66 Exciting Inspirations for Your Kitchen (Photo Gallery)

Updated on March 3, 2023

Are you looking for some new ideas for kitchen design?  If so, you’ve come to the right place.  In this article, you will see a huge amount of ideas you can put to use in your own home. Colorful pictures abound, showing everything from country wood to organization and storage solutions, the best in counter space for the cooking enthusiast to creative lighting fixtures, and eye-catching hardwood floors of unbelievable glossiness to soft and classic color combinations.

These exciting kitchen ideas are sure to inspire you.  You’ll notice that there are some unique style approaches and color schemes, including soft and classic color combinations.  There are also ideas for windows, the use of fresh bright white, shelving solutions and extensive cabinetry, and upmarket stainless steel appliances.

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Inspiring Kitchen Design Ideas

1. Dark-wood floor in a large, airy space

This kitchen’s dark-wood flooring give this large and airy space a grounded and comforting feel.

2. Country wood and edgy metal

This kitchen’s floor has a deliberately weathered look that mixes curiously and appealingly with the large chrome lighting fixtures above.

3. Cherry and ivory

This curious storage nook with gorgeous cherry hardwood floors is used for everything from cereal to books.

4. Well-organized treasures

This rustic wooden cabinet fits an extraordinary amount of food for your cooking adventures.

5. A splash of pink

Pink upholstered chairs with dark-wood legs and pink throw rugs on a lovely hardwood floor make for a unique look.

6. Shiny gray counters

Smooth gray counters so shiny you can see your reflection and a well-placed window are important elements of this look.

7. For the organized home cook

Daylight floods in this charming kitchen with strikingly white counters, rose accents, and many opportunities for impeccable organization.

8. Lighting fixtures you’ve never imagined

These truly original hanging lighting fixtures are for those of us not afraid to be different.

9. Small but stylish

This stylish space is compact yet highly functional.

10. Woodblock and wicker

Chairs made of the curious combination of wicker and metal do well paired with a woodblock food preparation space.

11. Flowers set the tone

Expansive drawers give lots of storage space in this functional kitchen space.  Flower displays warm up the space.

12. Numerous nooks and shelves in a smooth painted cabinet

This gorgeous cabinet is practical as well as attractive.  You’ll never lose anything again!

13. A cheerful experience

This kitchen features lots of white, making for a cheerful experience.

14. Ornate brass-toned chandelier

This space’s splendid cream cabinetry with a slightly rosy tint is beautifully set off by an ornate brass-toned chandelier that lights up the room.  Windows on a unique second level are the most intriguing feature, and are adorned with golden curtains.

15. A purple presence

This unique kitchen concept includes a purple island with drawers and a white counter top sitting atop a sturdy hardwood floor.  A window letting in bright white light sits at the foot of the room.

16. The kitchen for book lovers

Can’t decide whether you want a larger kitchen or a library?  With this concept, you can have a bit of both!

17. Comfy breakfast nook in the sunshine

Just imagine enjoying a delicious breakfast on these cushioned benches beside a large, elegant window.

18. A practical idea you’ll appreciate

Avoid musty kitchen cloths by hanging them on this handy rack.

19. A twist on traditional

Stainless steel, cupboards the color of buttermilk, touches of stone, and vintage wood turns out to be a great combination.

20. Cupboards and cabinets as far as the eye can see

This gorgeous design offers large numbers of attractive cupboards and cabinets for storage and organization.

21. Dark hardwood, stainless steel, and soft ivory

This charming kitchen is perfect for anyone who appreciates simple yet elegant beauty.

22. Bright yellow flowers and uniquely molded cabinets

Flowers of bright yellow bring extra sunshine to this sophisticated design.

23. Storage corner with excellent shelving

This simple yet attractive pantry area is an excellent addition to any kitchen.

24. Unique and stylish cabinet storage solution

This impressive wooden cabinet has maximum space for all your kitchen wants and needs.

25. Home is where the heart is

The addition of a heart motif gives this upmarket kitchen a warm and cozy atmosphere.

26. Upmarket appliances in a brightly lit kitchen space

An abundance of windows and modern lighting fixtures complement the best in stainless steel appliances and a quiet breakfast table.

27. Grand dark wooden rafters and lantern-look lights

This long expanse combines a rustic feel, created by substantial rafters and lantern-look hanging light fixtures, with the best in sophisticated comfort.

28. Handy hidden compartment

This hidden compartment makes it easy to store away some of your more utilitarian kitchen tools.

29. Crystal daylight

A dainty crystal light fixture hangs before a clear and elegant window in this charming design.  Simple accents and white surfaces with touches of blush completes this look.

30. Simple art prints and geometric wallpaper

This design idea features harmonious visual appeal.

31. Enviable windows and cream-colored comfort

These expansive and elegant windows let the light pour in, illuminating this kitchen’s beautiful features.

32. Country elegance

Soft daylight pours through the window of this charming country kitchen with lovely cream-colored cabinets and colorful homespun accents.

