50 Creative Nursery Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

Okay, it’s that time. Time to bring a little one, or two, into the house. You’ve probably dreamed of creating the perfect nursery for your children. Who hasn’t? Now is the time to start planning and designing. No matter what style you are going for, whether something traditional or contemporary, you will find that there are so many options pick from. Everyone has ideas, but you need to make the room a place you truly enjoy being in.

We have gathered 50 nursery design ideas for you to look at. Some of them are simple and classic, like nurseries you’ve seen before. Some are full of patterns and colors. You can create a room by blending different styles you’ve seen. Check out the photos below and take note of what you like and what you think is fantastic.

Creative Nursery Ideas

1. Wooden Shelves

This room combines great design ideas all around these fantastic wooden shelves. From the colors to the toys, this space comes alive.

2. Light and Traditional

Sometimes you can rely on great natural light from the outside to make a space bright. This carpet centers a room with traditional decor.

3. Pink and White

The pink used here makes sure not to overwhelm the room. When mixed with whites, you have a space that is comfortably elegant.

4. Elephant Explorer

Make a room for your little explorer. From the old style art on the wall to the elephant that graces the room, let your child’s imagination soar.

5. Light Colors

This room uses great classic decor and uses light colors to create a calm environment. You can relax in this chair while your little one sleeps.

6. Color and Patterns

Everywhere you look in this room you will find a different colorful pattern. This shows that you don’t have to settle with just one design.

7. Handsome and Light

This room perfectly blends light and dark colors to make a handsome space. You can see the great use of self space here.

8. Celebration Time

Make your nursery a permanent celebration of life. This room makes the area above the crib a continuous party.

9. Great Ceiling

In this nursery, it is the ceiling that steals the show. With a great pattern fanning out, this space comes to life.

10. The World is Light

The light is surrounded by a globe and it actually lights up the world. This room has a great color and pattern scheme.

11. Contemporary Choices

This room makes graet use of darker colors. When combined with more modern decor, it makes for a bold nursery.

12. Early Century

The brilliance of this room is that it takes a traditional and classic design and makes it look great with pink.

13. New and Ready

The color scheme and designs used in this room come across as sleek and modern. From the dark chair blended with the white walls, this room stands out.

14. Fall Colors

The browns and orange used in this room shine with light from the window. It reminds of of a calm fall day.

15. Classic Crib

This room is full of classic designs. This crib has a traditional look to it and will be perfect for your little one to lay down on.

16. Ready for Anything

You have a great changing station here as well as a comfortable couch space to lay back on for those long days.

17. Hardwood Blends

This room blends great hardwood walls and floors with a fantastic pastel blue. Kick back in this comfortable floor chair and take a nap.

18. Designs Galore

When you have so many designs in mind, use them all. This room shows you how multiple design styles can really work well together.

19. Simple Decor

The plant art is simple and graceful. This room sits on a great hardwood floor that is stylish and bold.

20. Classic White

This tree comes out of the wall and can double as shelves for your nursery items. The light colors used here blend well.

21. Elegant Styles

The decor on the wall is simple and makes an elegant statement. This white crib blends well with the style of the room.

22. The Next Step

This bed is set up to be ready as your little ones grows up. The nursery turns into a kids room seamlessly.

23. Looking Up

The ceiling comes to life in this nursery. The carpet has a great design that mixes well with the drapes. All of this shines in great natural light.

24. Shining Style

The light pours in the window to light up this space with a fantastic blue carpet.

25. Perfectly Gray

Sometimes, grays just work. This room opens up to the fresh air and has plenty of handsome designs.

26. Stripes and All

Stripe the wall with larger stripe for a handsome effect. The hardwood floor sports a great purple rug that stands out and give the space character.

27. Room for All

You have room for two little ones here. Decorated with great wallpaper and featuring drawers for both sides, this nursery is ready for anything.

28. Initial Space

With big letters you can put your little one’s initials on the wall. With a great color blend at work in this room, you can relax and enjoy great moments here.

29. Perfect Rug

Sometimes the perfect rug will really center a room. This one has a great design that doesn’t go overboard with the colors. It is just right.

30. Classic and Light

Classic and timeless decor grace this room that shines in the light. It all works so well with the exposed brick.

31. Colorful Fun

This nursery is a colorful dream space. The carpet plays perfectly with the decor around the room and is a burst of life.

32. Animals and Trees

This is such a happy room. The white tree goes up the wall where you can find shelves for the animals.

33. Calm and Comfortable

What a perfect blend of light colors with the wooden designs. The reflective chest of drawers reflects the handsome styles in this room.

34. Wise Decor Style

The bronze used throughout this room is a great way to create a room of wisdom. This room is ready for you to sit and relax.

35. The Animals Go By

It is like the animals are on parade here. This cream colored room is soft and welcoming. It will be perfect for your little one.

36. Bricks With Character

The white brick in this nursery creates a great industrial feel. This room is open and lively and will be sure to create some fun memories.

37. Two for Elegance

The drapes go up the wall and take over the ceiling. This space will house both little ones and keep everyone comfortable.

38. Space to Play and Learn

With a little desk on one side, you can be sure that your child will have plenty of time to learn and have fun.

39. Great Window

When you have a wide window like this, make it useful. This bench gives you plenty of space to relax in the natural light.

40. Tree Shelves

The tree becomes a place for decor and books.  The hardwood floor is matched by the imitation tree stump for a table.

41. The Stars Align

With stars on the wall and the moon shining near the light, this room will give your little one many good nights.

42. Hero Hangout

You can give your  little hero a hero’s theme. This room has cute and creative decor that make the room a fun place.

43. Blue for You

The calm blues used in this room are brought to life with this blue and white carpet. Sometimes it’s the simple things that make a room spark.

44. Pink Dreams

The pink mixed with the near purple colors work well to create a dream space. With the natural light shining in, this room is lively.

45. Bright and Open

If you have an abundance of natural light, take advantage of it. This room has a great hardwood floor and a fantastic blue wall to make it shine.

46. Tent Fun

Putting a little tent in a nursery will create a fun place to make memories. With great color schemes and patterns working together, this room is great for anyone.

47. Working Colors

With a simple and creative design idea, like these dots on the wall, you can bring out the styles of the rest of the room.

48. It All Matches

Even though there are different patterns used on the walls and carpets, it all work to make this space shine with life. The blues work.

49. Traditional and Cozy

A traditional design will always work, especially when it is lit up with natural light and the colors are chosen perfectly.

50. Rustic Style

With the hardwood counter and the crib, you can sense a slight rustic feel to this room that makes it great.
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