37 Magnificent Home Exteriors (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

Making sure the outside of your home looks great is tough to do. Whether you are designing a new home or remodeling an existing one, the exterior is going to take a good bit of your time to get right. It is the one space that everyone sees, whether they are stopping at your home or not.

Getting the exterior done right it a priority and we want to help. Below, we’ve gathered 37 home exterior designs for you to browse through. They show you just how many different directions you can take with your home, from the architecture to the landscaping. Take your time and see if you like any particular style.

Magnificent Home Exterior Ideas

1. Darker Exterior

This large and beautiful home makes a good use of a darker exterior. With the white trim, it fits well with the well-planned landscaping.

2. Glowing and Fun

The outside of this house comes together perfectly. The swimming pool takes the center of attention, sitting in between the wings of the house.

3. High Overhang

This unique design is tall and looks wonderful. The house is open thanks to the large windows and you have plenty of room outside for get togethers.

4. Beautiful Manor

This colonial manor style shines with elegance and a symmetrical landscape design to match. The brick exterior is classic and helps keep a warm welcome.

5. Southwestern Design

This great design is classic Southwest and has wonderful plant life surrounding it. The brick patio will host family and friends any time.

6. Wonderful Stone Look

The stone that is used for part of this exterior blends well with the earth tones used for painting the siding. The outside works well with the environment.

7. Beautiful Landscaping

A beautiful house that works with the environment, this home has large open windows and a great two-car garage. The landscaping is well planned and looks great.

8. Darker Blends

This entire exterior blends so well together. The dark color used for the house transitions right into the wood deck and stone patio below.

9. Beautiful Material Choices

This home creates a warm and welcoming glow. With a mix of hardwood and stone designs that blend well together, this home is topped off by beautiful landscaping.

10. Multi-Step Lawn

The lawn around this house is so great that it is easy to miss the perfect color blends this house uses. The whole space is calm and inviting.

11. A Charming Space

This exterior is so charming that it is easy to miss the surroundings. This space creates a wonderful bucolic effect, fresh with gardens and flowers.

12. Stacked Stone

The lighter stacked stone blends really well with the white siding and trim here. This house is beautiful and has a two car garage to suit all your needs.

13. Classy Earth Tones

To blend with the stone design used on the lower portion of this house, wonderful earth tones are used. This is the perfect fit for the surroundings.

14. Metal Roof

With solid darker colors used for the siding, trim, and roof, the hardwood beams and stone fireplace create a wonderful contrast.

15. Brick Driveway

This home is surrounded by a beautiful landscape and uses color well to play off of it. The darker siding and roof, matched by the hardwood and stone, are the perfect fit.

16. Bright Beach

Nothing works better right off of the beach than a bright color scheme and an area to host parties. This home has both, and it is a step away from the sand.

17. Open Design

This modern architecture uses a wonderful color blend of black and white, highlighted by hardwood, blends well with the landscaping. Hidden rain gutters are a great alternative to traditional gutters.

18. Calm Landscaping

The brick pathways through this yard wind perfectly through a beautiful landscape right up to a house that glows with charm.

19. Geometric Styles

If you really take a moment to look, you can see that the geometric designs don’t stop with the house. The yard follows the concept for a great blend.

20. Grand Elegance

A house like this demands attention. With an open yard, it has a grand porch and uses wonderful colors to stand out.

21. White Walled

This classic peaked design has a wonderful white style that is perfectly contrasted by the dark shingles. With a beautiful yard to blend, this is a great space.

22. Blend with the Surroundings

A home like this just seems to blend with its surroundings. Built on a hill, it takes a low profile and the light brown color helps it stand out.

23. Dutch Colonial

A classic Dutch colonial style is symmetrical and features decor and plant life to match. The porch will give you a space to relax.

24. Blue and White

A beautifully crafted house that has wonderful landscaping, this whole space blends well together. The dark blue color and white trim is a perfect fit.

25. Shingle Dutch Blend

This home is a blend of a Dutch and shingle style home and it works well. The stone area out front it surrounded by plant life that makes this space feel like home.

26. Low Retro

Like a design from the 70s, this home has a low profile that is amazing for the surroundings. It becomes part of the environment and has subdued colors mixed with hardwood.

27. L-Shaped Design

This split-level home wraps in an L-shape and features colors that work well. The darker metal roof blends well with the house color and the whole area benefits from the plant life.

28. White Split

Twin houses, this whole space stands out in a good way. The lawn is perfectly maintained and contrasts well with the white house and wooden fence.

29. Calm Connection

This home has a wonderful outdoor area that is connected seamlessly with the inside of the house. Opened up, this space is great for relaxation.

30. Three Levels

Multi-leveled and well it at night, this space glows with modern elegance. With privacy provided by the wooden fence around it, this is a unique design.

31. Modern Architecture

Multi-leveled and with different design styles, this home makes use of wonderful modern architecture. Each level is unique and this whole home stands out.

32. Modern Levels

Modern architecture with a wide open space to show itself off, this home is stylish. The three levels all follow a stacked geometric design.

33. Stone Exterior

This exterior wouldn’t be the same without the stone design around the outside. It creates a great style and works well with the landscaping.

34. Old Style Classic

This classic design is surrounded by a beautifully landscaped yard that creates a welcome environment.

35. Fits Right In

This home fits right into its surroundings. The driveway takes the vehicles to the parking underneath the house and the whole space is surrounded by wonderful plant life.

36. Wonderful Outdoors

This home has beautiful siding that is contrasted perfectly with the black metal roof. The landscaping is warm and takes advantage of stone to complete its style.

37. Split Level Modern

You can see the many levels of this modern geometric design. You have a natural landscaping style to lead you around the many levels.
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