What is the Most Popular Color For a Kitchen?

Updated on December 26, 2022

Are you looking to renovate your kitchen and can’t decide on what color palette to choose from among all the different paint colors?

The most popular color to choose for your kitchen is blue, aside from that, consider going with a light gray or even green.

Try out Your Paint Before You Buy

modern kitchen interior

Make digital media a part of your process for choosing your paint colors and utilize home remodel apps that allow you to simulate your desired kitchen. You can check out the DIY network website or find similar content at piano.io.

Paint Manufacturers

Deciding which paint and brand to use and trust in your home is an endeavor now, there are so many options. Here are a few paint brands that are well-known and trusted by many.

Benjamin Moore

Elle Decor

Check out Hearst Digital Media for more tips, their content is created and maintained with interior design in mind.

Sherwin Williams

Check out their websites to find more information on available paint, interior design ideas, and popular color schemes for kitchen paint colors. They all have a page to help users get started.

Oftentimes you can get discounts on paint by signing up for rewards with your email address. Be sure to look for any affiliate marketing programs, you can save big on mail-in-rebates and promotional deals.

Kitchen Paint Colors

Accent Color

Picking a great location for an accent color in a kitchen can be hard — Do you choose the kitchen ceiling, a corner wall, or the trim of your kitchen cabinets.

Deciding Your Paint Color Ideas

Deciding on your color scheme and getting the hue of your paint colors just right can be a drawn-out process.

You can always check out third-party and imported paints if the popular brands aren’t doing it for you.

kitchen cabinet and drawers


Before you decide on the walls and kitchen determine if your countertops need to stay or go.

They are a major factor in any kitchen remodel and merit a moment’s consideration.

Marble Countertops

If you have marble countertops in your home, you probably don’t want to get rid of them. So take the time to decide the color of your cabinets and walls.

Ensuring that the paint shade goes well with your marble should be your concern.

Wood Countertops

Depending on your desired color scheme, you might want to replace your countertops with a different color.

If they’re natural wood and not too dark, consider leaving them as is. It could go well with a kitchen that has lighter walls and cabinets.

The trick is to avoid turning your kitchen into a dark void where nothing is distinguishable from anything else there.

Kitchen Cabinets

Choosing the paint color for your kitchen cabinetry can be a huge ordeal. Here are several suggestions to help ease the burden.

White Cabinets

A classic design for the kitchen is contrast, meaning a black and white kitchen. Usually, this entails dark countertops, sometimes a dark blue in place of black, with white cabinets.

Usually, the floors vary, a wood tone can go well with a variety of kitchens and room furniture go well with it.

painting equipment

Wood Cabinets

Depending on the kind of wood cabinets you have, you might want to consider painting them as well, possibly to match the rest of the kitchen’s paint color with similar wood tones.

Remember to avoid having too many dark tones and colors in the same room, it can get to be too much very quickly.

If done right, wood finishes can be quite appealing, especially with a lighter hue ceiling.

Kitchen Ceiling

Although the standard for ceilings is white, it doesn’t have to be. Depending on your kitchen look, such as a gray kitchen or a yellow kitchen, you might want to consider something different.

The ceiling connects the entire room, so put some thought into the color you want to paint it. It can be anything from a dark starry night to a red dawn, the possibilities are endless.

A recommended tip by many is to paint the ceiling with a high gloss to accent the colors in the space.

Kitchen Walls

Deciding what color to paint the walls, especially if they’re natural wood, can be challenging. Given that the most popular colors change with the seasons, your color ideas now might not work next year.

While white walls can be the go-to for many when it comes to kitchen renovations, considering sprucing up your home in its Sunday best. Kitchen walls can be bright blue, light gray, or even pale green.

Wall Accent Color

One of the best ways to create an impact in a room, especially a kitchen, is with the paint colors and how they pair with each other. Accenting colors is a great way to provide this impact to your interior design plans.

Consider using a high gloss on your walls, possibly just a corner wall, as an effective way to accent color in your kitchen.

Room Furniture

If you’re taking the time to paint your kitchen and want it to meet current interior design standards, you have to keep the furniture in mind.

Nothing screams poor planning more than a clash of colors in the same space.

Colors like pale blue walls or cabinets in a yellow kitchen or a gray kitchen could be one direction that might work. While a dark gray and pale green color scheme might not pan out too well.


Regardless of if your table is wood or not, you’ll need to factor its color into your design plans for the kitchen. You want to paint the kitchen to match or complement your table.

Generally, chairs match the table, so the same thing applies to them.

It might not be popular, but it’s your kitchen look.

Kitchen Paint Suggestions

Kitchens are meant to be an open and inviting space where the family gathers to prepare, serve, and enjoy meals together. Make that a reality by choosing the proper paint colors.

Here are a few suggestions that might help you decide on the right kitchen paint color ideas that could work for you and your space.

Black and White

A classic theme for many when it comes to painting their kitchens in contrasting colors. The contrast of dark countertops and white cabinets and walls is a choice that many default to.

It works for a variety of interior design options when it comes to room furniture and space.


A popular choice for many when it comes to paint colors is blue. A nice blue hue could be nice on your cabinets or walls.

Whether it’s a bright blue or a pale blue, it matches a variety of color palettes and can help lighten up the home.


If you’re a fan of dark or light kitchens, you can pick between a light gray or a dark gray for your countertops, walls, or ceilings.

Choosing a gray paint for your kitchen gives a variety of hues to choose from. Given that the majority of appliances come in black, gray, or white, you can’t go wrong.


