41 Living Rooms That Are Out of This World (Photo Gallery)

Updated on September 30, 2022

Have you ever walked into someone’s home and thought wow? If you’ve ever been impressed with someone else’s living room and wish you could have the same effect on people, there’s no reason you can’t. This massive list of amazing living rooms is packed with decorating ideas. All you have to do is take a closer look to see which rooms you like best.

If you’re thinking of designing or decorating a living room that will belong in your dream home, keep in mind that there is nothing better than looking at other people’s spaces to get the creative juices flowing.

The living room is a space where families go to spend time together, where guests gather to chat and where you can spend time when you just want to chill out and watch a movie or read a book. In short, when done right, the living room is the place you most want to be. It’s easy to turn it into an inviting space like that, and you’ll find your inspiration below.

Out of This World Living Room Designs

1. City Style

Bring a graffiti sense to this loft style city living room. It is contemporary and stylish.

2. Country Style

This living room brings the sense of an upscale country house with its charming columns and patterned wallpaper.

3. Raised Ceiling

The high ceiling of this living room adds to the life brought by the decor and lighting.

4. Open Floor Plan

This living room is in the center of this house that features an open floor plan. Every room is accessible from this living room.

5. Classically Modern

With a mix of classic and modern designs, this living room lets the natural light reflect around its space.

6. Blue Wave

A splash of color in the form of an abstract blue wave in this living room brings it to life. Enjoy the room or walk out to the patio for a bit.

7. Dark Luxury

With the walls colored a dark chocolate color, this room brings a sense of bold character. With plenty of space for book storage, you will get some serious work done here.

8. Colorful Blends

You don’t need a large space to bring a living room to life. This room uses great colors to blend with the hardwood floor that connects this house.

9. An Art Room

Filled with great conceptual artwork, this living room uses contemporary furniture to blend perfectly with the hardwood floor.

10. Contemporary Artwork

Black and white artwork are great tools to bring a modern feel to a room. This living room blends them with wonderful use of grays.

11. Wrap Around Sofa

This mid-century living room has a great sofa that will certainly accommodate every need you may have.

12. Bright Simplicity

Filled with natural light, this living room uses a great black, gray, and white color balance to bring it to life.

13. Modern Country Design

This great living room has a fantastic wooden table to balance with the weathered style hardwood floor.

14. Great Patterns

The colorful patterns used in this living room balance well with the olive green furniture. With mirrors to reflect the natural light, you will feel alive in this room.

15. Brick and Wood

This living room takes advantage of the exposed beams and brick to make a brilliant living space. The fireplace can be lit for warmth as you sit back and relax.

16. Tropical Style

Bright and filled with light. This living room takes advantage of the open feeling and makes it into a tropical space.

17. City Contemporary

With a large and luxurious space to entertain your guests, this living room is ready for you to catch up on the latest shows and movies.

18. Open Floor Design

With this simple but unique table in the center, this room feels open. Filled with great patterns and light, enjoy a beachy style of decor.

19. Comfortable and Light

With a classic decor that is filled with natural light, this living room will work for anyone. With a hardwood floor to balance with the light colors, you will find comfort here.

20. Bohemian Decor

Sometimes you just need something different. This bohemian decor brings life to this mid-century living room.

21. Wood Accents

The wood used behind the televison accents the living room. With great tile floors and contemporary furniture, this living room is lively.

22. Living and Dining

With windows surrounding this space, this living room blends well with the dining area. With a dark hardwood floor to connect everything, this space has great character.

23. Low-Back Couch

Not all furniture has to be the same. This living room features a great couch with a low back that you can comfortably relax on.

24. Wonderful Patterns

With colorful decor and great patterns that fill this space with life, this living room is ready for you and your friends.

25. Symmetry Style

Elegant and luxurious. That is the only way to describe this living room. Filled with great decor and featuring a symmetrical look, this room is brilliance.

26. Go to the Beach

 Open, bright, and modern are all words that come to mind with this living room. Connecting to the dining room perfectly, this space brings the feeling of being at the beach.

27. Show Off the Family

Family portraits and photos are great ideas for decor. This living room uses that idea brilliantly to match with the simple decor.

28. Cozy and Contemporary

With a great fireplace to warm the space, this living room comes complete with a bar and plenty of shelf space for books or decor.

29. Stacked Stone

Around this fireplace you will find a great stacked stone design that blends well with the hardwood floor. Filled with natural light, this open space is luxurious and stylish.

30. Colorful Decor

Bring life to a traditional living room with great use of color. Here you can see, from the vase to the art, color all around.

31. Calm and Classic

A classic living room with a warm fireplace can always be livened up by great artwork and color schemes.

32. Cooling Blues

With multiple shades of blue to brign s sense of calm to this room and a great, simple round table in the middle, this space is ready for you to entertain your family and friends.

33. Unique Lighting

This living room makes use of Asian design styles to bring a sense of Zen to your space.

34. Columned Table

This beautiful hardwood columned table is the centerpiece of this living room. It brings character to a space that is bright with light.

35. Classic and Timeless

This classically styles living room is alive with natural light from the large windows all around.

36. Modern and Open

The contemporary design of this living room is minimal and beautiful. This coderm fireplace will bring you warmth and comfort.

37. A Cabin Style

This isn’t simply a regular cabin living room. This is a luxury design that brings you closer to the wilderness outdoors.

38. Brick Wall

The hardwood floor and wall that uses larger bricks make this room warm and inviting for you. Sit by the fireplace and relax a bit.

39. Plant Life

This colorful living room shines with light from outdoors and is brought to life with an abundance of plant decor.

40. Traditional Beauty

Right after you finish a meal at the fantastic dining area, walk over and have a relaxing evening in this classic living room.

41. Abstract Entertainment

The artwork on the wall and the retro furniture will have you wanting to use this space as your place for entertainment.
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