52 Living Rooms Guaranteed to Wow You (Photo Gallery)

Updated on October 7, 2022

Is it time for you to design your living room? It can be overwhelming when you first start the process. There are so many different ideas out there that it can be hard to settle on just one. But guess what? You don’t have to settle on just one. Feel free to mix and match whatever you like. It’s your room.

No matter what kind of space you have to work with, from large to small and everywhere in between, you can find the designs that work for you. Below you will see 52 great ideas. Some of them are classic, some are modern. Some of them just can’t be put into one category because they blend designs. Take a look below and find some ideas that work for you.

Extraordinary Living Room Design Ideas

1. City Beach Scene

This living room blends the modern artwork of a city style with beach designs. Who says you can only use one?

2. By the Window

This living room is centered around the windows that let the natural light shine in. Enjoy yourself in this relaxing space.

3. Grand Space

Large and stylish. That is how to describe this living room. From the high windows to the warm fireplace, you can catch up with friends and family here.

4. Large Window

With a large window at the end of the living room to lighten the space, this room uses great patterns to do with he hardwood floor.

5. Artwork Blend

This piece of art blends perfectly with the color scheme of this room. This living room is bright and full of life.

6. Surrounded By Light

This living room is surrounded by light from all sides. Enjoy relaxing in this space that is perfectly decorated to capture the light.

7. Open and Retro

Enjoy the retro feeling this decor brings to this living room that is graced with windows all along the wall.

8. Cultural Plus

This living room uses great cultural artwork to bring it to life. With simple yet stylish furniture, you can relax here.

9. Earth Designs

This living room makes use of earth tones and great artwork to blend it with the outside world.

10. To the Patio

This patio is just an extension of the living room. Open up these doors to continue entertaining your friends and family in style.

11. Stylish View

With a view that kills, this modern living room is high class and stylish. Entertain guests or relax on your own.

12. Elegant Tropic

Classy furniture is blended with the exposed beams and decor to bring an upscale tropical sense to this living room.

13. Rustic Loft

No matter what your spacing requirements are, you can design something that works for you. This loft style living space is perfectly balanced.

14. Wooden Styles

This room blends two styles of wood and is perfect for your entertainment needs. The surround sound will let you experience all of the action.

15. A Space for Decor

The high ceiling allows you to bring your decor to a new level here. Simple and not overwhelming, this living room pops with life.

16. Knowledge Corner

Display all your books here in this colorful space. Sit by the window and immerse yourself in another world.

17. Simple Entertainment

With decor that brings color and life to this space, you can sit back and enjoy a show or just relax in the natural light.

18. Brick and Beams

Welcome the rustic style with the stacked stone fireplace and the exposed beams blended with this contemporary furniture.

19. Geometric Designs

This fun space uses geometric patterns to bring it texture. All bathed in natural light, this living room comes to life.

20. Room to Enjoy

Slide open the door to this space where you can sit and relax. Comfortable and cozy, you can disappear here for a whole day.

21. Back in Time

Liek something from a medieval period, this living room makes use of the high ceiling with exposed wooden beams and the brick fireplace.

22. Contemporary Spaces

Using grays, blacks, and whites, this living room blends contemporary art with modern furniture to make a comfortable space.

23. Elegant Decor

With a great pattern for this carpet, this living room shows off its elegance with a glass display case and great furniture.

24. Wooden Ceiling

This great wooden ceiling is accented by contemporary artwork and slightly retro furniture. This space bring a peaceful balance to the living room.

25.White Designs

The walls and furniture are white and blend perfectly with this durable hardwood table.

26. Open Exposure

The artwork’s colors match the furniture in this living room that uses large windows for an open style.

27. Blended Space

This living room is the center of a house that is all connected. This open floor plan lets you get from place to place easily.

28. Cocoon Style

Featuring a cocoon style fireplace and colorful furniture, you will not be bored in this living room that is full of warmth and life.

29. City Light

This couch stretches down both walls and will give you plenty of room to entertain friends and family. The windows let the natural light shine in.

30. Traditional Warmth

The shelves on this wall will let you display decor of all sizes. Relax in front of the television and catch up on the latest entertainment.

31. Floor Style

With a colorful space to relax in, you can get comfortable on these brilliantly designed floor pillows.

32. Modern Country

Let your heart shine through the decor you display. This room shows a country love with a modern design plan.

33. Multiple Patterns

There is no rule that white rooms have to be bland. Look at how much life comes to this room with some color and great patterns.

34. Artistic Flair

This living room blends brown with white for a great balance. The artwork sets a mood that begs to have elegance.

35. Welcoming Hands

Theses open hands will welcome you to this bright and lively living room. Turn on the television and catch up on your entertainment.

36. Modern Gem

With artwork and decor that shows off a modern style, this living room blends right into the bedroom seamlessly.

37. Simply Lit

With stylish windows to let in an abundance of natural light, this living room makes the minimal approach work well.

38. Relaxation Spot

Relax on this bench style seating and look out the window on a beautiful day. This living room is well lit and ready for you to enjoy.

39. Elegant and Warm

Warm, grand, and elegant. This living room is all three of those things. With a great space to work with, this living room blends earth tones with this stacked stone fireplace.

40. Connected to the Outdoors

Kick back and enjoy the fireplace or the television in this living room that makes use of large windows to connect you to the outside world.

41. Low Table

Not all living room tables have to be the same. This low table is stylish and functional at the same time.

42. Glowing with Life

This stacked stone fireplace brings character to this living room. Enjoy the view from the many windows offered here.

43. Stone Tower

This stone fireplace rises up tall and makes a statement in this living room. Relax here with this low center table and enjoy a warm night.

44. Hardwood Character

A hardwood floor in the living room can be used to brings the space to life. This simple yet beautiful carpet brightens up a space that is well lit.

45. Rustic Exposure

Exposed wooden beams and ceiling and an old-style fireplace set the mood for this rustic living room.

46. Reflective Elegance

This reflective furniture gives a modern elegant style to this room and shines the light all around. Entertain your friends and family with class.

47. Entertainment in Style

The stones on either side of the television bring this room symmetry and style. Turn on the fire and relax for the evening.

48. Cozy Window Corner

This corner is surrounded by windows so you can relax with a book and read the day away.

49. Open to the World

Whether you want to sit by the fire or on the couch looking out at the world, this living room is ready for you.

50. Classic Brilliance

This classic and traditional design will find you and your guests comfortable seated around a warm fire.

51. Great Shelf Style

These slanted shelves are stylish will give you plenty of room to display your books and decor.

52. A Space to Remember

With a blend of old-style, retro, and contemporary items, this eclectic living room will always be a fun space to relax.
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