37 Brilliantly Beautiful Family Rooms (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

Every home lover knows a good interior is determined by its overall design, the materials used, the appeal, its value, and so on. Sure, we collect and hoard lots and lots of photo inspirations to help us elevate and decorate spaces in our home, but in reality, we also collect hand-me-down furniture items that have either a sentimental value -or at least- a monetary worth to us. Where else are you going to put thousands of those ceramic cookie jars you have accumulated over the years? You might be surprised that you already have saved a photo of the answer you are looking for.

Though we have to admit, sometimes the reality is that it can be hard to try and sell something off the market the same way it is hard to decide which armchairs you set your eyes on will eventually come home with you. For times like that, that is where we go back to our swatches, our mood boards, and photo inspirations to help make up our mind and bite the bullet. When that time does come, let some of the photos below help you find your way, enlighten your mind, and make a confident informed decision you will not regret.

When going to the Ikea and taking a picture just won’t cut it, here are some brilliant and beautiful designs of family rooms that you can add to your collection for some needed inspiration.

Beautiful Family Room Design Ideas

1. Fly Me To Barcelona

For an articulated space, pair an accent seating like this Barcelona Chair with any comfortable leather sofa. Then display your memorabilia in the open shelves and throw in a carpet for that added relaxing feel.

2. Jut Got Niche

A TV placed above a fireplace’s mantel is given a niche detailing. The slim, black legs of the coffee table echoes the same illusion of the bar stool and both helps avoid the feeling of a cramped space.

3. 50 Shades of Bamboo

The paneling of this mantel that hangs above the fireplace perfectly echoes the classic vibe of the tufted moss green armchair. The bamboo shades are also a great addition that complements the brown leather armchairs.

4. I Knit You

This retro apartment has been updated through the use of accent pieces to reflect the modern times. Take note of the knitted square poufs and industrial pendant lighting.

5. Here By The Bay

There’s no better place to soak up the sun other than an intimate sitting area like a bay window. Here, the contemporary carpet pulls in all the colors of the wingback chair, green pillows, and the yellow color of the blown glass chandelier.

6. Wood Exposé

For an instant rustic feel to your existing plain white ceiling, have someone install raw unfinished wood lumbers. Throw in a Renaissance armchair and bar stools, mixes with long sofas with dust raffles and a tall coffee table to add to the casual look.

7. I Sea Your True Colors

For a DIY home designers, always stick to the basic. If what you have is a white room that is full of architectural details and an enviable hardwood floors, a splash of blue color easily creates that polished look.

8. Fill-In The Blanks

Adding metal blanks to your basic furniture like the coffee table and tall side tables in this photo is a great idea to level up the barn appeal of your cottage.

9. Suave Cushioning

A sleek, comfortable sofa can be quite expensive and for good reasons. It naturally brings in the expensive taste that came with its silhouette and the quality of its fabric, which which stand out in a mostly white room.

10. Spread Your Wings

More often than not, you will always see a wingback armchair as an accent piece tucked in the corner of any rooms, not just the living room. It’s like the little black dress of interior design.

11. Breaking The Traditions

To easily break the mold of a traditional interior especially if you are limited with the items you already have, you can try and lay out your lounge chair, sofas and coffee table according to your intended function.

12. Dual Lounging

These two sets of modern lounge chairs in stainless legs are a welcoming addition to this contemporary sunroom lined with a delicate, loop-cut white carpet.

13. Inspired By Wood

Wood can be one of the most sustainable material there is, depending on the specie. Here we see various types of wood used differently, such as the glazed wall paneling, the built-in minibar, the barn door, the billiard pool table, and even the wall mounted accessories.

14. Naughty Or Nice?

Get the nautical look in three easy steps: 1. Blue and White stripe textiles, like the carpet and pillow covers. 2. Wood accents, like the legs of the tufted rectangular ottoman and round tray. And 3. Photos of of a sailboat in wooden framing.

15. Seduction Is On

Bare your soul and place delicate, sexy furnitures out in the open. This white accent chair in metallic gold legs pairs nicely with the white armchair and chic carpet.

16. The Wandering Chair

It might be placed a bit far from the pink sectional sofa, but this elegant blue tufted accent chair is bonded together by the pink and blue paisley carpet and pillows.

