

A great post-colonial design always work. With plenty of space around the house and the overhang, this exterior is welcoming and relaxing.

14. Architecture Dream

Architecture changes and gets better all the time. This great modern design shines in the night with style. Combining wood and brick, this house has flair.

15. Layers Up

Borrowing from the contemporary flat roof design, this house layers up.Each layer has personality and looks great.

16. Modern Glow

A Spanish style with great windows. This house blends the white exterior with a dark roof and highlights.

17. Postmodern Nature

Moving into the post-modern era, this house was designed to blend with its surroundings. The wood matches the background for a symbiotic sense.

18. Hint of Europe

This house carries a hint of European architecture to go with its hipped roof. With a great blend of light and dark colors, this exterior is modernly elegant.

19. Craftsman Welcome

Houses that let the yard and landscape blend around them work the best. This exterior features great earth colors and fantastic styling ideas like the stones used in the steps.

20. Opened Up

Combining the outside with a great exterior, for this design, means having an exterior that opens up to combine the two.
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