33 Kitchens with White Cabinets and Black Granite (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 29, 2022

We love contrasts. That’s why we want to show you how to create beautiful contrasts in your kitchen.

Below, we have gathered over 30 kitchen that use lighter cabinets and match them with darker countertops. From traditional to contemporary, the designs you will see below show such a wide range of possibilities.

If you are going for a bold look in your kitchen, look no further. We are sure that you will see something you like below.

White Cabinet and Black Granite Kitchen Design Ideas

1. Cathedral Style

Cathedral Style

With a large and spacious floor plan, you can appreciate how the natural light shows off the contrasts in this kitchen.

2. Modern Industrial

Modern Industrial

The stone style floor in this kitchen really works well with the light cabinets and darker countertops.

3. Large Center Island

Large Center Island

These countertops are a light beige color and they blend perfectly with the bold darker counters. With plenty of room to work, this is a great space.

4. Great Blend With Hardwood

Great Blend With Hardwood

When you have bold hardwood floors and overhead beams, you can really appreciate the contrasts on display in this room.

5. All Around Dining

All Around Dining

To go with the light cabinets and dark countertops, look at how well this backsplash complements both.

6. Elegant Combination

Elegant Combination

There is a certain elegance about this room. With the dark counters working so well with the hardwood, this style is amazing.

7. Traditional Pairing

Traditional Pairing

You can sense the traditional style at work in this room, from the textured hardwood floor to the choice of cabinets.

8. Great Match With Hardwood

Great Match With Hardwood

This kitchen is a modern upgrade to a traditional style, giving you wonderful contrasts between white and black.

9. Simple and Spacious

Simple and Spacious

The subway tile backsplash is a great complement to the contrast between the countertops and white cabinets.

10. Multiple Tones

Multiple Tones

Looking around this room, you can see a great use of multiple color tones all around, from the hardwood to the cabinets and counters.

11. Country Styles

Country Styles

Welcome to a beautiful country style. With a contemporary flair, this space takes in the natural light to show off the design.

12. Old-Style Design

Old-Style Design

With a beautiful traditional style hood very at the center, the contrasts between light and dark in this kitchen work really well.

13. Easy and Comfortable

Easy and Comfortable

With modern stainless appliances, this kitchen has a charming country feel. Enjoy the blend of light and dark with hardwood.

14. All Combined

All Combined

The natural light shines down from above on this great kitchen. With room to cook and dine, you will love being in this space.

15. Open Style

Open Style

You can enjoy the designs of the tile around the backsplash because it really ties the cabinets and counters together well.

16. Natural Light Show

Natural Light Show

This kitchen would not stand out near as much without the darker countertops giving it a bold appearance.

17. Early Century Elegance

Early Century Elegance

Take a step back in time with the design of this kitchen. From the hardwood floors to the wood architecture, you will love this space.

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18. Modern Comforts

Modern Comforts

A bold and dark hardwood style works well with the combination of light and dark colors and the modern stainless steel.

19. Easy Styling

Easy Styling

This open floor plan gives you plenty of options and it looks great. A modern take on a traditional style, the darker counters work so well here.

20. Contemporary Transitions

Contemporary Transitions

Like a European minimal design, this kitchen relies on a simple light and dark contrasts to make it wonderful.

21. Classic Cabinets

Classic Cabinets

There is nothing complicated about this kitchen. Light cabinets and dark counters are matched perfectly by the backsplash.

22. Modern Minimal

Modern Minimal

This kitchen makes itself half light and half dark and it works so well. The contrasts bring such great character to the space.

23. New Meets Classic

New Meets Classic

The modern stainless steel appliances work well with the traditional pairing in this kitchen. The dark hardwood floors complete the design.

24. Spacious Floor Plan

Spacious Floor Plan

With a beautiful center island that has a dark counter, you can enjoy the balance of light and dark around the whole space.

25. Cream Colored Cabinets

Cream Colored Cabinets

These cream colored cabinets look great when paired with the darker counter on the center island.

26. Easy Displays

Easy Displays

These simple light cabinets stand out so much more thanks to the hark countertop here. With easy decor, this space works really well.

27. Stylish Contemporary

Stylish Contemporary

This whole kitchen opens to the outside and lets the natural light shine in on the beautiful contrasts.

28. Wonderful Material Style

Wonderful Material Style

The backsplash here should not be underrated. It works with the light cabinets to blend with the dark countertops.

29. Country Industrial

Country Industrial

This kitchen is an eclectic mix of styles but it works so well. Cozy and comfortable, there is a charming country sense here.

30. Gray Tones

Gray Tones

These gray toned cabinets are combined wonderfully with the dark countertops and hardwood floor.

31. Complete Classic

Complete Classic

With a classic stove hood vent and a beautifully tiled floor, the dark countertops are such a great way to bring some contrast to this space.

32. A New Industrial Style

A New Industrial Style

The darker backsplash is the perfect match for the countertops to make a contrast with the lighter cabinets.

33. Slight Contrasts

Slight Contrasts

With the simple addition of a dark countertop for the center island, the whole dynamic of this room changes for the better.
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