17. We Need The Funk

Dont be afraid to let your playful and whimsical personality shine through the details of your home. A headless mannequin floor lamp or a metal statue of what appears to be a giant Jelly Bean is the conversation piece to this already colorful interior.

18. In Plain Sight

Fireplace doesn’t always have to be the star of your room. Keep it low and plain by hiding it in white paint together with the rest of the wall and ceiling. This way, your tiffany colored sofa and geometric floor rug is the first to be noticed.

19. Nook It Up

If you happen to have an inexplicably extra small room or perhaps a closet you don’t use, turn it into a intimate reading area. It can also be a good addition to your existing home office for that quick power nap.

20. My Cousin Veneer

To jazz up your basement, you can have a fireplace installed and some built-in cabinets in cherry wood veneer to display your favorite collection. To level up the ante, splurge a little on the finish of the ceiling by binding different types of wood veneers or perhaps a wallpaper.

21. Stack It Up

Hacking your boring fireplace and turning it into an elegant feature can easily be done by fabricating a mantel and panelling through the use of moldings that matches your existing ones. For an extra layer of texture, simply plaster in stone or stone tiles on the surrounding area of the pit.

22. Call Me Sepia

Live like you’re in an old photograph by taking advantage of your space’s existing architecture and painting everything in white semi gloss paint. Then, just find yourself some cream colored leather tufted sofa, cream tufted reclining chair, a cream accent chair and cream shag carpet.

23. Where Are The Keys?

In a really tight space, the only thing that needs to be squeezed is your imagination. Build a multipurpose bookcase and storage around your upright piano, throw in a contemporary sofa and a few accent chairs and you have yourself an open mic every night.

24. Rock The Billiard Table

Convert your extra room into everyones’ favorite hangout. All you need is a billiard table, a poker table, some strings instrument and of course, open display of beers and also alcohols.

25. P For Fireplace

There’s a reason for everything. This black protruding fireplace might conspicuously look like its balancing on one leg, but it could also be that it doubles as a storage space for burning logs and DVD players.

26. Blue and Checkered

There’s a lot of things you can do with just a hue of blue. A mix of pattern in different styles, like the checked blue and white carpet, or the blue and white paisley pillows, not to mention the leather round ottoman is a perfect ploy to the rich, deep blue suede sofa.

27. Horizon Lines

This log cabin create the illusion of a wider space thought the use of alternating colors. The monumental clay bricks fireplace serves as the vertical element that is both functional and eye-catching.

28. White Spell

The recipe for a serene all white room calls for a white sofa with dust ruffles, black floor lamps, black and white pillows, a pair of white armchairs with stainless detailing, a round metallic coffee table, a sisal rug, and chocolate wood floor.

29. Elements Of Yin-Yang

Live in the Glitz and Glamour of Old Hollywood just by having everything in black and white and a couple of glossy finish surfaces like this low coffee table. Even the white curtain contains black detailing to emphasize the look.

30. Game Of Fish Balls

Release the inner daredevil in you by putting an aquarium full of fishes in the same room where you play billiards.

31. Nailheads And Canes

Design is all in the details in this tranquil and relaxed little gem of paradise. A simple piece of log serves as a decorative mantel for the white painted brick fireplace, which happens to match the hardwood flooring. Distressed armchairs balances it with the tufted armchairs.

32. Through The Fireplace

Have two seating areas that needs fireplace on each side? Put one in the middle. It makes a bold statement and saves you money.

33. Unconventional Layout

Pass the torch and let anyone in the room decide how to use the room and where to place the furniture. Stick with neutral colors for your furniture like gray and charcoal so it will blend naturally.

34. Glass and Swivel

An all white interior is the perfect place for light gray modular sofa and white swivel armchairs with metallic base. Tall glass windows of course is required and window treatment is optional.

35. Hint Of Morocco

For a casual all white interior on the other hand, you can choose to have a gray colored sofa and for that added twist, a pair or brown Moroccan round ottomans.

36. Ranch Dressing

If you can live in a ranch, you might as well turn it into looking like a 5-star hotel. The wooden floorboards and the exposed beams and ceiling is enough to reach everyone’s fancy.

37. Hello Mr Bean

Clean white lines, strategic lighting, and a black and white carpet makes up this modern flat that is punctuated by the bright orange bean bag.

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