45 Modern Kitchen Designs Are Out of This World (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 29, 2022

When you start thinking about kitchen designs, certain scenes probably pop into your mind. Maybe a traditional, elegant space that you see so often. Well, there is no problem with going for a modern look. Modern kitchen designs give you plenty of options and you will certainly find one that fits your style.

You will be spending a good bit of time in your kitchen, so make sure it is somewhere you will enjoy being. Whether you are just making a simple meal or hosting family and friends, the kitchen often turns into the focal point of the night. Below, we have gathered 45 modern kitchen design ideas for you to browse through.

Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

1. Hardwood Studio

The hardwood used in this kitchen blends perfectly with the black cabinets. The studio lighting gives the perfect effect for a modern space and the center island is perfect for gatherings.

2. Light and Well Lit

The natural light shines in on this light kitchen. The whole space is modern and minimal and it works well. The darker chairs and fixtures work well to contrast the colors.

3. Convenient Storage

With a simple storage area like this, you will never have to worry about your counter space getting cluttered up. Just open up these cabinet doors to reveal an organized space.

4. New Elegance

Thanks to the elegant decor and the wonderful light fixtures, this kitchen shines with elegance. The center island is unique and is perfect to gather around to have a meal.

5. Pots and Pans Organized

Don’t worry about breaking your back searching for the pots or pans you need. Simply roll out these drawers and grab what you need.

6. Darker Minimal

This dark speckled center island brings out a sense of quiet charm in this kitchen. The large window provides plenty of light and a great view.

7. Bright and Cozy

With lighting under the cabinets and running along the floor, this cozy kitchen area is lit to show of the great marble and white designs.

8. Flat White

You have everything you need in this modern kitchen space. With a great bar space to pull up a seat and relax, you can enjoy the contrast of the hardwood floor against the white cabinets.

9. Always Charged

We know how important it is to stay charged and connected. This pop up charger will keep all of your devices ready to go while you are in the kitchen.

10. Upscale Combinations

This sleek kitchen makes us of beautiful dark cabinets and integrated hardwood. The modern chairs make this center island the perfect place to pull up and relax with some family or friends.

11. Smooth Tile

The sleek and smooth tile used behind the stove adn sink area really brings this kitchen character and texture. The center island is set up perfectly for dining.

12. Movable Prep

The wonderful wooden trays move around to suit your cooking needs. They are perfect for prepping any meal.

13. Sharp Looking

The stainless steel used throughout this kitchen blends perfectly with the black and white designs. The whole space has a sleek and modern look.

14. Beautiful Stacked Stone

The stacked stone design used behind the stove area brings the perfect contrast to this kitchen. It looks great when mixed with this hardwood floor adn white cabinets.

15. Modern Simplicity

Having the center island and cabinets be darker really works well with the white ceiling and light hardwood floor.

16. Creative Organization

You don’t have to keep throwing your cooking pots into the drawer in an unorganized way. With a roll out tool like this, they will always be ready for you to use.

17. Perfect Blends

The darker floor in this space sets the design tone. With the darker cabinets and hardwood designs mixed in, this kitchen is stylish and handsome.

18. Open and Connected

This kitchen is open and contemporary. Connected to the rest of the house, this space has wonderful modern decor and a great dining area.

19. Complete Storage

When you know you need organization, have a space like this attached to your kitchen. Everything has a place and there are roll out spaces for your to keep your jars.

20. Modern Calm

The hardwood built into the darker cabinet areas really makes the whole space stand out. The kitchen uses a minimal approach and it looks great.

21. Open Light

The natural light pours into this contemporary space. Thanks to the minimalist approach, nothing about this space is complicated, but it looks so great. The light and dark walls contrast each other perfectly.

22. Center Island Purpose

The center island of this kitchen servers multiple purposes. Use it as extra space to prepare your meals and when you are finished, everyone can pull up and dine.

23. Natural Light Dining

The wooden shelves and designs of this kitchen look great. The dining area is connected and the entire space is shining in the natural light.

24. Decor Display

The wooden shelves lining the upper portion of this kitchen let you store and display your decor in a way that looks fantastic. The dining table is simple and functional, great for this open space.

25. Complete Connection

Nobody will miss out on anything in this open and connected space. The whole space is well lit, and the kitchen is simple and to the point. With windows all around, this is a perfect spot for get togethers.

26. Quiet Elegance

Everything just looks smooth in this kitchen. The black drawers blend perfectly with the wooden cabinets. The decor is spot on, and the windows let the natural light shine in.

27. Darker Blends

This is a longer kitchen, and it works perfectly with the windows and natural light. Designed with black cabinets and counters, this contemporary space is on par.

28. Hardwood Styles

When done right, having a space designed from mostly hardwood can look great. This kitchen has a classic feel to it, open and ready for you to get in.

29. Open Dining

Between the hardwood, the white counters, and the darker walls, this kitchen is a design marvel. Open and spacious, enjoy your meal in the attached dining area.

30. Contrasting Center

This bold hardwood floor really sets the tone in this kitchen and the white center island is a great contrast to it. The darker cabinets work perfectly.

31. Beautiful Center Island

32. Convenient Simplicity

This center island provides just the extra cooking and eating space needed. The white drawers and cabinets look great.

33. Bright and Stylish

With plenty of light in this sleek kitchen, you will enjoy the modern look here. This space is connected to the dining area, so you can enjoy your meal nearby.

34. Roll Out Organization

Open up these cabinet doors and check out the organization you have. Never again search different areas for your ingredients. Keep them all close by and organized.

35. Light Hardwood Blend

The light hardwood designs rule this kitchen space and the perfection comes from the stone island counter top. This is a light and contemporary space that has a welcoming sense.

36. Sharp Light and Dark Blend

The dark and textured look of the hardwood brings great character to this kitchen, especially when blended with the white all around.

37. Reflective Brilliance

This kitchen reflects a contemporary open space, minimal in design and light in style. You have plenty of room to cook with the open floor plan.

38. Open Modern Kitchen

This kitchen is connected to the rest of the house and it is spacious. With plenty of natural light pouring into the area, the open floor plan creates a great atmosphere.

39. New Storage Styles

Your refrigerator and freezer fit right into the design of these cabinets. Store your glasses in this roll out compartment. The light hardwood keep the whole space bright.

40. Natural Light Shine

The darker hardwood floor blends well with the black drawers and cabinets. The plant life brings the whole space a great atmosphere, lit by the natural light.

41. Marble Counter Top

This marble counter top wraps all the way to the floor, creating a wonderful look in this kitchen. The dining area is built in and you can enjoy your meal by the window.

42. Contrast Styles

One side of the kitchen is darker and ond side lighter, creating a wonderful contrast. The hardwood floor ties everything in this contemporary space together.

43. Hardwood Designs

This classic space makes use of an early-century style, but makes it modern with the great decor. Enjoy this style, slightly industrial and luxurious.

44. Multi-Purpose Island

In this open kitchen, the center island is the center of attention. With a great area to cook, it is also extended to provide a wonderful dining space.

45. Comfortable and Complete

Even with a smaller area to work with, you can still have everything you need. This chevron styled hardwood floor blends perfectly with the lighter designs of the rest of the kitchen.
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