35 Elegant Traditional Kitchen Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Updated on January 3, 2022

Rich wood floors warm up any space, but they often go unnoticed. Your kitchen island doesn’t have to be the case. A well-appointed kitchen island is often the center of attention in a spacious kitchen design. It can go from any shapes and sizes, even in numbers.

However you decide the size and scale, the primary reason in deciding to have one is the function it will perform. Planning how you cook should be taken into consideration, alongside the needs of the other users in the household.

Combining a breakfast nook with the kitchen island might be the best idea there is, since the invention of the Victorian bridge faucet in copper metal. For a small family with kids, having to be able to cook on one side of the island while the others are eating on the other can be a good reason to invest. You may opt for a double-tiered counter height to avoid spillage, especially with a narrow width.

To make sure a visual continuous flow all around your kitchen, opting for the same countertop finish you already have can be a smart choice. And while the white paint on your kitchen island is a standard go-to for an all-white kitchen, black is a less-expected and very sophisticated alternative.

Traditional Kitchen Design Ideas

1. Raw Support

Functional raw wood post and truss becomes a fashionable design detail on this contemporary kitchen. White paneled cabinets, hardwood floors, and wood paneling at the back of the hood all helped to make someone feel at home.

2. The Feeling Is Neutral

Sleek white countertop headlined a black kitchen island, wooden stools and hardwood floors for an all-neutral spectacle.

3. Beige Impact

Soft, warm beige helped the architectural detailing of this traditional kitchen to showcase itself. The long kitchen island topped with a brown stone serves as a functional accent.

4. Coffee, Teal, Or Me

Adorable teal title backsplash made an appearance in this kitchen number. Filled with all-white kitchen cabinets, the satin hardwood floors help illuminate the space.

5. Hello Yellow

Serene kitchen interior with a large arched window dons a black and yellow Roman shade with geometrical patterns. The dogs bed setting echoes the same thoughtful colors of fabric.

6. Sink Ahoy

White brick tiles envelopes the wall of this kitchen that features minimal cabinetry and a deep black sink.

7. Rustic Man

Heavily decorated rustic kitchen interior is updated with simple white cabinets and marble stone countertop to balance things out with the black framed sliding door.

8. Play And Display

A child’s wish comes true every time the door of this dreamy candy room opens. Fitted with lighted shelving and cabinets, an array of colorful candies neatly lined up.

9. Give And Bake

An efficiently baking equipment storage boast sliding drawers with name tags and accessible open shelving.

10. French Coast

French high chairs add to the allure and glamour of a well-lighted traditional kitchen. Floor rug placed on the hardwood floor gives a warm and homey appeal.

11. Norah Apron

A hypnotic double-tiered black kitchen island features a long neck faucet. Reflective stone flooring helps illuminate the space.

12. Cropped Ceiling

To emphasize an irregular-shaped kitchen island, an irregular-shaped dropped ceiling hovers and holds crystal chandeliers to bestow elegance and prestige.

13. Window For Light

A well-lit kitchen with large glass windows provides a picturesque view of the surrounding. Stone countertop on all working areas ties the details of the kitchen like a nice red ribbon.

14. Happy And Gray

A sophisticated shade of grey is brilliantly picked to dress all the cabinets to create a relaxing kitchen area. The tile flooring and crystal pendant lighting lend a decorative and charismatic appeal to whole space.

15. Wood Mood

The stained wood kitchen island stands at the center of attention donning a black countertop against a backdrop of all-white kitchen cabinets and hardwood flooring.

16. Purple Mission

A touch of purple playfully adds a sense of crafty mood to a humble kitchen inspired by Monica and Rachel’s apartment in Friends.

17. Note To Shelf

Add a little interest to your modest kitchen by simply adding in a delightful band of soft-colored teal bricks bordering the kitchen workspace. Then add a store-bought shelves for an extra clever storage.

18. Pantry Door

A well-organized pantry area is maximized by the employ of sliding shelves in different sizes, all fit nicely behind a white paneled wooden door.

19. Beams Of Fire

Extremely hospitable and drool-worthy interior by smart space planning. The dining table set is within reach of a dramatic floating island outside the kitchen with an arched doorway.

20. Bar Passer

Come home and unwind in this stylish marble top bar and comfortable barstools while dinner is being cooked in a well-appointed stove nearby.

21. Justin Weaver

Rattan covered barstool magnify the beach appeal of a cottage sanctuary that features plank ceiling and hardwood floors.

22. Basket Pantry

Elevate your pantry game and add basket trays lined with cloth as additional storage space. The all-wood shelves in this pantry created a charismatic and functional way to organize all kitchen equipment.

23. Hall The Way Down

Pull together a look simply by coordinating paint colors. Here, the all-white cabinet and white stone countertop of the kitchen island is parted in the middle by the hardwood floors.

24. Hood My Hand

For an instant lived-in look, a well-placed rug adds a charismatic appeal to an all-white cottage style apartment.

25. By The Hood

A sheet of metal covers the kitchen hood with carbon steel screw connects and itself to the red accent chair with nailhead detailing. The red Roman flowery shade echoes the sentiment as it quietly sits by the window.

26. Peter Pattern

An elegant pattern is thoughtfully highlighted by a soft lighting in this alluring kitchen interior. The claystone flooring exudes a distinctly tasteful personality.

27. Round The Bar

A round bar extension is fashioned together with the kitchen island countertop. And with a classic olive green paint, it imbues an understated and charming character to the whole space.

28. Shopping Wood

The stained wood countertop of this kitchen island commands the attention from any angle. Highlighted by the suspended glass lighting fixture, form and function are found in one place.

29. It’s All White

The style of this kitchen interior which is composed of an all-white paneled cabinet, modern kitchen fixture, and a floating kitchen island is punctuated by the use of x-back barstools with upholstered seat.

30. Food Maximus

Crafty and brilliantly designed pantry maximize the most out of its space through the use of smart hardware and open shelving.

31. Gray Heir

A gray tile backsplash injects interest in a humble kitchenette with stainless steel kitchen equipment and black drawer handles.

32. Press Buttons To Eject

A deep shade of blue tie the styles together of this table with button handles and the Roman shade of a nearby window.

33. Tesserae, Sera

A delightful mosaic tile made an appearance as the backsplash and gives depth to the back wall of this bright kitchen interior.

34. Bay The Window

A quick rest is in order. A bay window with a red bench seat filled with snug pillows offers a place of relaxation after a whole morning of cooking. The checkered flooring reinforces the playful character.

35. Rural Juror

A charismatic countryside kitchen with stone countertop on its kitchen island is sandwiched between the aisles of the spacious kitchen.