33. Drawers with spacious slots

This intriguing drawer design with slots for organization of kitchen equipment could be useful in your home.

34. A filing cabinet for your kitchen tools

This unusual cabinet will make finding whatever you need in the kitchen simple and easy.

35. Under The Bridge

The stained wood kitchen island is topped by a glossy stone slab and fabulously decorated with Victorian bridge faucet.

36. My Way Or The Subway

Subway tiles draped as the kitchen backsplash and hood facade created the harmonious all-white interior of the kitchen. The industrial pendant lighting is a welcome fashionable accessory.

37. Half And Half

Half round bar table in wood finish made an appearance in a black and white kitchen adorned by vintage pendant lamps and modern bar stool.

38. Wrought It Down

Ornamental wrought iron lighting fixture put the spotlight on the glossy stone countertop and served it as the crowning glory of this traditional kitchen.

39. Something Narrow

The tall and narrow kitchen made the most out of its limited space by incorporating an open pantry storage for easy access.

40. Brick By Rick

Exposed brick in the wall highlights the rustic sensibility of the apartments’ simplified white kitchen. A pair of black stools made a chic contrast to the interior.

41. Gene Gray

Modern stainless steel chairs in white leather seat adhere to the all-white attire of a fabulously hot kitchen. Graystone countertop provides a functional statement.

42. Jade And Smooth

Glossy marble flooring helped brighten the all green color scheme of this extravagant kitchen while the elegant shaded chandelier imbues undeniable sophistication.

43. Boy’s Range

Ceramics in teal-colored illustration hangs on the mantle on top of the kitchen stove top. Subway tiles used as backsplash adds depth and texture to the all-white cabinet paneling.

44. Panel No. 5

Circular pendant lighting lends a refined sense of taste to an all white and bright kitchen interior that features natural colored hardwood floors and gray accent wall.

45. Gushing Machine

A washing machine hides whenever not in use in a multi-purpose room that features a charming dining nook amplified by the glossy stained hardwood floor.

46. Tiler Durden

Mix different layouts using the same material to create an instant interest like the kitchen backsplash in the photo. Here, the chevron pattern in the center is bordered by margin tiles and the rest is laid in a brick pattern.

47. Breakfast At Tyffany

Teal colored drawers hold the silverware neatly organized by the use of wooden partition.

48. Best Leg Forward

The cantilevered stone countertop is supported by joists that gives excitement to the kitchen island. Chocolate brown paint lets the island stand out and commands attention.

49. Hue Jackman

A tinge of mint green enriched the ceramic display and countertop of a showcase cabinet.

50. I Scream Cone

This kitchen dons a steel cone pendant light that helps highlights the important function and inherent beauty of the marble top kitchen island.

51. Mullion Dollar Baby

Decorative mullions fortified the traditional look of the glass door cabinets while wooden countertops bring the attention to itself.

52. Glass Man Standing

Clear glass cabinet doors in the top portion of this display cabinet created a striking place to showcase some fabulous glassware.

53. Candle Jenner

Glass Georgian-style chandelier accompanies the bronze kitchen hood to lend some opulence to the white marble countertop.

54. Stowage Unit

A stone countertop of a contemporary kitchen features a cleverly hidden storage for a folding chair.

55. Mr Beam Bastic

Stained wood beams magnify the rustic appeal of a traditional kitchen. Upholstered chair with nailhead detailing offered a cushioned comfort to the stone top kitchen island.

56. Bluer The Hue

A touch of blue color applied to the fabric of an x-back bar chair accompanies the blue-green wall hanged porcelain and accents in the Roman shade of a bight and clean traditional kitchen.

57. Buffy The Vampire Layer

Double tiered bar counter formed a connection with the tall kitchen cabinet build-up through their matching stone countertop.

58. Flat Lining

Clean lines and button hardware weld the cabinets of this kitchen to the rest of the minimalistic interior that features a hardwood flooring.

59. Raw You Boat

Raw wooden beams impart a countryside feel to a kitchen that incorporated a stylish Bertoia Barstool and slate stone flooring.

60. Floor Power

Claystone flooring helped escalate the charm oozing from the paneled kitchen island with white stone top and wooden barstools.

61. Crisp And Ranchy

Detailing of the white cabinets take center stage and in this clean traditional kitchen. Black stone countertop then punctuated the allure and the function that it provides.

62. Curtain Love

Dramatic curtains grace the bay window of the dining area and impart a feminine touch to the all stained wood kitchen cabinets.

63. Post In The Shell

Supporting columns framed the kitchen island and anchored it to the ceiling and the all-white cabinets of a serene kitchen.

64. Cream Dreams

Matte off-white cabinets enriched the visual palette and juxtapose itself against the glossy subway tiles.

65. Plank Canvas

Glossy mild green color in the ceiling planks reflects some light off and helps brighten an all-white contemporary kitchen.

66. Tidy Whities

Peaceful and relaxing sea of white will greet you in this kitchen that took advantage of texture contrast and minimal architectural detailing to create a visually interesting picture.

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