21 Charming Decors For Your Family Room (Photo Gallery)

Updated on January 3, 2022

While you want your decor to make a statement, that doesn’t mean you have to go big with everything. Large room sometimes makes people tend to buy larger pieces, instead of being creative and mixing sizes. Not every piece needs to be the same scale.

It’s about the relationship of how the large piece works with the smaller pieces and the chemistry it plays off with the rest of the accessories. One thing people always forget to do is to ask themselves how to get the bulky furniture inside your home. Some may be lucky to have a nice landlord or super to assist them but not always, and definitely not all the time.

It’s also important to take note that some vendors may also be able to break off certain parts of the furniture and replace them after to help fit the item through the door or narrow corridors. Otherwise, you might just have to opt for a modular furniture. More often than not, you might end up not buying the furniture you fell involve with as it just won’t fit. It’s better to be safe than left with an expensive piece you can’t return.

For some inspiration on what size and scale works, take a look at these charming and colorful decors for a family room and see for yourself.

Charming Family Room Decor Ideas

1. Wooden Library

A prevailing design for most home libraries is to fill it with wood paneling and shelving. Together with a leather covered sofa and some armchairs, it reminds you of an English Countryside.

2. Study By The Center

A pair of deep teal armchairs provides a good contrast to the delicious round ottoman in this very fashionable study room. Even the writing chair is a real steal.

3. The Game Of Sports

After studying, go to the next room and shed off the sweat playing table tennis or charade with friends or family. Afterwards, take a quick nap in the conveniently placed daybed.

4. Follow the Red Brick Road

In a limited space like this sunroom, you can place your modular sofa against the wall for practical reasons. This will give way for anyone to move freely within the room, and to keep fireplace burning.

5. Somewhere Over The Divan

To visually divide an open-type space like this multimedia room and sitting area, you can just place a table or a divan like the one in the picture to create the illusion of division.

6. Under The Atom

This contemporary take of a cabin lodge is exemplified by the use of a sophisticated tub chair with finished wood trim in gray fabric, a comfortable sectional sofa, a black Italian low coffee table and textured fireplace.

7. Something Fishy

Fish decorations only make sense in seaside designs. If you’re one of the braves who would like to display your fish collection, just make sure it coordinates well with the rest of the interiors, like using a shade of blue for the wall paints and covers of the pillows.

8. Calling Agent Orange

A small room can make a big impact simply by filling it with functional and stylish furniture, like a pair of armchairs in geometrical prints, faded white denim sofa and a brightly colored escritoire.

9. Colored Aspirations

In a moderately sized room, a careful selection of brightly colored furniture can result in a really bold statement, like the mixture of this bright red sofa, green ottoman, blue armchair and beige side chair truly brighten up space.

10. The Green Room

Bring your guests in this fancy sunroom for some polite chitchat. The all white, mostly glass window interior is topped with a cornice molding and anchored down by a deep brown wood flooring subdued by a sisal rug.

11. Joan Of Arc

This high ceiling family room complete with clerestory windows and arc beams is filled with architectural details, like the molding that surrounds the windows and the built-in bookshelves that frames the tall stone textured fireplace.

12. Tetris Block

Get a little bit whimsical by incorporating a popular game like Tetris in designing your fireplace. One key note to remember is to make sure the color at least blends with the rest of the interiors.

13. By The Villa

This villa with its pyramid roof in mahogany finish wood ceiling and window frame is reminiscent of a typical tropical hotel resort. Get the look by combining crisp white modular sofa, wood furniture accents, white curtains and hardwood floors.

14. Made Of Clay

What makes this fireplace interesting is the type of finish used for its exterior. You can achieve this by using either a glazed, cream-colored plaster cement or real clay.

15. Fire Ritual

If you really like showing off your fireplace and you want it to be as noticeable as possible, you can install an oversize mantel that spans to the double of the mouth of the fireplace. A medallion print armchair and gray fabric sofa introduce comfort and style.

16. Reinvent The Fire

To take advantage of a centralized heating coming from your fireplace, you can do so by having an open type floor plan. The modern black fireplace looks good in any angle.

17. Light As A Feather

This loft-type apartment maximizes the area by using effective space planning. The crisp white sofa and contemporary stool appear to float underneath the modern pendant lighting.

18. Dimples All Around

Pair off contemporary classic furniture pieces with one another like this plain wingback chair and the round tufted ottoman. Both will stand out against a plain painted wall or library.

19. Side By Side

This is a good example of a functional and symmetrical bookshelf on both sides of a paneled fireplace for transitional spaces or in between rooms.

20. Sky Is The Limit

Bathe in the natural light all day long if you have a skylight installed on your roof. Matching veneer woods are used in the back wall and the wall mounted sideboard of the TV.

21. Ceiling Acoustics

Be mindful of how your design affects your acoustics. By installing textures or creating texture through your finishes, you can lessen the echo and hear your conversations better.

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