42 Breathtaking Master Bath Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

Are you in a bit of a rut with your master bathroom?  With all the expenses many of us have to face in our day-to-day lives, it’s easy to neglect a room that perhaps not many people see.  But what about your own experience?  Don’t you deserve a pleasant and maybe even luxurious experience when you use your master bathroom?  We think you do!

Below are numerous colorful pictures of beautiful master bathrooms.  In them, we point out lovely design ideas that you could use as they are or adapt to revise and rejuvenate your master bathroom.  From soft neutral colors to more invigorating choices, sophisticated spaces of serenity and relaxation to storage and organization solutions, and unique layouts to large, expansive spaces, you’re in for a treat.

Breathtaking Master Bathroom Design Ideas

1. Driftwood dreams

This master bathroom’s driftwood-look floors and seafaring motifs combine nicely with the slight sea-green tint of the cabinets and drawers.

2. Serene in pale blue

Pale blue cabinetry and drawers pair well with the shower tiles.

3. Practical storage solution

These custom-made drawers are perfect for those needing a bit more space.

4. Deep teal and white

This unique teal floor gives the bathroom an especially fresh appeal.

5. Pretty in putty

The lovely putty color of the cabinetry and drawers has universal appeal.

6. Contemporary chic

This bathroom’s clean lines and simple color scheme make it an example of contemporary design.

7. Ornate floor pattern

This bathroom’s ornate floor pattern gives this bathroom its unique appeal.

8. Gold-colored faucets and double sinks

A soft gold color adorns the faucets of these equally useful and beautiful double sinks.

9. Soft gray organization unit

This stylish organization unit in a soft gray shade is perfect for those with many toiletries.

10. Graphic lines 

The graphic lines of this floor’s pattern combines curiously well with the oak-colored wooden counter foundation.

11. Toilet discreetly tucked away

Many people appreciate the feature of a door separating the toilet from the bath and shower area.

12. Sage and marble

Sage walls trimmed in white combine with marble floors and counters for a strikingly fresh look.

13. A drawer for styling appliances

This is a great idea for people who use hair styling appliances on a daily basis.

14. Beneath the ocean’s waves

You’ll feel like you’ve been transported beneath the ocean’s waves in this sea-green and blue bathroom.

15. Large shower stall

This gorgeous gray marble stall is perfect for those who see their shower as a luxurious daily ritual.

16. Shiny brick-shaped tile

This bathroom’s shiny brick-shaped tile of a creamy hue is a wonderful addition to any bathroom.

17. Blue-gray country wood

The soft blue-gray of these country wood cabinets and drawers beautifully complements the floor design.

18. Powdery jade

These shower tiles are in a soft, powdery jade shade that plays well with the bright white cabinets and countertop.

19. Uniquely shaped bathtub

This unique bathtub is a distinctly modern design feature.

20. Expansive elegance

The master bathroom of dreams for many of us, this lovely, large space features a chandelier and long marble counter top.

21. Gold-toned shower fixture

A gold-toned shower fixture complements the cherry-wood bath siding and softly colored rug.  The floor has the unique pattern of a loose mesh.

22. Pine floor

This pine-toned wooden floor complements the white of the shower stall and ceiling.

23. Gray floor with large tiles and blue shower stall

A soft harmony of colors makes this master bathroom a welcoming space.

24. A bit of mint

A hint of mint in the floor looks charming against the white cabinets.

25. Gentle orchid

This bathroom has striking orchid walls that give the space a fashionable look.

26. Unique shower enclosure door with an oceanic image

The beach motif in the shower door image is furthered by a pebble path up the middle of the floor.

27. Victorian influence

This might be the bathroom for you if hints of Victorian design are something you like.  The lighting fixtures, cabinets, and drawers all contribute to the atmosphere.

28. Luxury without question

Everything from the captivating crystal chandelier to the size of the room and the lovely glossy bath to the separate toilet room shouts luxury.  You deserve a bit of indulgence.

29. Let the daylight in

This shower stall’s window lets the daylight in, helping you wake up for the day.  The unique patterns in the wooden floors are an excellent choice.

30. Rustic charm

A rustic floor and delicately pretty flowers are an interesting contrast to the metal towel rack.  Light coming through the window adds pleasant sunshine.

31. Intriguing motifs and wicker baskets

The intriguing motifs found near the mirrors, large wicker baskets, and geometric floor pattern make for an original room design.

32. Appropriate for the shower enthusiast

This bathroom design is perfect for people who prefer showers to baths.  A bright light over the mirror can be handy for getting ready in the morning.

33. Ivory bricks and shelf space

Bricks in different shades of ivory, an upmarket tub, and a unique lighting fixture make this bathroom one you might like.  There is handy shelving space, too.

34. Glossy cabinets with a useful organizer

Glossy cabinets have a sleek compartment for grooming tools and products.

35. Decorate differently

The layout and use of lighting in this master bathroom will appeal to those who like doing things differently.

36. Freestanding mirror

Perhaps you’d enjoy a large, tabletop mirror atop an expansive and glossy cabinet unit?  Hanging light fixtures shed light on the subject.

37. Latticework motif and delicately checkered floor

This bathroom’s cabinetry has an attractive latticework design on the front.  You might also like the lightly checkered floor and generous light fixtures.

38. If you like large bathrooms, you’ll love this!

The size of this bathroom is extremely impressive.  It also boasts an excellent layout and an abundance of counter space, as well as dual sinks.

39. Elegant vanity

This master bathroom’s lovely white vanity with a comfortable upholstered chair is the best in elegance.  The vase of flowers is a charming touch.

40. Classic opulence and contemporary chic combined

A large crystal chandelier mixes surprisingly well with a strikingly modern basin.

41. Bright and beautiful chandelier

With this bright and beautiful hanging chandelier and sunshine pouring in the windows, this beautiful white bathroom is something you’ll enjoy.

42. Pale wooden floors and walls of deep taupe

The dark taupe walls of this bathroom contrast nicely with the pale wooden floors.
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