40 Cute Small Bedroom Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

Designing a bedroom is a personal process. It is where you will be spending so much time and where you should let your personality really take over. There are so many different design options to choose from, but the final choice is ultimately yours. So let us help you get it right.

When working with a smaller bedroom, you can still have everything you want and need. You will love the 40 ideas we have gathered below. Grab your pen and pad and get ready to jot down some amazing ideas as you start to design your next bedroom.

Design Ideas for Small Bedrooms

1. Contemporary Artwork

This room take a symmetrical design and modern artwork to make it seem much larger than it is. The whole design flows together nicely.

2. Classy Minimal

Thanks to the large windows that let the natural light flow in, this room has a grand sense of style. With great hardwood lining the ceiling, the decor and patterns work well.

3. Great Shelf Space

The shelf space in this room is meant to be both decorative and functional. With great symmetry here, this room is ready for all of your needs.

4. Personalized Design

No matter what size bedroom you are designing, make it your own. This shows you just how fun it can be to personalize your space to your tastes and style.

5. Classic Comfort

The furniture is a beautiful darker hardwood style that goes well with the hardwood floor. With simple framed decor, this room has a grand sense of design.

6. No Wasted Space

Just because you have a space that meets the ceiling like this doesn’t mean you can’t use it all. This room wastes no space and brings in plenty of light.

7. Perfect and Light

With a space like this, don’t settle for anything less than fully functional. This room was designed for comfort, giving you everything you need in a bedroom.

8. A Traveler Style

With beautiful wallpaper, wonderful patterns, and great decor, this room is fit for a world traveler ready to explore. Enjoy the designs in this room.

9. Traditional Symmetry

With a beautiful bohemian style, this room is symmetrical and graceful. The yellows really bring out the design of the room and bring the space to life.

10. Great Storage

Don’t use vital space around the room to store simple items. When you have storage options like this, other spaces are freed up.

11. World Map

Walls don’t have to be plain. This room uses a great world map that perfectly matches the color scheme of the room.

12. Matching Patterns

When working with darker walls, you can really get creative with decor. The artwork and fabrics work together to create a wonderful contrast to the walls.

13. Functional Storage

When you have plenty of books and beautiful decor to show off, make plenty of shelf space to show it off. This whole room is tied together by a great hardwood design.

14. Beautiful Hardwood

The hardwood steals the show in this room. When coupled with the beautiful decor and great patterns, this room is open and welcoming.

15. Complete Relaxation

Let no space go wasted. That is the mantra of this room, with a comfortable relaxation spot right by the window, taking in plenty of natural light.

16. Cozy and Complete

This room is comfortably perfect, with the bed snugged in with room to spare. The mirror above the bed makes the room seem larger and the symmetrical design works well.

17. Modern Ideas

The cracked wall design is amazing and lit perfectly. The unique floating bed looks amazing and bring this room a great contemporary feel.

18. Creative Decor

You don’t have to over complicate things in a bed room. The decor and furniture is simple and the three toned color scheme works with it well.

19. Bright and Welcoming

The washed hardwood style used here is matched so well by the light and comfortable design of the room. This is the perfect place to relax.

20. Amazing Comfort

This is such a comfortable space for you to relax in. With the bed right against the window for great natural light, you can enjoy the colors and comfort of this space any time of day.

21. Great Book Space

This room has a modern sense of style and takes advantage of great shelf space. With minimal decor to clutter the room, this space seems larger than it really is.

22. A Modern Blend

With stone style walls on one side and wood style on the other, this bedroom is a blend of contemporary designs. With a comfortable bed and plenty of shelf space, you will love this room.

23. Space Saver

Fold the bed down to get some sleep, then put it back up to give yourself plenty of room. This whole space is made to be functional in every way.

24. Vertical Space

When you have a smaller space, you have to get creative. Putting the bed up like this gives you plenty of room to live in the rest of the space.

25. Fold Away

There is no need to be cramped and crowded in your room. Fold the bed down when it is time for sleep and put it back up when you need to get some work done.

26. Easy Separation

When you have a space where everything is connected, make simple wooden separators so that you create some “rooms.” This whole space is wonderfully functional.

27. Separated Function

You have everything you need in this space with storage shelves that separate, yet connect it all. Work in your office space then head right over to the bed for some sleep.

28. Walk Up Style

This bed is raised above the floor and has great shelving on either side. This whole design looks amazing, giving you plenty of room to move around.

29. A Vanity Spot

This great hardwood floor is contrasted well by the light walls and decor of this room. This vanity space will always be here to help you get ready for the day.

30. All In One

This studio style room connect everything well, but still gives you a feeling of having separate rooms. The bedroom space takes in great natural light thanks to the window.

31. Perfect Wallpaper

The wallpaper here really brings this room to life. When matched with this comfortable fabric and hardwood floor, you have a nearly perfect room.

32. Simple Colors

The darker wall contrasts well with the light wall and natural light. The hardwood floor is a great base and the decor in this room is simple and stylish.

33. A Classic Style

Light and comfortable, this room has a wonderful sense of style at work. With great patterns and an abundance of natural light, this is your place to relax.

34. Great Hardwood Styles

This room has a rustic sense of style thanks to the wonderful hardwood ceiling and floor. With weathered style hardwood furniture, you will enjoy the bucolic sense of design.

35. Wonderful Decor Match

From the hardwood floor and furniture to the light walls, this room has a great sense of style. The decor is simple yet a perfect match for this space.

36. Entertainment Style

Personalize your room the exact way you want to. Let every detail reflect who you are. The colors and decor here are all made for comfort and entertainment.

37. Colorful and Classic

Light and classic, this room has a beautiful sense of style. The decor brings a traditional sense and the light colors liven the whole room.

38. Complete Storage Wonder

The storage in this room surrounds the bed, giving plenty of space throughout the rest of the room. The natural hardwood look is a perfect fit for this room.

39. Simple Match

Don’t over complicated a room. This space has great furniture and simple decor, leaving plenty of room to move around.

40. Double Design

This room will sleep two easily and the light colors contrast well with the durable hardwood floor. The whole style reminds you of a beach theme.
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