32 Pin-Worthy Ideas For Your Master Bedroom (Photo Gallery)

Updated on July 21, 2022

Your master bedroom is meant to reflect your personality. It is your space and you should make it your own.

Designing and styling a master bedroom is no easy task. It takes time and planning, just like every other room in your house. One thing is certain – you want a space you will be happy with for years to come. That’s why it is so important to get it right.

Whether you have a newer house or an older, more traditional home, you can create your dream master bedroom. We have gathered 32 master bedroom design ideas for you to look through. They range widely with their styles. Some are more classic designs, while others a new and colorful. See if you like anything below.

Pin-Worthy Master Bedroom Design Ideas

1. Perfect Purple Blend

With a layered use of purple throughout the room and in the patterns, this minimal space looks modern and upbeat.

2. Mixed Decor Wonder

With a personalized space to get ready each day, this room looks great. It has a mix of decor styles that really bring this space to life.

3. Geometric and Lively

Instead of having a flat wall, think about creating a subtle 3D effect. This wall brings character to a room that has handsome decor and color choices.

4. Patterned and Highlighted

This master bedroom has an open and bright sense of style. With great patterns used to go with the blue color, the golden highlights complete the effect.

5. Contemporary Elegance

This room has an elegant sense of style. Using multiple patterns to blend with the layered purple colors and easy decor, this room is a modern classic.

6. Hardwood Comfort

This master bedroom sits in an elegant cabin setting. Connecting it with the outdoors was a logical design move.

7. Open Country Design

The earth-toned brown walls have a country home design that works well in this space. The design is open and the natural light shines in.

8. High and Open

Thanks to the many windows in this room and the high ceiling, this space is open and has a light feeling. With designed furniture to match the bed, this room is ready for use.

9. Easy Beach Style

The build-in shelves behind the bed work really well in this space. The room takes on a classic beach house style.

10. Relaxing Alcove

For those times when you just want to kick back and read a book or relax, you can do so right next to the window.

11. Stacked Stone Shelf

The unique thing that is attractive in this room is the stacked stone design on the far wall. It brings this room to life and blends well with the hardwood floor.

12. Fantastic Natural Light

The tall windows are a feature that this room designs around well. With light colors used to blend with the hardwood floor, this space comes alive.

13. Easy Bedside

This bedside area uses a simple piece of furniture with a color that perfectly matches the layers of the room. With simple decor, the space is nice and easy.

14. Bay Window Bench

There really is nothing like having bay windows in a room. They create a versatile environment that has endless style possibilities.

15. Open to the Sea

You know an ocean or beach style room when you see it, and this is certainly one. Open, bright, and airy are all ways to describe this room that uses light decor and takes advantage of the natural light.

16. Brilliant Hardwood Floor

With a bold hardwood floor to start from, this room keeps an open design that is connected with the master bath. With a great canopy bed to work around, the possibilities are endless.

17. Classic and Calm

The design used in this room creates a calm environment. With lighter earth tones used and some color thrown in, this master bedroom is perfect for anyone.

18. Great Color Blends

Keeping all of the walls white wouldn’t have had the same effect on this room. This darker blue wall changes everything, including the types of decor you can use.

19. Wire Style

You don’t always have to rely on traditional decor and styles to finish you bedroom. This wire designed elephant shows you how you can personalize the space.

20. Traditional and Light

This is a mid-century room that has been brightened to give it a whole new appearance. With lighter colors to shine in the natural light, this master bedroom includes great decor.

21. Well Lit and Modern

Large windows, perfect colors to go with it, and brilliant patterns in this room all make the space a contemporary, beach dream.

22. Unfinished Perfection

The wall behind this bed takes on an intentional unfinished look and it makes it work. This whole room blends great decor and a mix of darker elements with the light.

23. Luxurious and Grand

This room screams soft luxury. It bases its design off of three basic colors that it repeats in various ways throughout the room.

24. Dark Blue Brilliance

The dark blue wall give this space permission to create wonderful color blends around it. With lighter blues added in, this master bedroom shines with life.

25. Charming Decor

With the table and books at the end of the bed and a handsome couch by the window, this room has a look of sophistication.

26. The Bed Makes It

Even though this master bedroom has a classic blend of deigns and colors, the center of attention is this bold hardwood bed frame.

27. Colorful and Patterned

The mix of designs and patterns around this room blend together so well. The floor has a design that allows for this wonderful decor. The yellow gives this space life.

28. Color Layers

The color theme used around this room work unexpectedly well. From the curtains, to the bed and decor, the blue and purple theme takes a win.

29. Wooden Planks

To go with the hardwood floor, this wall uses wonderful wooden planks to bring an added layer of character to this well lit room.

30. Mirrored Cabinet

This mirrored cabinet will be the perfect place to keep your wardrobe. As you look around this room, you can see how well it matched the patterns and styles of this room.

31. Cooling Colors

All around this room, thanks to the surrounding effect of the windows, you have a sense of openness. The colors used have a cooling effect on the space that make it welcoming.

32. Floral and Colored

If you didn’t think you could base a style off of a single piece of artwork, think again. This room is balanced off of this floral pattern.
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