28 Striking Industrial Kitchen Design Ideas (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 29, 2022

Don’t ever settle for a kitchen design that you won’t be happy with for years to come. When you are designing your house, you want everything to match your personality and ideas, so make sure you take your time.

Industrial kitchen designs are popular because they blend so well with many different styles. There is no single industrial style. Instead, you will find a range of options. From modern styles, to designs more traditional and classic, you can get as creative as you want.

Take a look at the 28 industrial kitchen design and ideas below and see if this could be a fit for you.

Industrial Style Kitchen Design Ideas

1. Well Designed Industry

The hardwood designs of this kitchen meld seamlessly with the appliances and surrounding spaces. Connected to the comfortable living room, this elegant industrial kitchen is wonderful.

2. Hardwood Dream

When you have hardwood designs like this, that all come together so perfectly, you don’t have to do much else. The opaque cabinets slide to give you a great effect on the whole space.

3. Contemporary and Open

This bright space is lively and opened up. A light hardwood floor connects all areas of this house, centering on the kitchen that is adorned with high windows for plenty of natural light.

4. Darker Style

To go with the while wall of this kitchen, a darker style of counter and cabinets is used. The simple, yet functional, shelving used above the sink is both stylish and purposeful.

5. Red Brick Blend

This kitchen take industrial styles, like the red brick, and blends it with modern shelving and appliances. The affect is wonderful, creating a calm space for you to enjoy.

6. Wonderful Brick Style

With a brick floor to blend with the walls, this kitchen mixes a rustic sense of style with industrial functionality. The hardwood center island looks great and gives plenty of extra cooking space.

7. All Organized

You always want to keep your drawers organized, but somehow they always end up messed up. That won’t happen with a space like this where you can have everything in its place.

8. Exposed Pipe Style

There is nothing that shows industrial style more than exposed pipes in the ceiling. They give character to this space. The whole kitchen is open and stylish, connected to the rest of the house.

9. Stainless Steel Designs

The stainless steel appliances of this kitchen blend with the light wall designs and the sleek shelving. You have room for all of your cooking needs here, and everything is easily accessible.

10. Functional Beauty

The white brick style of the kitchen walls blends perfectly with the wooden shelving that looks great and serves a purpose. The bar wraps around the wall to give you extra eating space.

11. Weathered Hardwood Floor

The weathered style hardwood center island really brings character to this space. Open and bright, thanks to the roll up doors and windows, you will find all of your needs met here.

12. Fantastic Exposed Ceiling

The exposed wooden ceiling of this kitchen sets the tone for the overall design. From the floor to the dining table, the combinations work well.

13. Dine-In Perfection

The contrasting brick walls, rough red brick on one side and smooth white brick on the other, make for a perfect couple in this kitchen.

14. Dark and Light Contrast

With a dark upper half and a light bottom half, this kitchen creates beautiful contrasts. The sleek and modern designs of this space show off its functionality.

15. Country Style Industrial

With decor to remind you of a country but designs that lend it towards industrial, you get the best of both worlds. Charm and functionality all in one space.

16. Pitched Hardwood Ceiling

The pitched hardwood ceiling of this kitchen looks fantastic and goes with this well lit space. The natural light shines in the many windows to show off the great color schemes.

17. Wonderful Windows

The blend of white and black with the stainless steel designs works perfectly. The large windows give this space and open sense and wonderful natural light.

18. New Age Style

The design of this kitchen is a new age, slightly Southwest style. The hardwood blends well with the stone walls. The decor is simple, but makes a powerful statement.

19. Fresh Design Style

The sleek floor of this kitchen is contrasted by the hardwood ceiling. In between, you see the wonderful functionality of the space. Easily connected to the outside, you will be comfortable here.

20. Bold Hardwood Designs

The center island of this kitchen has wonderful bar style seating. The black cabinet style blends perfectly with the hardwood drawers and sleek appliances.

21. Modern Industry

The dark hardwood floor is met with beautiful hardwood styles for the center island and the cabinets. The dark stone style wall behind the stove is the perfect fit for this space.

22. Skylight Perfection

This kitchen is open and light thanks to the skylights and many windows throughout the space. The classic cabinets and stove vent create a wonderful blend against the white brick.

23. Bohemian Industrial

The unfinished brick style wall here brings the perfect backdrop for artwork. The open floor plan gives you plenty of room to move around and a great space for cooking and entertaining.

24. Sleek Meets Unfinished

On one side you have a red brick wall and on the other a weathered hardwood wall. In between the two, a contemporary styled kitchen comes together.

25. All In One

This kitchen area blends a great storage area and modern dining table with the industrial style red brick wall. Open, with a classic and contemporary blend, this space is wonderful.

26. Matching Designs

The dark blue drawers and cabinets are the perfect complement to the white counter tops and copper piping near the hardwood shelves. The chevron floor design brings the kitchen great texture.

27. Compact Functionality

Inside this large studio style industrial space, this kitchen has its own compact area. You will find everything you need right here, and plenty of natural light shines in.

28. Modern and Open

With a modern brick style that features calm lighting, you can really see the contemporary designs of this open space.
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