If you enjoy the sight of greenery and the outdoors, consider choosing green as your paint color of choice for your kitchen. This look goes well with wood cabinets, mimicking the look of trees in the summer or spring.

This color usually goes best on walls, but with the right paint colors, you might be able to paint other areas of the kitchen.


For many, a white kitchen that looks as pure as snow is the ideal paint job for them. The illusion of cleanliness and purity are a powerful image for a lot of homeowners.

Given the design in furniture and appliances, this could entail everything from the oven to the cabinets dishwasher the same color –like an avalanche, it’ll be a whiteout.

white contemporary kitchen


Although it’s no longer the 1970s, the popularity of painting a kitchen yellow is returning popular theme.

Although bell-bottom pants might not be back in style yet, the shag carpet and yellow countertops might be.

Check out a Home Network or DIY Magazine

Take the time to look at an advertisement or two in a remodeling magazine, you may be able to find the color insight you’re looking for.

After all, the editor ensures that the content is created so as to represent the highest standards in the industry.

Follow on Social Media

Keep up-to-date with the latest interior design trends by following some paint companies on social media, such as Belle Decor, Hearst Magazine Media inc, or Sherwin Williams.

Staying on top of the latest trends can make your home the talk of the neighborhood. Showcase all that research, time, planning, and effort you put into your kitchen remodel.


After you’ve painted the walls and kitchen cabinetry, bring out their colors by installing some new lights in your kitchen. Recently painted kitchens can benefit from some pendant lights or a new chandelier to help bring out the colors.

The options for interior design are limitless.

The kitchen can be one of the hardest places to choose your color palette for –should it be a white kitchen, maybe black and white, or should you have fun with it and go with lighter hues of color. Check out suggestions for your kitchen color with vendors such as Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and Elle Decor.


Here’s a list of supplies you’ll need to get started.

  • Paint brushes
  • Paint
  • Paint tray
  • Plastic sheeting
  • Painter’s tape
  • Paint stirring stick
  • Ladder

There are several other tools available for painting, but this list will serve most people well for the project at hand.

Getting Started With Your Kitchen Paint

There are several tasks you need to complete before you start applying kitchen paint to the walls and cabinets.

This setup will allow you to complete your kitchen renovations a lot quicker.

renovating a small kitchen

Remove Cabinet Doors and Light Fixtures

In order to do the job right, you need to remove all of the cabinet doors and light fixtures in the kitchen. This is an easy process that only involves removing a few screws and setting them off to the side for later use.

Remember to clean off any dust, dirt, or debris that has accumulated around the area where the doors and fixtures used to be. No one wants to paint dust and dirt onto their cabinets.

Lay Down Plastic Sheeting

Even if you’re not a messy person, laying down some plastic sheeting can save you a lot of time and effort later on.

Accidents happen, help prevent them from happening to you with a few millimeters of plastic.

Tape the Area Off

Before you start pouring your kitchen paint in a bucket or tray, start by taping off the trim or walls, depending on where you start.

Avoid getting paint on a wall or some of your trim with a few minutes of effort. Spending just a few dollars on tape can save you hours of time on repainting.

Paint the Ceiling First

Just like with cleaning, it’s recommended to start at the top and work your way down. Starting by painting the ceiling will keep you from having to do unnecessary work later on.

Paint the Ceiling Trim

Next, paint the trim between the ceiling and wall. You will most likely need to apply a second coat.

Paint the Kitchen Walls

After you’ve painted the ceiling and re-taped everything off, you’ll need to start on the kitchen walls. Paint one wall at a time and allow time for it to dry, you’ll need to add at least a second coat.

Taking the time to ensure a second or third coat is applied really pays off in the long run.

Paint the Bottom Trim

If your kitchen has it, some don’t, then you’ll need to paint the trim closest to the floor next.

Tape everything you need to off and begin painting. You’ll most likely have to apply a few coats of paint.

Paint the Cabinets

After you’ve painted the rest of the kitchen, it’s time to paint the kitchen cabinetry. As with everything else, tape off the area you want to paint before you start.

Begin applying paint and allow it time to dry in between coats.

Paint the Cabinet Doors

Once the cabinets are painted, you can paint the doors. Begin this add remember to apply the paint evenly in separate coats, allowing time to dry in between.

Reinstall Everything

Now that you’ve painted everything and it’s dried, it’s time to reinstall it. Reattach all of the cabinet doors to the cabinets and hang up the light fixtures that got taken down.

Even after you think you’re done painting, you’ll probably have to touch up a few spots with the brush. Walk around the kitchen and view it from several different angles and lighting conditions.

Best Kitchen Paint Colors For You

The sheer number of available color ideas may seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Pick a few colors that interest you and start playing around with the combinations, eventually, you’ll have all kinds of color ideas for your kitchen.

What’s popular today might not be tomorrow, as long as you love it, that’s all that matters.

Hire a Professional

If you don’t want to do the work yourself have it completed and maintained by a third-party and hire a contractor or company to do all your painting and interior design.

Given that it’s their business, they’re sure to present you with the hues and color palettes that you desire.


  • Make sure you have proper lighting when painting.
  • Double-check your work from multiple angles, you can easily miss a spot or two on your cabinets or other areas of the kitchen.
  • Start from the top and work your way down, meaning paint the ceiling first and work down from there.
  • Remember to clean your brushes after every use, they aren’t cheap.
  • Ensure that you’ve properly sealed the paint cans after using them, it can dry out quickly.

modern kitchen with black table and white chairs

Although the most popular paint color for a kitchen is blue, paint your kitchen how you want it. Remember kitchen paint isn’t cheap, so grab a few swatches and come up with some color ideas you can actually live with and want to look at everyday of your life.